Leslie Knope Meets VP Joe Biden on ‘Parks and Recreation': VIDEO


Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope sees herself in the Secretary of State's office and made it clear in no uncertain terms on last night's Parks and Recreation as she visited her hero Joe Biden, who she has said on previous episodes is on her "celebrity sex list" (transcript via politico):

"Oh, Mr. Vice President, I am deeply flattered, but there's no way that I could take over Madam Secretary Clinton's position," Poehler's not-so-humble character says.

"I'm confident you could do that job or any other," Biden responds.

"OK, I will," she says.

Biden thanks her for her public service

"I just want to say thank you," Poehler's character says, patting Biden's face as the camera pans to show some of the vice president's real-life advisers.

"You're very welcome, you're very welcome. Hey, you're very welcome," he responds and she grips onto his arms.

"You're very handsome, by the way," she adds.

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