1. Omar says

    This is very fun, indeed! I can report that she blew up Yankee stadium in September. One of the funnest concerts I have been to. Good for her (and us) for putting on killer shows into her 50’s!!

  2. Ryan says

    That song will never get old.

    Also, did anyone else notice she flashed the audience at the end? lol.

  3. jason says

    Madonna is one of the reasons why gay and bisexual men have not progressed in the music industry for the last 30 years. Think about it – there has hardly been any American male singer hitting number 1 while being openly gay or bi.

    The reason why Madonna has gotten in the way of progress is because, like other female singers, she created this illusion of being gay-friendly. Gay men invested their energies and money in women who claimed to be on our side, thus neglecting the real issue of why openly gay or bi men are not allowed on the charts.

    Meanwhile, these female singers have gotten very rich off us, and there is still no openly gay or bi male singer in the charts right now.

  4. my2cents says

    for the holidays a “Home for the Gangnam Style”… a selection of pop mash-ups with PSY. by k-tel.
    and you’d though that the fun had ended?
    stay turned on. and tuned in.

  5. Dback says

    Gotta give Madonna credit–every time her back is to the wall or she gets in trouble, she pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Meltdown on Letterman? Bring him out with you at the VMA’s when you’re presenting. Hydranga disaster? Do the Superbowl. Get in trouble with Russia and embarassing yourself by flashing a nipple? Tour Rockaway, then bring out Psy. She’s a cunning little vixen, as the classical piece of music said.