Marriage Equality Wins in Maryland


Marriage equality has won in Maryland, with the Question 6 ballot measure succeeding! With
92.7% Reporting 51.7% approved the measure and 48.3% opposed it.


  1. Randy says

    IT’s looking good that we might win all four states on marriage equality.

    That should really take the wind out of NOM”s sails. I’m sure the Catholic Church is shocked. And money will dry up for them as well. Brian, I hope you are looking for another job!

  2. john patrick says

    I have my fingers crossed. Things are looking good. Looks like the tide has turned and I am particularly pleased and will gloat if all those hateful christianists who have been trying to shove their religious beliefs down everyone’s throats are defeated finally. I do think that the president’s support for marriage equality, in addition to all the hard work on the part of LGBT people and our allies in all these states, has had an impact on this vote

  3. jhm says

    Think of all the money NOM wasted trying to block this ballot measure. Too bad they couldn’t use all the money they spent against this for something that actually benefited society. Congrats ME and MD. I hope the other states go the same way. I wish I knew how to thank our straight friends statewide for this. Thank you to Maryland Equality, too. 2 down-48 to go.

  4. gr8guyca says

    With decisive wins in Maine and Maryland, all three ways of approving marriage equality have now been achieved: judicial, legislative, and electoral.

    It now seems inconceivable that the Supreme Court would reject marriage equality. Justice Roberts will not want to be on the wrong side of history and face the prospect of being overturned by a future Court.

    This is a giant leap for marriage equality!

  5. Billy Crytical says

    This is probably the state tonight that has been most influenced by Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. Without his endorsement it wouldn’t have gotten over 50%. Tonight is in contrast to four years ago when there was aerial video of Castro Street in San Fanscisco as Prop 8 passed.

  6. Francis says

    Where is JASON? Where is JAVIER? Where is RICK? They all said that we wouldn’t win any or only would win Washington. Looks like we’re going to win all four states. Jason, especially, I’m sure is so upset about the results. But, it’s questionable whether he’s even gay, so it’s irrelevant.

    We’ve made INCREDIBLE progress in basically 3 years. Since 2010 things have completely moved in a direction where LGBT citizens are actually being affirmed and accepted as a normal, healthy and decent segment of American society. We definitely have a long way to go but, with these marriage results, Tammy Baldwin, Patrick Mahoney, several pro-equality straights being voted over anti-gay candidates. We all should take a day or two to sit down and reflect and really be thankful. And always remember to thank those who have gone out and fought for us and supported us along the way.

  7. Francis says

    I also have to say, I was extremely skeptical on Maryland. I just didn’t think they could do it. I knew Maine and Washington would. But getting all four plus winning in Iowa, basically 5 wins for marriage equality. Unbelievable night.

  8. EchtKultig says

    This is one of the happiest days of my life. God bless “The Free State” for living up to its nickname. And the defeat of Romney means gay rights will not be set back 50 years by a Mormon-packed Supreme Court.

  9. Ken says

    What a great night for gay rights! We may go 4 for 4 with the ballot measures. Obama wins! Baldwin wins! Another significant win for us was the Democrats holding the New Hampshire Governorship, guarantees marriage equality will remain in New Hampshire! Also seeing there may be a chance for the Democrats to recapture the Minnesota legislature giving us a chance to pass marriage equality if the amendment is defeated.

  10. Howard says

    This is amazing news. It looks like we are going to win 4 out of 4. I donated money to all 4 campaigns, but I never really thought they would win. Maybe one or two but not all 4.

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  12. Kevin W says

    @quest I’m supposed to be happy about 30%? Black voters are the reason why this almost didn’t pass. For a group that is over 85% Democratic, and for a minority group who has never had their rights put to a popular vote, it’s disgusting that that only 30% of black voters in Maryland voted for the measure.

  13. Quest says

    @kevin: Not 30% of black voters voted for marriage equality…..but 30% of black voters within the voting electorate of the state….In otehr words, if blacks had voted against, then marriage equality would have lost in the state…get over your bias.

  14. Belthazar says

    The trend is definitely “a changing” :-). @Quest, KevinW is a “Bitter Party of One” — looking for any reason to discount the AA vote in Maryland, which w/o (as you stated) would have lost. Or, he completely does not understand basic statistics. Either way, it’s sad on such a wonderful celebratory day.

  15. danswon says

    Well I’m English but even I am celebrating today as a huge win for gay rights anyway!!! Legalized in Maryland, re-legalized in Maine, Obama back in, and Tammy Baldwin in senate. Amazing day.

  16. ernest1960 says

    Jeez, now I’m going to have make an honest person out of my partner of 30 years, and figure out a new anniversary date!!! Such troubles. :-) Thank you voters of my wonderful state of Maryland.

  17. BGKev says

    Keep in mind that the slim margin of victory – smaller than our share of the population – suggests that a majority of straight people still voted against us. And we’re still suffering from a “Bradley effect” of 3-5% at the polls.

  18. BMF says

    Nice try Kevin, but take your racism someplace else. According to the Washington State Secretary of State voters in Washington State approved gay marriage 51.79% to 48.21%. Washington State is 3.8% black. Maryland, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections, approved Gay Marriage 51.9% to 48.1%. Maryland is a state that is 30% black. So gay marriage passed by roughly the same percentage in a very white state as it did in a very black state. (There are only three states in which African American comprise a greater percentage of the population than they do in Maryland. Those states are Mississippi, Louisiana, & Georgia.) The reality, as much as you may want to deny it, is that black people came out in droves and voted for gay marriage.

  19. Kyle C. says

    I’m white and gay and have been brutally rejected by my family.. kicked out of my home for being gay, was homeless for a year….

    and I cried all night tonight when these results were announced. I’d like to thank everyone ally in Maryland. From all the wonderful black residents who got it and stood by our side. The amazing latinos. The catholics. EVERYONE. It took an entire diverse group of people to make this happen. THANK YOU TO ALL.

    Please…PLEASE let’s continue this. and work together as a community. Let’s be united as an LGBT. THIS IS OUR TIME. Celebrate each other. Stop the fighting amongst one another. Let’s be a galvanized people…..this is a crucial moment in our movement.

  20. Art Smith says

    @ Kyle C. : Well said!

    To the LGBT….this is a monumental day for us all. We’ve each been hurt as a result of who we are. Today,w e each feel a little more loved. Black, brown, tall, short, old, young, fat, skinny, fem, butch: or in my case, nerdy white guy, lol; we’re the only community who has such a diversified sampling, and who have each come from pain and rejection. Let us all work hand in hand to make LGBT equality a reality in all 50 states.

  21. Steve-ATL says

    Can you all start posting supportive messages for this victory on the huffington post gay voices article that announces the win? The NOM trolls have literally started attacking all our straight allies in the comments section and telling them they will burn in hell for voting with us. We need more of us to put them in their place and stand up for our straight allies who are having to fend for themselves. Here’s the link to the article:

  22. Lane Trees says

    I have nothing in common with the first lady and our President, I’m not the same age, race, or even sexuality as them….and yet I love them, and feel like I know them, and feel like they accept me. I needed that feeling in my life. I know this morning we’re all thinking about all the hardships we’ve each endured as a result of being LGBT. We all have a story as LGBT members, many of our stories are common. And many of us today feel like we’re finally part of the AMERICAN story. I still can’t stop tearing up today, and judging by the twitter messages of all my LGBT friends, they can’t either.

  23. says

    To describe today historic for LGBT is an understatement. I believe if every single LGBT gets involved in some capacity for an LGBT cause that matters to them starting from today, then I sincerely feel full equality in every LGBT cause is ours within the next 4 years. Don’t forget, today’s victory came as a result of the tireless work of millions of LGBT and allies who had conversations with friends and families and helped our gay youth and got out there and worked. Thank you all!

    Special shout out to Harvey Milk. The transgenders and gays from stone wall. And the thousands of LGBT who were brutally killed in hate crimes throughout the years in history. This one is truly for you all!

  24. Francis says

    Actually, the final polls coming out of these states on marriage equality effectively were backed up in the voting booth. Because pollsters were adding the social desirability bias in their polls.

    Maine’s polls had us between 52-55% support and ended up at 54%.

    Washington had us somewhere in the 52-53% range of support and it ended up at 52%

    The final Maryland poll had us at 51-49% and we ended up with 52%.

    The final Minnesota poll had it at 52% NO and that’s the exact number that NO ended up on.

    That goes to show that our “real” support number, is higher than it’s ever been. We have more real allies than ever before.

  25. jamal49 says

    @QUEST: I never did “blame” black voters for Prop 8. Well, speaking for myself, anyway.

    Prop 8 won because of a concerted, moneyed effort by the Mormon Church, the Catholic Church and a fetid, fevered campaign of misinformation.

    And it is very important to note that the MAIN reason why Prop 8 succeeded in CA was because of the inept, clueless, idiotic campaign run by our side. THAT was the reason why Prop 8 succeeded. Period.

  26. Haikukitty says

    Coming from a Marylander – I KNEW we could do it if anyone could (after California failed). We’re an extremely blue state!)

    Seriously, I am SUPER-proud of my state today!

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