1. says

    oh lordy.

    first, ask any “Satanist” – even THEY don’t believe in “Satan”

    second, if ya wanna get biblical about it, the end of times will come from people valuing wealth and material possessions and greed over generosity and compassion.

    Sodom aint about gays, folks. it’s about the hoarding of wealth.

    it aint a real story, but even as fiction that’s what it’s about.

    btw, any other gays out there who were, like me, raised by heterosexuals in an overtly heterosexual environment and a school system that still taught about heterosexuality, with no mention of homosexuality, and yet still ended up gay?

    i can’t be the only one.

  2. Icebloo says

    Fresh after a pounding at the election the right wing continue to lurch further to the right. They are just too dumb to see what they are doing. I hope they keep up this insanity so the Democrats can pick up lots of seats at the midterms and that would mean gay marriage on a FEDERAL level ! Yippee !

  3. NeverEclipsed81 says

    brilliant. loved it. It’s funny how these people still need to be told that being gay isn’t a choice, I’m glad he said that several times because this guy shouldn’t have ignored that.

  4. Keith says

    The way most Americans have chosen is to vote against equal marriage (30+ states). A few (4) just voted in favour of it. By his logic the “narrow” path is equal marriage. I guess that is what God wants!

  5. says

    I am glad he is not my chaplain. I am also Glad any one who is as persecutive as he is would never even graduate from a Clinical Pastoral Education class (required for most Chaplains) let alone a well rounded contemporary school of theology.
    I wish the news media would stop lifting up these conservative nut Jobs as the voice of faith in america today. It is not. It is not my christian faith nor is it anywhere near whatmost christians, I know, believe.

    Please look up Dr. Robert E. Goss, Look up Rev. Troy D. Perry, and look up Fr. John McNeil. Please interview educated Christians who proclaim a loving god who is calling us to be exactly who we are gay Straight, Bi,k Trans, Inter-sexed, queer, fem, butch, leather, vanilla, artistic, nerdy…we are all children of a loving god.

  6. Steve says

    Remember that this is the same “man” who when he was still in the Navy “counseled” a lesbian rape victim by laughing in her face and performing an exorcism on her. He was very proud of that.

  7. Hue-Man says

    Is it safe to say that Klinger, here, was discharged from the military under a “Section 8″? Crazy talk like this would have him in cuffless white shirts for a protacted period – I doubt that modern medicine could do anything for him.

  8. Randy says

    The End Times are the wet dream of all Christians. It means the second coming of Christ where he will rule over all nations for 1000 years. It will bring in perfect peace and blah blah blah.

    You would think that they would be thanking us for hastening that.

  9. ernstroehm's ghost says

    I checked-out Klinigenschmitt’s “” website. There’s no clue about what kind of church he’s affiliated with. Indeed, there’s no statement that he was ever ordained by a recognized religious denomination. Regent University was founded by Pat Robertson, the TV evangelist.

    Some of the Towleroad commentators have used Klingenschmitt to bash the Catholic Church. It does not appear that he is a Catholic. Probably, he is a fundamentalist Protestant–the kind who believe that each word of the Bible is literally true.

  10. johnny says

    What an assclown. Catholic or not, this guy needs to be institutionalized.

    And, btw, the cult of catholics can suck it. They’re nothing more than a money-making cult with sick old white guys at the top.

  11. Gigi says

    Gotta say I love me some David Pakman. I listen to his show quite regularly. If you haven’t already, please check out some of his other interviews with anti-gay nutters like Bryan Fischer and Peter LaBarbera. He’s kind and polite and he pulverizes them!

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    According to the Washington Post, he is a member of a “small evangelical offshoot” of The Episcopal Church – probably over +Gene Robinson. I very highly doubt he was ordained in TEC. In order to wear a stole (above) and a clerical collar (the Post), he should have been ordained by his spliner group – which is, unfortunately, possible. (I heartily second the Rev. Joseph Shore-Goss’s above analysis.) You can find more info on him and his lack of shame via google.

    I’m glad, however, to have been introduced to Pakman.

    Andy, I love your URL for this post.

  13. Jay says

    When are we gonna just called these folks, what they are, non pacticing homosexuals. They are angry about people being able to have gay sex and healthy gay relationships for one reason and one reason only, they have spent their lives denying themselves the expresion of their obsessive homosexual thoughts and now they are entrenched in sham marriages or a fake heterosexual life filled with unfufilled sex. They are miserable people and don’t believe anyone should have the freedom to live their true lives because they have not been able to do so. Misery LOVVVVES company. True heterosexual men don’t think about homosexuality as obsessively as this closet case because THEY ARE NOT GAY! So tired of this fading veneer of tired old queens getting pissed that future men will have a more enriched better life than they were able!

  14. mmike1969 says

    We’ve actually seen what this planet was like under “Jesus” when Bush 2 was running things for 8 long and terrible years. I think this moron has Jesus and Satan mixed up.

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