1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Jon Stewart should have a Neo-Nazi and a KKK member on his show too, so that they may speak respectfully with him. Come on Jon, equal time for all haters.

  2. Michael W. says

    Uh, excuse me, but your faith can be separated from the law of the land because that is what our founding fathers intended when they wrote the amendments and advocated for the separation of church and state.

  3. says

    if your vote can’t be separated from your faith then you can’t be a Faithful Christian and vote Republican, as their fiscal and healthcare policies are a DIRECT affront to everything that Christ figure spoke, lived and died for.

    if you wanna get scriptural about it.

    Christ opposed public prayer. Christ opposed the hoarding of wealth. Words attributed to Him clearly state that one must give all they have in order to aid those who have nothing.

    as for Huckabee’s gay stance – let’s not forget his own heterosexual son is a sociopath, kicked out of the Scouts for torturing and murdering a stray dog.

    HE can marry and have kids, but a loving gay couple can’t?


    but yeah. his willful ignorance about church and state separation is one thing. his pious hypocrisy about what Christ spoke about is another.

  4. Rob says

    I can’t open the clip, so this is only on the screencap. I do not recall voting democratic or supporting gay marriage being against the ten commandments or on the seven deadly sins.

    However, I do recall gluttony. It looks like someone is falling back into the sweet arms of gluttony. You know, Glass Houses – Just Sayin’, Mikie

  5. AlamoSpartan says

    Jon Stewart nailed it at the very end: Huckabee is selectively choosing the Biblical edicts to reinforce his social agenda (pro-life, marriage INequality) and fire up the right-wing electorate. Here in stupid So. Texas, there were signs everywhere saying “Vote the Bible” (code for vote against gay marriage and reproductive rightsby voting Repub). Uh, Jesus sure said said “Help the poor” a lot and never said don’t let gay folks marry. Romney was apoplexic that we now have record number of Americans on foodstamps. Uh, Mitt, the food stamp program is designed to expand during rough times to (quoting Huckabee’s buddy J.C. here) “help the poor.” Religion is a personal matter and needs to be kept out of the political arena. If you don’t like that abortion and gay marriage are legal, then don’t get abortions and don’t marry anyone of your same gender.

  6. says

    btw, the irony of his book is staggering. DUDE.

    by the time your grandchildren are old enough to read it they’re going to be cognizant enough to realize that you’re utterly on the wrong side of history.

    they won’t read it and go “wow! aint grandpa great!?”

    they’ll read it and say “aw, crap. 500 pages of making excuses for being a hypocrite and bigot”

    well, that is if they learn how to read. with huckabee’s stance on education it’s entirely possible they’ll only be able to be read TO.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Wow. Huckabee has gotten FAT again. Hadn’t seen him in a long time, but he is an utter PIG!”

    I’m imagining him running on the same ticket with Chris Christie.

  8. says

    Jowels and Dastius, let’s focus on the task at hand. Calling someone fat, while they are exhibiting a severe lack of depth and failure at humanity is just low. Let’s worry about what a horrible person he is and not on how he looks.

  9. Seattle Mike says

    Jon messed up by being fixated on the fire imagery instead of focusing on the larger question: “Why should one group be able to impose their religious beliefs on those who don’t share those beliefs?” That’s the real question. (Ask him if Catholics should be able to ban divorce for everyone.)

    And FWIW, Huckabee is right about the “tested by fire” image being recognizable to Christians who read the Bible. That image is not about hell; it’s about the (overinflated) sense of persecution that many rightwing Christians are buying into these days. It makes them feel important.

  10. Sam Armstrong says

    Jowels and Dastius: I dislike Huckabee as much as the next guy, but turning around and aiming your own personal bigotry against fat people at him accomplishes nothing and makes you look about as credible. Bad show, gentlemen.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Top to Bottom, enough with the schoolmarm chiding of other posters. There’s room for all kinds of POVs, including those you don’t like.

    I personally have a big problem with gluttonous Christianists who pass judgement on me for being gay. Got it?

  12. Lee says

    There were 14 executions by the State of Arkansas while Huckabee was the Governor. So, he says from birth to natural death, which part of a lethal injection is “natural”

    another example of their hypocrisy.

  13. Sam Armstrong says

    “I personally have a big problem with gluttonous Christianists who pass judgement on me for being gay. Got it?”

    Nope. That’s not what happened up there. You simply talked smack about people for being fat, kind of like how people talk smack about people for being gay.

  14. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “And by the way, he’s still fat.”

    How unseemly, Jowels! They will be cross with you for mentioning the elephant in the room. Expect a certain chiding.

  15. Icebloo says

    Huckabee is insane. You can’t ever reason with someone who is insane.

    His religious and political views don’t match up – the more the talks, the more he looks stupid and ties himself up in knots. He is DUMB and INSANE. We should not be giving him free publicity to sell his books and make him richer.

  16. Jay says

    Said Huckabee: “Your vote can’t be separated from your faith.”

    But you don’t have the corner on the market of knowing how faith works. Just because you believe in a deity of the same name, do not presume to know how the faith of someone else works…you arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical pharisee. Look at cleaning out the dust bunnies and cobwebs of your own faith before sticking your nose into other peoples’ relationship with their god.

  17. Jay says

    Hey Kiwi, you wrote: “if your vote can’t be separated from your faith then you can’t be a Faithful Christian and vote Republican, as their fiscal and healthcare policies are a DIRECT affront to everything that Christ figure spoke, lived and died for.”

    If you haven’t yet, I recommend reading Jeff Sharlet’s “C Street” and his other book “The Family.” These books don’t necessarily poke holes in the belief systems of these so-called Christians but it does help those of us who try to live the message of Christ (even if we aren’t Christian like myself) to understand how someone can be Republican and Christian.

    The best summary I can come up with is: These pseudo-Christians basically believe that Christ was a king of power and that men of power are following in the footsteps of Christ. Making the church stronger is important to subjugate the masses to the powerful. Since you are supposed to tithe, churches should provide food and care/comfort to those in need. Not the government. “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” They literally interpret that it is up to the church to care for the poor and sick.

  18. Tanoka says

    Did he say ‘women should labour at home’? As in, be a SAH housewife, or giving birth at home?

    And btw, life does NOT begin at conception. The opportunity of life begins then. Life begins 12 weeks later when both heart beat and brain activity can be detected in the fetus.
    Just like life ends when there’s neither.

    We must always use the words anti-choice and anti-equality; they hate that! 😀

  19. Mary says

    I also noticed that Huckabee has gained a lot of weight since the last election. Others have pointed out the heftyness of many anti-gay activists but not commented on why this is so. I was sort of expecting someone to claim that they are all closet cases who overcompensate in the food department for the sexual urges they must sublimate (i.e. they must have a large supply of visible fast food and hidden gay porn.)

  20. says

    Jay, sorry to disappoint, but i’m that annoying homo who studied world religions and theology. 😉

    This gurl knows what she’s talking about.

    You can’t be a Republican and a “faithful Christian” – with the party as it stands now. We have a party whose policies and campaign actions are directly antithetical to every single thing that the Christ figure lived and died for.

    It would take a profound act of willful ignorance to believe otherwise. Which is exactly what the Republican base does best.

    But again, we have people who claim that they “believe that every word of the bible is true” – which is itself sort of impossible as the bible contradicts itself in numerous passages. the Gospels themselves, for example, can’t quite seem to agree about the eventual fate of the Judas character, nor his state of mind, nor the actual intended messages of the Christ figure.

    it’s all about selectivity.

  21. Paul R says

    Umm, he’s fat. That’s a choice. Being gay isn’t a choice. One lifestyle is inherently unhealthy. One is not.

    Why would anyone defend being overweight?

  22. Jay says

    No, Kiwi…don’t misunderstand me. I completely COMPLETELY know where you are coming from. And I am in total agreement (aka not disappointed at all) with you that many of today’s Christian’s don’t even talk the talk, let alone walk the walk. They keep playing with themselves (I thought there was a commandment against that sort of thing).

    I was just offering a couple of recent books from a journalist who went in under cover to C Street and provided very amazing insights into the minds of “political leaders” of the “Christian faithful” (and ultimately how the sheep follow them so blindly even though their bible plainly tells them something else).

    I have family who are amazingly sweet in almost every respect, but its absolutely amazing to me everytime they say post something Christian and positive, something Christlike on Facebook…and then less than an hour later post something negative about the facist president and the socialist leaders of the Democratic party. Literally cannot get them to see they just said two contradictory things. But their bible does it throughout so…they have a precident for failed logic.

  23. RJ says

    @BERNIE … You lost me at “rational” and “logical”. The religious wingnuts decided long ago to re-write history (and the U.S. Constitution) to reflect their evangelical Christian extremist philosophy. To their way of thinking, church and state are inseparable.

  24. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Tanoka: you’re as wrong as Huckabee. When human life begins is determined solely by one’s own religion or philosophy. Let’s not bring unscientific biology into it. Islam believes that the human soul enters at the beginning of the second trimester. Try to defend that position biologically. I’m a Christian and I disagree with Huckabee as I believe life begins at the first breath.

    @Bernie: I second RJ’s remarks. The Religious Right cannot face truth. You should see their ideas about public school curriculum and be very afraid.

  25. Sam Armstrong says

    @Paul R being overweight is not always simply a choice. There are all kinds of factors that play into it: hormonal, psychological, injuries, etc. Your oversimplification of obesity is about as enlightened as the Republican viewpoint on legitimate rape.

  26. CPT_Doom says

    So, Huckabee can’t separate his faith from this vote – does that mean he voted for the only Christian running for President, Barack Obama? He couldn’t be a good Christian and vote for a Mormon, after all.

  27. Lee says

    This is so typical. Stewart brings up all the valid points and arguments as to why gay marriage is just as healthy and benefical to society as straight marriage. In his rebutal, Huckabee does not adress ANY of Stewart’s points, but chooses to correct Stewart’s “book of fire” mistake. It is obvious that Huckabee does not have any reasonable arguments, and he knows it! So he chooses to pick that one tiny mistake Stewart made and lecture him on that, so that he can even look like somewhat of a “winner” here. I wish Stewart would have pressed him for a real answer, and not get sidetracked by the “book of fire”.

  28. DC Arnold says

    I blame Bill Clinton for making this bastard palatable in the first place. Fuckabee has grown more stupid as he puts pen to paper. Another tenant for that condo in hell.

  29. Jeff says

    I feel like, if you are going to persecute a group of people in the name of Christianity, what’s to stop people from (honestly, pretty righteously) persecuting you BECAUSE you’re a Christian. I don’t think some of these people are aware of what they’re creating.

  30. andrew says

    If the Tea Party types and Fundamentalist Christians keep their strangle hold on the once GOP, Huckabee may very well be the Pepublican nominee in 2016. That is good news for the democrats. He will be even less appealing to swing voters than Romney.

  31. Tom in long beach says

    Now that the elections are over it is obvious that many people of faith decided that helping the people of this nation is more important than punishing the gays or women who have to make a tough choice. John Stewart had an excellent point there. The reference to Corinthians comes off as very preachy. And I am sure subliminally a reference to hell fire.
    And the BIG question is why are these the two issues that get all the attention?

  32. Jerry6 says

    Existaece may begin at conception, but “LIFE” does not begin until a child can find, prepare, and consume food on its own without any help from another person.

  33. RexT says

    “Pro-Life” – Sorry Huckabee – illogical as it applies to Women’s Reproductive Rights – period. Everyone is Pro-Life – regardless of faith, no faith, personal feelings about abortion and the airy fairy life begins at conception. Anti-Choice, Anti-Women Are Wise and can make their own decisions … whatever. Vote how you will, you no doubt ‘governed’ with faith first, without any thought to the ‘whole’ of your citizens. Failure.

  34. Jerry6 says

    Every time any of these “Religionists” opens their mouth, they put their foot in it. Religions history is full of torcher and death because no religion can stand on it’s own and survive. Religions only survive because their believers are too stupid to realize it is all a bunch of ainciant “Fear of the unknown.”

  35. says

    Why not do something liberal and allow Gov Huckabee his opinion? I applaud him for standing up for what he beleives. I may not agree with it, but he has the right to say it.

    The problem with the gay community today is its innate fascism: *anything* not in agreement with it, or its proxy surrogate the Democrat Party, OWS or any number of neo-Marxist hate groups is suspect and then labelled with the tired epithet, ‘homophobe.’

    The God Gov. Huckabee worships is unseen; the God worshipped by the far left is immutable and perfect: government, power, identity politics, cytotoxic HIV drugs, Big Pharma. Anything that doesnt worship at the foot of the President, his party, the HRC or the latest gay trend is labelled, like the Jews in the 30’s, verboten.

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