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Manhunt to Promote HIV Prevention Pill Truvada for World AIDS Day: 'A Choice When Condoms are in the Way...'


Gay hook-up site Manhunt will promote the recently-FDA-approved drug Truvada, which claims to reduce the risk of HIV infection, for this year's World AIDS Day, they announced via press release:

TruvadaManhunt™ will promote Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for this year’s World AIDS Day.  Manhunt is the world’s largest online and mobile sexual networking site for gay men. This is the first time a worldwide promotion of Truvada, the recently approved U.S. FDA HIV Prevention Pill, has appeared on the site.  Manhunt has partnered with Gladstone Institutes’ Dr. Robert Grant and The Fenway Institute to assure that the information conveyed is accurate and consistent with peer-reviewed published science. This promotion is part of Manhunt’s 2012 Social Responsibility Initiative, and it is entirely self-funded.

The promotion is being sent to over 2.5 million Manhunt members on World AIDS Day through Manhunt’s internal email broadcast system with the following tagline:

“HIV Prevention Pill for Negative Men (and women too): A choice when condoms are in the way or not enough?”

The campaign encourages members to visit Manhunt Cares™ dedicated PrEP page to learn more about this important biomedical intervention.

“We are thrilled to work with Manhunt and The Fenway Institute to educate a worldwide audience of gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men regarding PrEP,” says Dr. Grant.  “It’s critical to have an online community partner that sees the value of providing accurate information about this biomedical intervention.”

The campaign highlights three educational resources for Manhunt members to learn more about PrEP: reading the PrEP fact sheets and research articles; watching a short video from Huffington Post Live on PrEP; and reviewing Positive Frontier’s series called “My Life On PrEP”.

One of the research papers featured is The Fenway Institute’s PLOS ONE publication “Limited Awareness and Low Immediate Uptake of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis among Men Who Have Sex with Men Using an Internet Social Networking Site.”  The study’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Ken Mayer, Co-Chair of The Fenway Institute, believes that much work is required to increase awareness of PrEP, and that “this campaign is just the beginning of increasing men’s awareness of this intervention.”

FDA Approves Truvada Which Claims to Reduce Risk of HIV Infection: VIDEO [tlrd]

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  1. BTW: BRAVO!!! to Manhunt for finally putting this link's been a long time coming, and they should be commended for their courage in the face of all the finger-wagging idiots who think their wagging fingers n poison tongues help prevent HIV infections.

    FACT: when 1 of the 2 founders of Manhunt made a contribution to McCain's 2008 campaign against Obama, he was KICKED OUT OF MANHUNT.

    to the smear-campaigners, u FAIL, again!

    Posted by: Jeton Ademaj | Dec 2, 2012 3:41:28 PM

  2. I deleted my account, and sent the following message: You recent promotion of the HIV Prevention Pill. I am appalled that a site like this would seemingly encourage barebacking by using a tagline "when condoms are in the way." This pill offers no protection for all the other STD's out there, and does not have the proven effectiveness of condom use. While I believe the people on this site can make adult decisions, it disgusts me that the site owners would implicitly encourage condomless sex given the rates of new infections among our youth who may not have all the facts to make an informed decision. Shame on you.

    Posted by: Craig | Dec 2, 2012 5:21:07 PM

  3. I'm with atomic on also need to prevent from getting STD's.Condoms are always a safer way, please don't stop using condoms.

    Posted by: Lillibeth Gonzalez | Dec 5, 2012 7:56:21 PM

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