1. simon says

    We are indeed at a historical turning point with recent ballot victories. NOM has lost a tired talking point and smug wiped off their bloated faces.

  2. bluedogj says

    While I certainly agree with the message, for a spot with the voice of Morgan Freeman the execution and impact of this ad is rather underwhelming. Seems a bit too much like an ad for the HRC who wants to take credit for our progress instead of a true celebration of the social movement it is documenting.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    It’s a good move.

    I’m still sore though about HRC not endorsing our local Congressperson-elect, who stood up for Marriage Equality while his now defeated opponent continued not to. HRC declined to endorse.

    If we really are living in the ‘New Dawn’ of the narrative in this ad, then half-hearted support from a politician, when there clearly is a better option available, simply won’t cut it.

    HRC was worried about throwing a ‘sort of’ supporter under the bus, while she was happy to get on board and ride right over us.

  4. Rob says

    HRC is working hard to advance equality. I had a gay friend commit suicide when he couldn’t get a green card for his lover from overseas. This is real life, gents (for those of us who remain.) Contribute.

  5. Sean says

    HRC really does deserve some of the credit for the victories we experienced in the election with regard to gay marriage. They spent $5 Million supporting it. They weren’t alone in supporting gay marriage, but they were a critical cog in the our political machine. They provided 15% of all the money needed for the campaign, and we very well may have lost without them.

  6. Jean de Florette says

    I know this is persnickety, but MLK’s 1963 rally was the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

    The Million Man March was in 1995, led by the NAACP and the Nation of Islam, among others.

    Otherwise, just remember that HRC is a lobbying group. I think this amply explains their often-obnoxious behavior.

  7. Caliban says

    LOL! Morgan Freeman is the next best thing to Jesus. He has that great “you can trust me” voice.

    I’m hoping the HRC will become an effective force for gay rights under the leadership of Chad Griffin. I stopped giving to them years ago because they never seemed to DO anything. The only thing Joe Solomnese did, so far as I can tell, is pout. Pursed-lipped sulking isn’t a particularly effective strategy.

  8. Iban4yesu says

    Morgan Freeman was pretty good on Marches of Penguins so I almost forgave the US ( & other territories’) distributors for ‘mutilating’ the original French ver..

    But, then, as this is a HRC confection, his talent is prolly wasted!

  9. SouthJerseySteve says

    Hearing the voice of Morgan “God” Freeman adds a lot of legitimacy to this political ad! What makes it political is the full-screen HRC logo at the end. Yes, they do a lot of good work on the national level for LBGT rights, but locally, they are just like any other lobbying group and can act like Grover Norquist too if they don’t get their way.

  10. DC Arnold says

    Homo Robbing Committee really needs to stop the madness, they steal donations from the state level street to fund lavish parties at the federal level and still not get much done for us.