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Joy Behar Does Not Understand GOProud

BeharvoteDiscussing Ann Coulter with The Advocate's Matthew Breen, The View host Joy Behar veered the conversation toward GOProud, the conservative gay group that backs Mitt Romney.

She's find GOProud utterly confusing, she says, because they've endorsed a candidate who doesn't support them.

Here's an excerpt:

MB: Some of the things [Ann Coulter has] said at Homocon and other GOProud events seem tone-deaf.

JC: Aren’t the GOProud guys the ones that are voting for Romney? Why would she be against them?

MB: She said if the GOP picked Romney, they’d lose.

JC: Let’s hope she’s right. I don’t understand the GOProud people either. Why are they voting for someone who’s against gay marriage, gays in the military? The Republican platform wants to roll back into “don’t ask, don’t tell.” I mean, that is completely retro. It’s not all about your pocketbook, guys. I guess they feel their money will protect them from homophobia. A lot of people felt that way, in like Germany, for example.

In response, GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia tweeted at Behar that he wants to come onto The View to explain his group's position.

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  1. "Your money will not protect you from homophobia." Nicely said, Joy!

    Posted by: Mike | Nov 3, 2012 11:53:19 AM

  2. Jimmy Saliva misses the point once again. You really have to work at to be right less often than a stopped clock, put somehow GO"Proud" manages it.

    Being a "conservative" and supporting candidates who are ACTIVELY opposed to your own civil rights are not the same thing. Godwin's Law (which says the longer an internet discussion goes on the more likely it is that someone will be compared to Hitler) aside, there IS a very valid analogy to be drawn between GOProud and Jews who supported Hitler, which actually did happen. There were also gays who supported them too.

    Read a little history. Before the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party there were many Jews who were fully integrated into German society, or at least felt they were. Some were wealthy, many intermarried with non-Jewish Germans (filmmaker Fritz Lang for example), and they did not feel separate from the mainstream. In fact they felt far closer to the mainstream of German society than they did to the poor, ghettoized Jews who were devoutly religious and spoke Hebrew and Yiddish. They looked down on "those people" even though they shared a religious faith and common ancestry. Despite the anti-Semitism obvious in Nazism they weren't particularly worried because they weren't like "those people" and the build-up of the military was good for business. Many thought Hitler was a joke, a temporary bump in the road whose hysterical and even laughable views would pass quickly. (Read "In The Garden Of Beasts" by Eric Larson for info about how slowly the anti-Jewish laws escalated- the analogy [accurate or not] about a frog in a slowly heating pot of water is inescapable.)

    They were wrong, just as GOProud is WRONG. You DO NOT support politicians, political parties, or religions who oppose your rights, deny your very humanity. You may believe it's all just rhetoric, "wedge issues" being exploited *just* to get elected and it will later go away, but MANY of those people actually DO believe what they're saying. They mean it, and you're a FOOL for doing anything that helps them attain power.

    To paraphrase Maya Angelou, when someone tells you or shows you who they are, believe them.

    Sorry to go on, and lecture, but this is something I feel strongly about and history provides plenty of examples.

    Posted by: Caliban | Nov 3, 2012 11:54:46 AM

  3. hey angry boys who are obsessed with me, you can provide the link to those recanting apologies that condemn the lies of gay republicans right here.


    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Nov 3, 2012 12:32:12 PM

  4. GOproud is as practical/logical as Jewish pork.

    Posted by: Chickletts | Nov 3, 2012 1:53:43 PM

  5. Does anyone here agree with me that GOProud's name should be changed to GOProstrate? It is Log Cabin that is the REAL gay Republican organization of substance. LCR is likely to outlive GOProud by many years. Any pro-gay Republican who wants to support the LGBT community should "go proud" by joining a local chapter of LCR, which is what I did this past May.

    Posted by: Mary | Nov 3, 2012 4:09:55 PM

  6. @Nino: It looks like you equate being a bottom with being inferior, just like many of the wingnut right wingers equate being female with being inferior.

    Posted by: andrew | Nov 3, 2012 11:25:46 PM

  7. I have attempted to speak with gay republicans several times and what they seem to have in common is

    1) They are very ill informed, and selectively so. They have a few talking points, but if you bring up world events or any issue they haven't raised themselves, they are clueless and dismissive.

    2) It is about feeling, not thought. There are political teams to root for, and they do so with fervor.

    3) Racism and antisemitism run very deep. They don't lead with these thoughts, but they are easy to draw out.

    4) They have an irrational fear of government that they justify in broad strokes, like "too many welfare queens" and "they're all corrupt so the fewer people in government the better."

    5) They are lousy in bed.

    Posted by: Rob | Nov 4, 2012 9:15:49 AM

  8. I've always thoght being a Republican was something a homely white boy does to justify his inability to get laid.

    that way they can say "oh, its because all the gay liberals discriminate against me!" when the truth is God gave them a chastity belt for a face.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Nov 4, 2012 11:23:08 AM

  9. I invite anyone to do the following Google search: ("North Dallas Thirty" scream).

    You'll get 5,370 hits. Gay wingnuts do a whole lot of screaming!

    Posted by: Laughing | Nov 6, 2012 12:59:47 AM

  10. These commentaries are some of the most close-minded, biased & discriminatory ones I've ever read. The complete opposite of open-minded, liberal thought. Hypocrites!
    -another gay Republican

    Posted by: Dean | Nov 6, 2012 4:51:31 PM

  11. In regards to Kyle Wood - popular opinion around Madison is that he retracted the story to allow the campaign he worked for to get back to campaigning instead for dealing with the story. People who know him know that he is about as honest as they come and people who saw his injuries know he couldn't have done it to himself.

    We might never know why he "recanted", but the people closest to him knew he had been afraid of violence for quite some time and still stuck to his guns. It would be foolish to condemn a member of this community (even if he is a republican) without knowing his side of the story.

    As for GOProud and the other people that put of releases we're being told its because he refused to speak to any media or make any statements to anyone so as not to cloud the issue.

    I have known Kyle for nearly 10 years. He is well respected by the people who have worked with him, he is brilliant, an exceptionally hard worker and scrappy as they come. He is also loyal to a fault which is why we believe his "recant" was to protect the campaign he gave up 4 months of pay and any semblance of a life to support a candidate he believed in. What fault can you find in loyalty to a cause you believe in? I can't find any.

    Posted by: Sconnie guy 90 | Nov 14, 2012 9:39:42 AM

  12. I'd like to mention that I've known Kyle for so long because he was my "big brother" in big brothers / big sisters. Never once did he let me down, shut me out, show me anything but the deepest compassion and commitment. He really is a man of great integrity and like many people who know him, I refuse to believe that he made up something so serious.

    Really, we are crucifying a man who has a servants heart, someone with a love for his fellow man if they agree with him or not. I once asked him how he could so easily forgive his parents (who abandoned him because of their faith when he was 16 years old). His response was " The second great commandment of Christ was to love one another. I can't abandon that just because I'm hurt. It is possible to hurt but still forgive and love someone."

    So I think those of you condemning him must look to yourselves and ask yourselves if you have the strength of character to do something like that. It might be the hardest but most enlightening thing you think about for a very long time.

    Posted by: Sconnie guy 90 | Nov 14, 2012 10:26:36 AM

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