NBC Blocked Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage Equality Ad

Chelseatraining1Increasingly worried about the blurry lines between stoic, non-partisan NBC News and their liberal, definitely partisan cousin MSNBC, executives at the peacock network have been trying to clearly delineate the two sides, and it appears they want to keep special correspondent Chelsea Clinton in the neutral camp.

BuzzFeed reports that executives behind-the-scenes put the kibosh on a pro-gay marriage ad in which Clinton starred:

NBC News blocked backers of a key marriage equality measure in
Washington State from using a video featuring Chelsea Clinton urging
voters to support a state-wide referendum on gay marriage, BuzzFeed has

Clinton, a vocal proponent of marriage equality, cut the
video for a group supporting the Washington state measure, as well as a
second video for another group. But NBC, for which Clinton works as a
“special correspondent” since last November, “scuttled” the campaign,
sources familiar with the ads said.

In the video, a third source said that Clinton described her belief that
everyone should have the freedom to marry, detailed the importance of
the upcoming votes, and stated that success in the states voting on
marriage would send a message to rest of the country.

NBC did not respond to the story before it went to virtual press. As for Clinton, she’ll soon have to decide whether she wants to continue pursuing journalistic endeavors, endeavors which were coolly received, and what would most likely be a vibrant career in the political sector.


  1. Icebloo says

    I think Chelsea will go into politics. I hope she does. She is intelligent and has many good ideas.

  2. says

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  3. says

    She’s shown remarkable poise and grace for decades. From the taunting and mockery she received as a teen and First Daughter many would crumble and shy away from the spotlight forever. She has continually impressed.

    Well met.

  4. Max says

    So NBC is against marriage equality? Good to know… will never watch a NBC/Universal show ever again.

  5. Francis says

    NBC probably didn’t do this for homophobia reasons. They did it because they want their reporters to remain “partial” and not go out of their way to have opinions that could be considered offensive. Obviously, I don’t think this way and I disagree with their decision, but that’s where we’re at. They want Chelsea to be more neutral in terms of her political opinions.

    Therefore, it’s probably for the best she leave NBC and really go into the political field. She’s very bright and her opinions would be well-received.

  6. Sargon Bighorn says

    GAUJA, well MY neighbor’s step-aunt’s best friend’s cousin makes $700 as a hooker. So there.

    And thank you Chelsea for the ad. The thought is appreciated.

  7. says

    Ever since Comcast bought NBC, I find myself watching less and less NBC. I think the programming has really gone downhill, and it happened much faster than the decline with the G4/TechTV merger. Comcast seems to like to kill good channels.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    She is a member of a news organization. Journalists shouldn’t be inserting themselves into political causes and ads regardless of the cause. If she wants to delve into politics she should resign her post at NBC.

  9. Craig says

    When can we stop calling it “gay marriage” and start calling it “marriage equality”? I correct everyone I know, it’s time for the media to do the same – and that includes bloggers.

  10. Icebloo says

    I would still like Hillary to go down in history as the first female President of the US and hopefully Chelsea can follow a few years later.

  11. says

    @ Brian,Leave it to a Texan to talk about the rights and wrongs of political ethics… Home of the Bush’s,and Gov.Perry! You have it wrong… Texans should not mix Oil and Politics!

    As for Chelsea… what ever she chooses to do, it’s for the betterment of America… can’t say that about the Bush’s!

    If Hillary runs next time, America will Win with Hillary, no matter who the GOP-Heads and the Billionaires put up… America is not for sale!

  12. Dan B says

    When it comes to airing anything “controversial,” you can count on NBC to always side with sexism and homophobia. Back in 2004, the United Church of Christ wanted to air a commercial showing a same-sex couple being welcomed into church. NBC decided this was “too controversial” and refused to air it. They have a string of cowardly decisions on cultural controversy going all the way back to the network’s foundation that borders on censorship.

  13. Nope says

    Nothing against Chelsea, however: let’s try & keep this a proper democracy, fellow Americans. We don’t need another Kennedy or, goddess forbid, Bush dynasty. Presidents & other elected officials ought to be elected based on their qualifications & stance on pertinent issues–not Mom & Pop’s DNA. You want a royal family or monarchy, you know where you can go… ;D

  14. MaddM@ says

    I partially agree with not wanting another quasi-royal dynasty… however this seems like the natural extension of a life’s work which was bolstered by being knee-deep in the presidency for 8 years.

    US politics isn’t an amateur game and she was brought up knowing the rules, not surprised she’s a good player. She’s got the brains for it, looks like she’s working on her leadership skills and following in mom’s footsteps- good luck to her! Hope she moves into politics once she realizes the US media has been totally neutered.

  15. GuyB says

    “She is a member of a news organization. Journalists shouldn’t be inserting themselves into political causes and ads regardless of the cause. If she wants to delve into politics she should resign her post at NBC.”

    Was that ever true? I do believe that free speech is a Constitutional right still.

    Journalists don’t belong to their news organizations. What they do on their own time should be up to them.