1. Magutia says

    Remember when John McCain was a man of honor, a hero, a good man who had lost graciously, and had promised in his own words to the nation “TO STAND BY HIS PRESIDENT”?

    Yeah, shame on that little man who had been easily swayed by the hateful right.

  2. Icebloo says

    Miserable failure McCain needs to shut up. We already rejected him once. He needs to fade back into obscurity. We just do not care what he thinks about anything. Why won’t rejects like Palin, Romney, Ryan and McCain just go away ? Just what do we have to do to let them know we aren’t interested in anything they represent ?

  3. EchtKultig says

    As evidenced by the election, the GOP’s utterly cynical, pathetic attempt to turn Benghazi unto another Watergate or I daresay another 9/11 has backfired on them. When will they get the memo? As Eleanor Clift brilliantly observed, “there is no there there.” (quoting Getrude Stein) Four foreign service workers die in a remote consulate of a war-torn country. Wow, what a surprise. Surely Obama should have protected them with 35 blackhawk helicopters, 7 drones, 15 fighter jets from a carrier that immediately dispatched to Libya when Ambassador Stevens said he was traveling to the consulate without security cover. Oh I forgot to mention a few platoons of soldiers.
    This isn’t making a mountain out of molehill, this is making a continent out of a dust bunny.

  4. says

    Will we ever see bipartisan politics in our country again? The fringe element within the Republican Party has pushed them all to the far right of the isle where they’ve gridlocked our government for two years now. Will the next two be any different? They’ve been very public about their main goal being to block and bamboozle the President’s every move. It takes many hands to paint the Blackface on Obama. See my visual report of his makeup session at

  5. stranded says

    Yes please. More of this Mr. President. McCain has basically said that confirmation hearings don’t matter, all you need is heresay to do your job. And finally Obama has shed the timid act so that’s a good sign.

  6. LincolnLounger says

    So Susan Rice was “simply making a presentation based on the intelligence that she had received, and to besmirch her reputation, is outrageous.”

    On the other hand, George W. Bush and Condi Rice should have been impeached for the United States’ invasion of Iraq based upon faulty British intelligence.

    OK, I get the double standard.

  7. fact checking says

    “On the other hand, George W. Bush and Condi Rice should have been impeached for the United States’ invasion of Iraq based upon faulty British intelligence.”

    It wasn’t faulty intelligence. It was planted “intelligence.” They made a decision then cooked up the evidence to support it, with the compliance of the British.

  8. 2nd term here i come says

    Looks like the old olive branch has a sharpened point on the end of it. Let us hope Obama strips off the bark and uses it to whip some Tea Party ass.

  9. Johnny says

    Outrageous? Think again. The only thing that is totally outrageous is this lunatic Obama who thinks he is above the law. He is about to find out as the most sweeping Congressional investigation since Watergate begins, followed by his impeachment trial. And it won’t be a minute too soon.

  10. johnny says

    (the real johnny here)

    Love that the gloves are finally off. I’ve been waiting for this version of Obama for 4 years. Now that he has nothing to lose, we finally get to see the killer instinct. I’m loving this!

    Go away, Uncle McCranky, nobody likes you.

  11. johnny says

    PS: Fake Johnny, you are pathetic. This entire investigation has zero legs to stand on. Your kind makes it sound like Rice launched the rockets herself. Idiots.

  12. Paul R says

    Can people act like adults and not post under other people’s names, no matter how much you dislike them? It’s really immature. Plenty of people in the comments here do a fine job of sounding stupid all by themselves.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    The Republicans should keep their mouths shut. They said *nothing* about the problems at embassies and consulates under Bush II.

    For McCain to compare Benghazi to Watergate boggles the mind of someone who is old enough to remember the events first-hand. Apparently, McCain is too old. (BTW – Dean has said that Bush II was worse than Nixon.)

    @Little Kiwi: Go to Wikipedia and look up Terry Dolan and his National Conservative Political Action Committee (founded in 1975).

  14. jd says

    You can tell by the comments online, backed by absolutely nothing substantive, that Fox is leading the GOP to suicide with this “THERE IS SOME GIANT SCANDAL IN BENGHAZI BUT WE JUST HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET,” stuff. People are repeating urban legends as if they’re true. It’s going to be another really ugly wake-up call when this bites them in 2014.

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