News: David Beckham, Twin Peaks, Mars, Daniel Craig, Hobbit

RoadScientists excited, cautious about possible "big news" from Mars.

RoadFilm floats theory that serial killer, not OJ, killed Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman.

All Rise for David BeckhamRoadDavid Beckham is leaving the L.A. Galaxy. Image via Pretty on the Outside.

RoadCan you tell? Austin, Texas woman has drunk moment immortalized on the news.

RoadLSU coach Les Miles to fans: "Spectacular group of men. You go find them, you throw your arms around them and you give them a big kiss on the mouth… if you're a girl."

RoadAnderson Cooper puts a vanilla flan-making Twitter user in her place.

RoadWill Pennsylvania get marriage equality any time soon? Not likely.

RoadHillary Clinton, Obama wax nostalgic: "On the flight back from Rangoon to Cambodia, they spent basically the entire flight alone in his personal office on Air Force One just reminiscing about the last four years, but as the president said, it wasn't just the last four years, they've been through a lot together over the last five or six years and, in fact, unqiue among people they've been at this working as hard as they can for five or six years now." Clinton to Middle East

RoadMassive explosion in Indiana which leveled neighborhood now a homicide investigation.

TwinpeaksSF Castro landmark RoadTwin Peaks Tavern to get historical designation?

RoadCalifornia men charged in plot to join al-Qaeda, carry out attacks: "In one online conversation, Santana told an FBI undercover agent he wanted to commit jihad and expressed interest in a jihadist training camp in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. The complaint alleged the men went to a shooting range several times, including a trip on 10 September 2012 when Deleon told a confidential FBI source he wanted to be on the frontlines overseas and use the explosive C-4 in an attack."

RoadTruth Wins Out: Shocking cult murder puts spotlight on International House of Prayer.

RoadColin Farrell works a new haircut on the Winter's Tale set.

RoadGay athlete who attempted suicide speaks out: “I had no confidence to go back on once I got to college and realized once and for all I was gay,” James said. “I had a lot of self-hatred. It’s hard to have a lot of swagger when you hate yourself.”

RoadDaniel Craig visits troops in Afghanistan.

RoadDarren Criss and Chris Colfer film Bryant Park ice skating scene for Glee.

EaglescoutRoadHow to gay hack your Eagle Scout Award.

RoadHobbit filmmakers deny PETA charges about animal deaths: "The producers completely reject the accusations that twenty seven animals died due to mistreatment during the making of the films. Extraordinary measures were taken to make sure that animals were not used during action sequences or any other sequence that might create undue stress for the animals involved."

RoadVIDEO: Ellie Goulding's "Figure 8".

RoadScientists discover planet 13 times the size of Jupiter: "The planet orbits a star called Kappa Andromedae that is 2.5 times the mass of the sun and is located 170 light-years away from Earth. As a gas giant larger than Jupiter, it's classified as a 'super-Jupiter.' The object is an interesting test case for theories of planet formation, scientists say. Based on observations of this system, the super Jupiter appears to have formed in the same way ordinary, lower-mass exoplanets do, by coalescing from a 'protoplanetary disk' of material orbiting a nascent star."


  1. Henry Holland says

    “O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman,” Fred Goldman said in a statement Monday. “The criminal trial showed overwhelming and monumental evidence that O.J. Simpson was the killer. There was no contrary evidence other than guess, innuendo, and rumor. The fact of the acquittal at the hands of the jury will never wash away this murder from the hands of O.J. Simpson, no matter how many Glen Rogers pop up on the media radar screen.”


  2. Rick says

    “While campus LGBT centers, including the one at Southern Maine, are ready and able to help any student struggling with their sexual orientation, Holmes admitted the stigma of these centers keeps varsity athletes away.”

    “A certain type of person generally hangs out at LGBT centers,” Holmes said. “That’s probably true here. The students who hang out at our center – we’ve certainly diversified the type of student that interacts with us – but there’s a small contingent of the brightly colored hair and the piercings, and there’s a small contingent of trans students, and a small contingent of activists.”


    So there you have it. It is so self-explanatory it does not really need to be commented upon.

    How many beautiful, attractive, masculine young gay men who need someone to talk to like this young man did, but when they access “gay” organizations, are completely turned off when they encounter a bunch of gender-confused freaks and Far Left anarchistic activists to whom they cannot relate and towards whom they can feel only disgust and who only exacerbate their problems?

    This is why we need to acknowledge that “gender-non-conformists”, trannies, and effeminate gay men are a separate group from mainstream gay men and the latter need to completely disasociate ourselves from the former, for the good of all concerned. We have no more in common with them than we do with clowns in a circus.

  3. stranded says

    I appreciate all the varied news that gets posted on Towleroad, but I often wonder about the reasoning behind certain newsblocks. In this one block you have several important or relevant stories that would seem to merit their own post. The ongoing story from KC is a huge one. Why did that not get a post of its own while the leaf-jumping video gets singled out? Just wondering?

  4. johnny says

    Gay boy winning an Eagle Scout Award? Great!

    Gay boy re-working it into a Gay Eagle Scout Award?


  5. says

    OJ Simpson cut his hand the night of the murder. DNA analysis of the non-victim blood found at the crime scene shows only a 1-in-X chance that it belonged to anyone but OJ Simpson, where “X” is a number greater than the population of the Earth, and most of the Earth’s population was not in Los Angeles that night.

    That filmmaker is probably as logic-challenged as the jury was.

  6. says

    Take lesson from the effeminate men you love to hate – learn to be as fearless and courageous as them.

    You’re scared of being associated with them? That’s funny – you should emulate their resilience to not give a f**k.

    if you’re an insecure gay man who is “turned off by gender-nonconformist freaks” then you’re never going to have any success as an openly gay man in this world.
    and quite frankly, you don’t deserve to be accepted.

    after all, if you won’t accept your fellow brothers and sisters just as they are, you can’t expect anyone else to ever accept you.

    and they won’t, either. apologists and cowards never win.

    the most they can look forward to is an adult life in the closet, spewing misery anonymously on the internet. or a self-castrating induction into the GOProud World of Never-Getting-Laid.

    today is the international day of transgender remembrance. and on this day i tip my hat to those brave vanguards who defied, adn continue to defy, a culture of ignorance and fear, thus opening the doors for everyone who never felt they fit in.

    i’m Out, and i’m not afraid and it’s because I’m proud to call y’all Family.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    I loved Cooper’s come back about coconut (!) flan, especially when she chewed him out because she coldn’t read.

  8. Caliban says

    Rick as usual completely twists what was actually said in the article in order to get on his usual hobby-horse- those mean old fems make it hard for “regular” gays.

    James Nutter, the student-athlete in the article, had a family who accepted him as gay. His problem was that as an athlete he was surrounded by homophobic slurs from his teammates all through high school and college. In HS he could get away from them at home but at college he lived with them too so there was no relief. He was afraid if they found out they would suddenly hate him- THAT was the conflict that drove him to desperation, that everyone he knew, athletes, would reject him.

    He called the campus LGBT Center but got a voice male and never called back. NEVER ONCE does HE say that the “fems and freaks” kept him from reaching out. The head of the LGBT Center says “the stigma of these centers keeps varsity athletes away.” She is partly basing that assessment on the type of students who populate the center, but also that it’s gay, period.

    IMO, one of the valuable things about gay/straight alliance is that it gives cover for “questioning” students, a safe place for them to find acceptance until they’re ready to declare themselves. There does need to be a way to reach students who are not yet out, who have pressures due to family or friends that they need help with. Otherwise it’s only serving part of the population they need to reach.

  9. acevedo says

    What irritates me is that most of the comments I see on web sites such as Yahoo News, people refer to Anderson as a “flaming queen” or “poop shoot queen” or other gay slurs. I realize these sites attract idiots but if you want to slam the guy for his actions don’t stoop to gay slurs. It just makes me sad that these are the deep thoughts of many American people.

  10. BobN says

    “and the latter need to completely disasociate ourselves from the former”

    “Disassociate” like maybe leaving gay websites?

  11. MAJORITY says

    RICK – you’re just too threatening and KIWI is too desperately defensive. It means you’re more right than he is.

  12. says

    I’m old enough to remember those days before the Twin Peaks, when in a gay bar during daylight hours was like being in a dungeon! Only when someone walked through the front door to allow a second or two of sunlight in, it was easy to forget the world outside! Then came the TWIN PEAKS… and it joined the ranks of a “fern bar” with hanging plants, mirrored back bar and natural lighting… it was like coming OUT from behind the dark-side of the moon! A true glass menagerie! Oh yes, it was easier to tell who was a natural blond!

  13. says

    If troll-Rick was right, or believed a word he ever writes, he’d be showing himself, as the Example of Gay Masculinity he caims to be and wishes he was. He refuses to. Because he’s neither “masculine” nor Out.

    Just reminding you, you worthless hack, that your hatred of yourself, projected onto “effeminate men”, will only ensure that your own life continues to be wasted in the closet. and then men you loathe will continue to live out loud.

    so there. :)

  14. JAMES says

    I am in love with Colin Farrell right now. I just watched him in “In Bruges” and he was brilliant. I know, it’s an old film but I finally got around to watching it. I bought Details magazine where he’s on the cover and can’t wait to read the article. And I’ll probably watch “A Home At The End Of The World” tonight. So much Colin!

    I can’t wait for the exciting news about Mars! If it’s confirmed and not a false positive like the methane they found which ended up actually being from Earth that traveled with Curiosity.

    Regarding super-Jupiter… when these planets are discovered — do we immediately know whether there is intelligent life living on it? It’s so hard for me to believe in the idea that we’re completely alone in this vast universe.