1. PostPonyPhase says

    When I first met my man, he went home to Rockaway and sent pics of him surfing his home break, it blew my mind! There were icicles everywhere in the frame of this left handed barrel with Mr. Man surfing it at below freezing! This is what these folks are made of, and they need a little something to get back up? It makes me thankful for the link. We’ll do what we can. Stay strong, NY!

  2. ratbastard says

    City Hall certainly left them dangling in the wind. I don’t blame the outer boroughs getting p*ssed off with all the attention Manhattan gets.

    On a side note, this is a pre-view of what will occur when [not if but when] something really spectacular occurs. And everyone can see the general clusterf*ck caused by this storm. Imagine a REALLY bad natural event or nuclear, biological or EMP attack?

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