1. Bill says

    The discomfort Thorpe is experiencing is due to the tiny, tiny room heterosexual men have built for themselves.

    In 2012, it is almost easier to be a gay man, than a straight man forever required to prove and reprove and reprove his heterosexuality.

    My sympathy is limited, however, as this is the system heterosexual men have designed for themselves.

    I’ll be gay for a million lifetimes rather than face the difficult life of a heterosexual male. ; )

  2. StarGem says

    He’s fighting a losing battle. I’m sure he’s straight if he says so, but he’s got to learn that the only opinion of himself that counts in this world is his own. No one can really achieve happiness until they come to that realization. One cannot control the thoughts and opinions of 7 billion people.

  3. Marc C says

    Come out or don’t come out, gay or not; I just hope that he can work through his depression in a positive way. He seems like a genuinely troubled young man.

  4. ratbastard says

    Sort of Odd looking dude, but still very attractive IMHO. One of those people who could have been a big-time model with absolutely perfect looks and bone structure except at the last minute nature, God, whatever said let’s give him some character.

  5. David says

    Wow. It’s pretty clear from this comment thread that the biggest perpetrators of these gay rumors are themselves gay men. Why can’t you take his word for it?

  6. Luke says

    I always thought Ian was gay (since he first came into the Australian spotlight at 16) and felt incredible sympathy for him – how hard it is for any of us to deal with our sexuality is multiplied by a thousand when it’s taking place in the public spotlight. I discussed it with one of my gay friends (who knows Ian very well) a few years ago and he vehemently disagreed with me, saying that Thorpie was straight. I let the matter drop, and it remained unspoken about until a couple of years ago, when he called me and said that I’d actually been correct. I asked him what changed his mind, and he said “Ian came onto my boyfriend the other night. Didn’t leave much room for doubt after that”.

    It’s very sad that he feels the need to deny in the press who he really is. Apart from the fact that he’d be a great role model for young gay athletes, I’m sure it would be a huge burden released and he could get on with his life.

  7. Drew says

    I will note that even while proclaiming his heterosexuality, he’s still playing the Pronoun Game: “…finding the right person…”, “…when I’m in a relationship with someone….”

    My heart goes out to him, whether gay or straight or somewhere in between, because he seems very lonely.

  8. M says

    Yeah, I found that the most interesting part… the lack of pronouns. That usually gives it away. Straight men use the words woman, girl, girlfriend rather freely. I’m not here to hate. After watching that I actually feel kinda sad for him. He’s trapped for some reason. BTW.. doesn’t he have a boyfriend he is always photographed with?

  9. Rob says

    Enough! Seriously can we start a fund raiser for Ian Thorpe? Hopefully we’ll raise sufficient funds to last his lifetime to hand over to him on the condition he never, ever releases another book or talk publicly about his life! His achievement as an elite athlete is extraordinary and admirable however everything else about him is one gigantic snooze fest – including his much discussed sexuality.
    He just needs to focus on churning out that pearl necklace collection of his and ensuring his Brazilian, (male), housemate cleans up after himself.

  10. OberonOZ says

    I do feel sorry for him. Nothing about what he says really rings true for me. Regarding his sexuality, he says he cant understand why people think he’s gay, but I wonder if he has ever seen video footage of himself talking. He may be telling the complete and utter truth, or certainly what he believes to be the truth, but it just doesnt ring true for me. Never mind the pearl and rubber jewellery he designs – an oh-so-butch combination dont u think? – its just that he reminds me of every other closeted celebrity Ive seen, Ricky Martin, George Michael etc. Ultimately, I do not care in the slightest whether he is gay or not. He is an enormously talented swimmer and I wish him joy and happiness with the perfect person for him, whoever that might be.

  11. First Lady says

    Actually, DAVID and ASTRO, it’s quite clear from this thread that the readership of gay men here are some of the most sympathetic human beings you’ll find.

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    We need to remember that our gayday needs to be recalibrated for different countries. Some years ago, I had a good straight friend of mine from the UK who was into theater. At one point I thought my purpose in life was to disabuse my gay friends who knew him from thinking he was gay. He was grateful for my efforts, as it saved him from turning down requests for dates.

    All that being said, I do agree with much that’s been previously commented: I do think he’s gay.

  13. jamal49 says

    I have no opinion on his sexuality, but my impression of Ian is that he seems to be a very kind, sweet man. I wish him wellness and strength in his struggles with depression.

  14. Kim says

    Every man with feminine mannerisms is not Gay . I used to think Ken Baker from E Network was Gay it turns out he had a brain tumor that produced female hormones and affected his developement as a male. He had surgery when he was 27. He still has a high voice and feminine mannerisms.

  15. Jerry6 says

    @ GARY Yes! Having an overly religious parent can be a serious problem. Unfortunately, the only practical solution is to “Move out of the house” and get away from them. Otherwise, the child will never be free to be themselves. All religions, in and of themselves, are based upon bigotry of one kind or another. Without Bigotry, there is no basis at all for any Religion. Whenever I hear someone say that some (Anyone) is deeply “Religious” I substitute the word “Bigoted” for “Religious”.

  16. andrew says

    Ian is a very thoughtful, interesting and accomplished young man. A suggestion to many of the posters on this site: Throw out your f*ckin Gaydar, it only proves how much you buy into stereotypes.

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