Mitt Romney Seen Losing 847 Facebook ‘Likes’ Per Hour


A website, Disappearing Romney, tracks Romney's Facebook "likes" in real time.

Writes Mashable:

Soon after Romney conceded the election, though, his social media followers began dropping quickly. Since 11:30 on Tuesday, more than 55,025 users have unliked the Massachusetts Governor, at a rate of about 847 an hour.

Romney’s actually gained 17,601 Twitter followers since he lost the election. That’s odd, and might be more evidence of bot activity more than human interest, considering he hasn’t tweeted since 5:55 on Election Day—a final relic of a message reads “With your help, we will turn our country around and get America back on the path to prosperity. Please vote today.”

By comparison, Obama has increased his already-impressive social media numbers. He’s got 33,118,444 Facebook likes, which is 804,479 more than he had on election night and, most notably, 20,982,472 more than Romney had at his peak.


  1. Michael Hunt says

    Well, this isn’t surprising. Obama is well likely throughout the internet which is primarily made up of the millenials generation plus the international crowd (which also favors him.)

  2. says

    Talk about fair-weather friends! Does that guy have any real friends? You have to wonder if he was anything more than a shill for companies to push legislation through to give them free reign of the country.

  3. Guest says

    In all fairness, I’m sure many people would have “unliked” President Obama’s page if he would have lost the election. Ditto for any other losing candidate at any level…why would anyone take an interest in following a candidate who is not going to be serving in an official capacity? At least President Obama would still retain many “likes” because he DID serve as president and would remain a big role model for many people…

  4. jim lupton says

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