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Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham Battled Crystal Meth Addiction in 2011

A bombshell revelation from his new autobiography Twists and Turns is that gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham was battling an addiction to crystal meth in the years leading up to the London Olympics, at which he failed to medal:

MitchamThe Sydney Morning Herald reports that following his Olympic win in 2008 after still failing to be ranked as World #1, he descended into depression:

Self-doubt came crashing back, fuelled by injury. Secretly smoking crystal meth to boost his moods, he was soon in the grip of addiction.

He knew the drug's dangers. But ''taking it was something I did … to take my mind off things that were upsetting me - to make me feel better about myself.''

The openly gay Mitcham has climbed back from last year's depths with the aid of Narcotics Anonymous, a drug rehabilitation clinic, hypnotherapy and the support of his inner circle. He's chased the demons away and is training for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

In therapy still, he believes he is happier and healthier. As for fully understanding himself, he writes: ''The answers continue to elude me. I may work it out one day.''

Said Mitcham to Australia's Nine News program 60 Minutes: "I certainly was addicted to crystal meth...I just felt like such a massive sham."

Here's the preview to his 60 Minutes interview.

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  1. It continues to astound me that so many people respond to certain other people in these comments. What are you hoping to achieve? Count the number of comments on this single page from the same person using various aliases. Who gives a crap what he says?

    Seriously. Do you spend a lot of time chatting with ranting homeless people who pull knives on you? Andy should have cut him off a very long time ago. There is nothing added by these "debates."

    Posted by: Paul R | Nov 16, 2012 3:37:46 PM

  2. Ahhh, Rick's feelings are hurt that people called him names.

    That's not very masculine, Rick.

    Posted by: ripper | Nov 16, 2012 3:37:50 PM

  3. Somebody should invent a browser plugin for towleroad that automatically hides comments from Rick and those that include mention of Rick. The back and forth is a waste of everyone's time.

    Stop feeding that troll.

    Posted by: Derek in Madison | Nov 16, 2012 3:43:49 PM

  4. I just want to give him a big hug. DX

    Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 16, 2012 3:52:27 PM

  5. Comments summary for EVERY Towleroad post:

    1. Interesting discussion
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    4. "XX is hot"
    5. Troll post by Jason, Rick, or Ratbastard
    6. Angry response to troll post
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    8. Sincere attempt to reason with Jason, Rick, or Ratbastard
    9. Pleas to stop responding to Jason, Rick, or Ratbastard

    Posted by: ripper | Nov 16, 2012 3:54:48 PM

  6. I have no sympathy for Matthew Mitcham. I think he was highly unprofessional for getting involved in crystal meth. If he can't control what he consumes, he's a failure.

    The poor dear needs publicity just like that other dunderhead Aussie Ian Thorpe. I thought Ian Thorpe's selling point was "I was depressed". Matthew Mitcham's is "I took crystal meth". Big yawn. Go away, guys.

    Posted by: jason | Nov 16, 2012 4:40:13 PM

  7. Paul R,

    The reason many posters comment on me and Rick and a few others is because gay men in general can't stand diversity of opinion. In general, gay men want everybody to follow their PC line. Personal attacks define the modus operandum of the PC gays.

    My message to these PC gays who launch personal attacks me is thus: I'm not going to bow and scrape before weirdos who take drugs and party until the wee hours of the morning. Your chosen lifestyles - yes, partying and taking drugs is a lifestyle - will make you sick and suicidal. Nuff said.

    Posted by: jason | Nov 16, 2012 5:11:30 PM

  8. Ignoring the last post and the overall stupidity throughout this thread, Matthew has a lot of pressures on his back and he ended up slipping. It happens. He's human. Matthew has handled himself so graciously in the public eye but sometimes putting on that pretty face for the cameras when you just want to escape is the most alone feeling.

    Now he's recovering/recovered. That's what's most important. Best wishes go out to him. He's a good person who has his demons, as we all do.

    Posted by: Francis | Nov 16, 2012 5:13:00 PM

  9. Now more proof that like METHEW Wayne Shepard, DRUGS ARE GAY. Now we have homo olympic swimmer who admits to Meth. METHEW Wayne Shepard was drug junky who mixed Meth with antidepressants & homo/lesbian sexual behavior comparable to drug junkyism.

    Posted by: snowisfuns | Nov 16, 2012 5:15:38 PM

  10. The thing that really irks me about Matthew Mitcham is that he appears to be selling victimhood. Here I was thinking that he wanted to be a good example for gay men but what we get is yet another gay-guy-who-took-meth story for the purpose of a book.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for this misguided Aussie.

    Posted by: jason | Nov 16, 2012 5:18:37 PM

  11. Jason, DRUGS ARE GAY such as METHEW Wayne Shepard and now we have Mitchell Mitcham. Gay/lesbian sexual conduct is comparable to drug junkyism. Many homos commit crimes while high on Meth and many gay bashings happen after man defends himself from homo high on Meth. METHEW Wayne Shepard mixed Ecstasy with antidepressants.

    Posted by: snowisfuns | Nov 16, 2012 5:24:32 PM

  12. Snowisfuns,

    I think some of your assertions are ridiculous and homophobic. However, I do agree with you that drugs have harmed the image of the gay community.

    Posted by: jason | Nov 16, 2012 5:25:59 PM

  13. Good for him!

    In my own experience, the only way to overcome crystal meth addiction is to be open and honest about it. I was never able to overcome my own addiction until I realized that the shame I was trying to avoid by keeping my addiction and treatment a secret was the same shame I was running away from when I began using. The key to beating addiction is being unafraid to say "This is who I am, warts and all."

    Mr. Mitchum should be praised for his honesty.

    Posted by: John | Nov 16, 2012 5:30:34 PM

  14. Jason, it's good to be homophobic because gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism & transexuals are worse-they should abolish sex changes. With 'gay bashings' let me say Jason that if a homosexual is going to be antisocial such as if a homo is going to ask other men for sex in bathrooms, if a gay is going to repeatedly propose after a man said no or if a gay is going to pinch a man's butt or groin against will, then there's no need for a man to tolerate this because the gay in these 3 cases is committing crimes and if a man in these 3 cases bashes or even kills gay, then he did so reacting to crime the gay did-whether the man's reaction with 'gay panic defense' is justified or excess is a jury topic. Being homophobic is a good thing but again with 'gay bashings' each case is different and must be judged individually.

    Posted by: snowisfuns | Nov 16, 2012 5:31:05 PM

  15. It's pretty clear Snow and Jason are the same person talking to one another back and forth. Pathetic.

    Posted by: Francis | Nov 16, 2012 5:34:59 PM

  16. Francis, I'm against gay/lesbian sexual behaviors and I'm against sex change mutilations. I tell truth about METHEW Wayne Shepard which homos such as Elton Portatoilet John. Tiffany Edwards Hunt of Big Island Chronicle is a Squaw and Tiffany Edwards Hunt smoked drugs in past and Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Edwards Hunt farts & shits in front of her 2 kids who have smelled Tiffany Edwards Hunt's farts.

    Posted by: snowisfuns | Nov 16, 2012 5:43:41 PM

  17. I don't suppose Professor Rick can cite any peer-reviewed research to back up his armchair speculation...

    Posted by: Randy | Nov 16, 2012 6:41:31 PM

  18. This is a sad story. Guys like this always lead a structured life then when they are out on their own, nobody is telling what to do and they screw up often

    Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney | Nov 16, 2012 7:35:01 PM

  19. Seriously Towleroad, websites like this are supposed to be places where we can get LGBT news AND not have to put up with the regular morons who comment on these stories. Can you start blocking these morons? Hell, even Queerty finally blocked Jason.

    Posted by: Chris | Nov 16, 2012 8:24:00 PM

  20. Role Model? For what again???

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Nov 16, 2012 8:43:18 PM

  21. So is any money of the book's sales going to help the addicted...or is it just to sell the book????

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Nov 16, 2012 8:44:19 PM

  22. @ RICK

    Matthew could be in DRAG with a tampon up his ass, and he would STILL be more masculine than you. He is a member of the most exclusive class of athletes, an Olympic gold medalist. Matthews accomplishments are the dreams of every masculine, strong, naturally gifted athlete who ever pursued sport as a career.

    Your obsession with masculine men screams desperate fanboy. And nothing could be more masculine than a groveling fanboy on his knees begging for acceptance through conformation. If you would grow some balls yourself, you wouldn't be so dependent on their expression from outside sources. By all means though, keep starving.

    Posted by: anonny6 | Nov 16, 2012 9:23:08 PM

  23. @ RIPPER

    Don't forget to include your post as #10


    1. Interesting discussion
    2. Interesting discussion
    3. Interesting discussion
    4. "XX is hot"
    5. Troll post by Jason, Rick, or Ratbastard
    6. Angry response to troll post
    7. Angry response to troll post
    8. Sincere attempt to reason with Jason, Rick, or Ratbastard
    9. Pleas to stop responding to Jason, Rick, or Ratbastard

    *10.* Criticism over the comments in the comment section.

    Posted by: anonny6 | Nov 16, 2012 10:00:28 PM

  24. Just because we're gay, why should we automatically have sympathy for a meth-addicted goose? Being gay does NOT give you a pass on your personality. I've personally known gay men with atrocious personalities - absolutey awful ones.

    Am I supposed to suddenly feel sympathy for a misguided personality simply because he's gay????

    Posted by: jason | Nov 16, 2012 10:45:38 PM

  25. - Robin Williams once said that cocaine was God's way of telling you you have too much money.
    - Ian Thorpe has long fought depression. It's possible his is due to genetics, rather than the issue of his sexuality.

    @Derek in Madison: ROFLMAO

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Nov 16, 2012 11:19:32 PM

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