1. Jimcracky says

    Although I’m a vegan, and I do believe reducing animal fats can help reduce age-related impotence, I actually find this video pretty obnoxious. C’mon, boys, there’s a classier way to make your point.

  2. topher says

    This is so annoying and embarrassing… Peta keeps making it harder for us vegans to be accepted as equal (Peta is the GoProud of vegeteranism, for those that don’t know).

  3. Rich F. says

    So, the takeaway message from this ad is: if you go vegan, your genitals will turn into vegetables, and there’s a 75% chance you’ll be butt ugly…

  4. Paul R says

    Did they watch this clip before they released it? Did they screen the “models”? Did anyone find it anything less than revolting?

  5. says

    Another moment of idiocy from people who care more about animals than other people.

  6. Michael says

    Who cares if you eat veges and have your own member get bigger? I can assure you if you’re a meat and potatoes man you are on the way of making mine bigger…

  7. RJP says

    “PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals”

    Seriously? At least if you’re going to dis a group that you don’t agree with, try to come up with something original.

  8. travshad says

    Vegetarian for 22 years, never voted for a Republican (in the 23 years I have been eligible to vote). PETA supporter for 26 years. @Topher, I have never in the 22 years I have been a vegetarian found PETA in anyway making it harder for me to be accepted. Actually PETA was vital to help me become a vegetarian. While some people may find this video offensive (or just ridiculous), I find Topher’s inane comparison of PETA to GOProud far more offensive. If people are not accepting you as equal, I think it has more to with you than the actions of PETA.

  9. jason says

    PETA is a joke. It’s become a stupid organization characterized by ridiculous attention-seeking stunts that annoy. If anything, its patronizingly stupid ads make me want to eat an entire leg of lamb for breakfast alone.

  10. BETTY says

    Jason, I’m surprised you didn’t blame vegetables or farmers for having a bias against gay people. Maybe you should ask a liberal female farmer if she would abort a crop if she knew they were going to have a gay vegetable. Just pointing out your stupidity.

  11. jason says


    Well, we all know what liberal women would do to a baby that might contain a gay gene, don’t we?

  12. jaragon says

    Except for the hot mechanic the rest of those vegan dorks just made me hungry for some real meat.

  13. MateoM says

    Betty, this is why you don’t address Jason/Rick. Let him wither on the vine, starved of sustaining attention.

  14. Scott B. says

    PETA jumped the shark after that ridiculous press release in the wake of Obama killing that fly in one swift move during that televised interview.

  15. cjr says

    The guy in the red coveralls was hot until the camera revealed fruit and vegetables dangling from his trousers.
    The ad is revolting. How in the world would this be allowed on broadcast TV?

  16. topher says

    @travshad: (I tried twice posting an extened response to your post, but even though it said the msg had been posted, nothing appears on the thread….weird) Short version: I’m truly sorry if I upset you, man. And thanks for exposing my idiocy as clearly and respectfully as you did.

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Topher: LOL.
    @Travshad: I’ve known plenty of vegetarians and vegans who would be very happy if PETA disappeared, as it has made their lives miserable. I guess it’s just our population samples.
    @Jason: “attention-seeking stunts”
    I agree. A number of friends have noticed that PETA doesn’t seem to care even if forewarned of an event – if it won’t give them enough publicity.
    @CJR: I’m not watching this poor excuse of a video for a second time to verify it, but I thought it said UK.

  18. Martin says

    FACT: PeTA cares more about a handful of lab animals than millions of people suffering from HIV / AIDS. They’d rather have a million humans die than one lab animal.

    I have FAR more respect for any Log Cabin / GOProud Republican than for any PeTArd.