Alabama Lesbian Brutally Beaten by Her Girlfriend’s Brother in Alleged Thanksgiving Day Hate Crime


A Mobile, Alabama woman is recovering after being beaten in what family members are calling a bias-motivated assault by her girlfriend's brother, WKRG reports:

A family is seeking justice after they say a girl named Mallory Owens was badly beaten on Thanksgiving day for being gay. They want charges upgraded on her alleged attacker, 18-year-old Travis Hawkins Jr. Hawkins turned himself in Sunday for second degree assault charges, but bonded out the same day.

Owens' supporters believe those charges should be upgraded to attempted murder…

…Her mother told News 5 her daughter was beaten by Hawkins because she is in a relationship with his sister and he does not approve. The family is calling this a hate crime and cannot believe her alleged attacker is walking free.

The assault on Owens was also reported in a widely-distributed Facebook post, with photos of her injuries:

Wrote Facebook user Sonia Mason:

FB FAM; pls contact WEAR & WKRG to immediately give media coverage to the vicious attack on this beautiful 23yr old girl, Mallory Owens in Mobile County, AL! Mallory was an invited guest Thanksgiving Day to her gf fam dinner & brother, Travis Hawkins Jr, has been arrested, charged, and released on bail for ONLY 2nd degree assault! Mallory had experienced a brain bleed, reconstructive facial surgeries, (metal plates due to crushed cheek bones), and skull fractures! This at best was an attempted murder! Mallory deserves justice for the horrific attack & by the Grace of God her long road to recover! It is reported that the accused attackers family stood by, did not intervene, and have threatened the victim family! Pls call the Mobile County prosecutor and demand that this case be addressed!



  1. B2Chicago says

    Based on some of the photos and comments on that facebook page, it seems like he’s caused problems for quite some time. Even his own mother and father are begging for him to stop screwing his life up.

    This is likely the final nail in this coffin. That poor girl :( Get this kid off the streets.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Let’s hope that they put his sick azz in prison, ASTRO. Anyone who continues beating someone when you know have them beaten is a f.cking coward. He wanted to ruin her face.

  3. Francis says

    Mallory was savagely attacked on Thanksgiving, and it took until Monday afternoon for the story to become public? And the animal who attacked her is out on bail on second degree assault. Several Alabama news stations have barely reported on the incident, only in passing if at all.

    Stereotypical conservative state homophobia. What a shame. Mallory’s face looks very badly damaged. Well wishes go out to her and her family. Hopefully there is justice here. The fact this is becoming national news helps matters in that regard.

  4. Darren says

    These are the people Romney was hoping would vote him in as President.
    And considering the results I think America is coming to terms with the idea that being gay isn’t a big deal but I would think having this as your son would be a much bigger embarrassment for the family.

  5. says

    Francis, it was people power that got this on the news at all. The local stations’ facebooks got FLOODED with complaints from viewers about them not covering the story. And some (like WEAR ABC 3) STILL won’t cover it. It’s ridiculous and disgusting.

  6. Francis says

    I figured as much, Mike. It’s not a surprise. As we see consistently, in these conservative states, where hate crime legislation isn’t available, and where homophobia is rampant, anti-gay hate crimes are swept under the rug or flat out denied. It’s as much tragic as it is completely appalling because it means there is a much greater chance the attackers in these incidents will get off.

    Luckily, though, people complained and now that this has gone national, it cannot be ignored forever, and hopefully there will be justice. We’ll have to continue pressuring Mobile police and Alabama news stations and make sure they’re doing their job since it’s clear they won’t on their own accord.

  7. Val says

    I hope that someone contacted this guys boss as well. I am in Calif. and not sure what the laws are there. The guy should get attempted murder, charged with a hate crime as well. I can’t believe that the news will not air this. Hate crimes here are aired on local news. I think that people should keep the heat on the prosecutor to convict him. Bail should have been set higher to insure he stayed in jail.

  8. Banjo On My Knee says

    “The family is calling this a hate crime and cannot believe her alleged attacker is walking free.”

    We’re talking about Alabama here. This attack could get the guy elected governor.

  9. Rhonda says

    My heart goes out to Mallory’s family and I pray for a full recovery. I can’t believe no one stepped in to help her. We shouldn’t have to call prosecutor’s office to demand this case is looked at more closely. It should be done anyway because this girl was beaten nearly to death and that calls for at the least Attempted Murder Charges! Justice for Mallory!!!!!!

  10. Seth says

    The message I left on his Facebook account:

    I hope that’s not your baby – because people like you should not be allowed to breed. And I hope that you wind up in prison – and that your fellow prisoners REALLY enjoy having your company. And when you get out you can live the rest of your pathetic life flipping burgers. Iif society is lucky hopefully you’ll get hit by a bus walking across the street to the burger joint.

  11. Rick says

    As usual, most of you jump to conclusions without having all the facts. Did it ever occur to you that this woman did or said something to provoke the attack? And I thought lesbian-feminists were “strong women” who could defend themselves against mere men? Why should she get special consieration because she is a woman? After all, if he had beat up another straight man, I seriously doubt he would have been charged with anything more than he has been charged with.

    Anyway, he sure is hot.

  12. Lane says

    Rick, you are a sad excuse for a man to say that anyone deserves to be beaten within inches of their lives. And then you think Travis is hot? Obviously, that is what you are accustomed to or you need your ass beat. Man or woman, gay or straight doesn’t matter. The fact is Mallory could have died because Travis didn’t have enough self control. She could have been asked to leave the premises and if she refused, then call and have the police escort her away. It is not right to take matters into your own hands and inflict the pain that Mallory received regardless of the “why” behind it. Only people without a conscious would say this is acceptable treatment. Alabama is a backwoods, bible thumping state where LGBT are mistreated daily and most do nothing to provoke it. In Alabama, a friend of mine was brutally attacked by a drunk man because he thought she was a big, bad lesbian. She did nothing to provoke him slamming her head into the pavement, choking her and dislocating her shoulder. The police never filed charges, only a complaint stating “there wasn’t enough evidence”. She had pictures and medical records to prove it. Alabama promotes discrimination of any kind by giving offenders a firm talking to and a slap on the wrist. We are not in grade school. Hate is hate. I pray for Mallory and her family. I pray that justice will be served and that Travis gets what’s coming to him!

  13. arizona coleman says

    i may not be in favour of the alternative lifestyle movement, but t’underin jesus this is intolerable! honestly this tosspot deserves nothing less then a short drop and a quick stop. i posted the petition to my facebook and i pray my friends sign it. god bless the lass and may her recovery be swift as it can.

  14. Dennis says

    Rick, are you kidding? this wasn’t some scuffle! this man savagely beat what looks to be a very petite girl. If you bothered to look at his Facebook you would see that this young man is very strongly built. Even if he wasn’t, girls can rarely fight off men. You’re a real bottom of the barrel schmuck for suggesting she is anything but a victim of a malicious and brutal hate crime.

  15. Jim says

    This is a sicko family situation. In January 2011, father Hawkins shot son Travis Jr. in the chest; Travis wouldn’t testify so father wasn’t prosecuted. Apparently Travis has previously assaulted Mallory, hitting her in the head with a pipe. For some reason, Mallory didn’t press charges. Now this. Good God, why didn’t Mallory have enough sense to stay away from this lunatic family of brutes? Her mother begged her not to go. I suppose she was thinking with her heart not her head. I wonder if finally the local DA will convict at least one Hawkins and send him to prison. Given the track record I’m not optimistic.

  16. Rick says

    “Even if he wasn’t, girls can rarely fight off men”

    Oh, chivalry. Ah, yes, that old “sexist” idea that “ladies” should be exempt from the harsh treatment men dole out to each other.

    So which is it? Women are “strong” and equals of men and should be treated exactly the same way in all circumstances? Or they are not?

    Let me guess. The rule that applies is whatever benefits women in general or an individual woman, right? They should be exempt from any harsh treatment (and from the draft) and be treated as “ladies” when that benefits them–even if they provoked the harsh treatment……but should be lauded as “strong women” and treated as equals or even superiors when that benefits them, even though they clearly are not “strong” compared to men.

    The “principle” is that women should get and have whatever they want, whatever the situation is, whereas men are fair game in all occasions.

    Right? Right.

    Which is why feminism is such a fraud and its practitioners nothing but manipulators.

  17. MateoM says

    Of course Rick is siding with the perp. Because he’s a troll and trying to rile up you all up. Stop letting him get away with it, by which I mean ignore him. Without attention he will starve and die.

  18. Rick says

    No, Mateom, not a “troll” and not trying to “rile anybody up.” Just demonstrating the self-serving hypocrisy of feminists and how dependent they are on men to play their little game with them……and how easily “strong women” can be put in their place if men simply decided en masse to stop playing their little game with them.

    Feminism is nothing at all but a game of social manipulation that depends on men allowing women to turn them against each other…..and as such it depends heavily on a homophobic male culture that keeps men emotionally attached to women rather than to each other.

    Indeed, homophobia is the lifeblood of feminism.

  19. Dennis says

    Rick, no one, woman or man deserves to suffer as much as this girl has at the hands of this man. Like I said, this wasn’t a scuffle. Say perhaps she had slapped him in the face first. Does that mean then she deserved to be beaten so harshly that she has had to have reconstructive surgery? Meanwhile, he doesn’t have a scratch on him in his mugshot.

    I’ve been attacked by a much stronger man. You might feel differently if you had too.

  20. S Cain says

    Those relatives who stood by and participated watching need to all be charged, too, as accessories to attempted murder and participation in a hate crime…even granny. Alabama needs to be brought up to decency. The entire family needs to be taught a lesson.KKK days and passively looking away for others to do hate crimes in front of you cannot be allowed. A message of nontolerance in all states needs to be sent.

  21. Dash says

    This is his bosses company, some of you all should ask that he be fired for his conduct.

    Arrington Construction Inc
    654 Montcliff Drive W
    Mobile, AL 36609-6535 map
    Phone: (251) 665-0556
    Joseph Arrington, President, Owner

  22. Kathryn says

    I have to wonder why her gf would even invite her into that situation then do nothing while hes own brother nearly killed the girl, sounds almost like a set up…

  23. Otisjackson says

    To the ignorant a-holes who lump the entire State of Alabama in with some inbred a$$hole who beat this girl up…you might want to know that the Obama loving State of California leads the nation in hate crimes.
    Earlier this year, a white man was damn near beaten to death by a bunch of black thugs in Mobile, Al., and none of the assholes who did the beating were prosecuted for a “hate crime”. The prosecutors have to be able to “prove” the case was a “hate crime” in order to pursue a hate crime statute. Also, further to your ignorant liberal bullchit posts… Alabama has been predominantly DEMOCRAT up until recently. Racism and hate crimes thrived under the previous Democratic government….so get your $hit straight before you go talking crap about an entire state.

  24. Kacey says

    This is awful and disgusting. If the local media in Alabama won’t cover it and follow through on the story, people should flood the facebook pages and twitter of mainstream media. It deserves national attention.

  25. Sarah says

    I live in Alabama, yes it is an a** back wards state, but there are ppl here who believe in right and wrong. please don’t bash the whole state some of us care. I don’t care if your black white green blue red gay lesbian or otherwise treating ppl with such disrespect and hate should be handled better than this. her life is forever changed. it hurts me to breath the same air as someone who could do something like that to someone

  26. JACKO says

    Actually Travis Jr’s brother, has the same Travis Snr (shown in the article who shot his son,) listed as his own father, so it is the same family being talked about here. Travis Snr has Ally Hawkins listed as a friend as well.

  27. says

    I’m from the great state of Alabama, I voted for Romney. For all of you talking political BS THIS IS NOT THE TIME!!!! I was raised with certain values, 1 of which is you never ever hit a woman for any reason. To me her sexual preference means nothing. This man *boy* is the lowest piece of filth, putting it mild. Everyone has their beliefs about how “us backerds ass rednecks is raised” but let me assure you we are appalled by this.. As a nation can we please atleast stand together for this beautiful young lady?? She’s going to need all of our prayers & support….

  28. Diogenes Arktos says

    @OtisJackson: The Democartic party in the South was better known by its nickname of “Dixiecrats” to distinguish them from the rest of the Democratic party. Basically, the Republican and Democratic parties switched places with the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s and was cemented with the Republican’s racist “Southern Strategy”. “so get your $hit straight”

  29. John Dough says

    Justice will be served. I hope the family of this poor girl gets a good attorney to file suit against the family that invited her into their home and stood by while she was savaged.

    They deserve to lose everything.
    Does anyone know what hospital she is in? I would love to send flowers.

  30. DC Arnold says

    Let’s check off why not live in a red state:
    a. You are taught intolerance as acceptable
    b. You are never safe being gay even within your own family
    c. Repugnant Republicans pass laws irregardless of reality
    d. You encounter this nutjob who will be a lesbian as soon as the jail/prison doors close.

  31. Joseph says

    @Diogenes Arktos: what an ignorant comment. the term “dixiecrat” refers to the states’ rights democratic party, a short-lived breakaway faction of the democratic party in 1948. the term “dixiecrat” was never broadly applied to all southern democrats, only an extremely limited number of radical, racist politicians (particularly strom thurmond). but let’s be honest here: there are racists and homophobes within BOTH political parties. so with that in mind, can we please use this comments section to express our sympathy for the victim of this heinous crime and leave the “red state” stereotypes at home?

  32. says

    Ultimately one has to wonder how such a crime was able to be perpetrated in the first place and why for that matter the state of Alabama does not have a clause for assault against another human being strictly because of their sexual orientation classified as a hate crime?

    Then again that may tell us something about the general attitude towards same sex couples in certain quarters of the country and the implicit state condoning of such behavior and attitudes which to some degree embolden intolerance towards same sex couples.

  33. Croft says

    Step it up…they haven’t even seen what damages he’s inflicted to her brain…her memory..her senses..he ability to think clearly….they’ve yet to asses what fears and anxieties she’ll now have after this horrible experience that nobody should ever have to experience in a civil society….lawyers and police do your job…have a conscience…the reward will be the truth. A kid gets hurt at Universal Studios and receives everything under the sun from a lawsuit but an obviously deliberate act such as this is still in question? As if it is NOT a hate crime? The tabloids cry hate for the smallest of comments and THE STATE CAN’T IDENTIFY THIS ONE? Please. Don’t insult the intelligence of the people from the south. C’mon.

  34. justice says

    that punk is a p***y he cant beat a man so he got to beat a woman i hope he goes to prison and gets beat twice as bad as her and his family should have chargers to for watching and not stoping him it sounds like premeditaded attemted murder they invited her over and watched him beat her almost to death if they dont do something to him and his family there should be a riot

  35. omegaboost says

    When he goes to prison I hope they let all the prisoners know that he likes beating women someone who is 10% weaker than he is physically so he can get that ass whipped everyday for eternity!

  36. Sally Webber says

    The Hawkins family need to be charged with witness tampering also. To bring Mallory back to their home and make her face the media was definitely tampering. They used the media to victim blame. Their behavior needs national media attention.

  37. Rusty says

    She may have overstepped her place. What if she was putting moves on his sister when he did not approve? She may have cussed him the whole time. Needless to say she won’t do it again. BTW Hate crimes are bs.

  38. Rusty says

    Democrats in the south are horrible people. Rednecks in the KKK, Stupid, Ignorant and vote Democrat in every election. Republicans in the south are the college educated, family oriented type people. Democrats are TRASH.

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