‘Out’ Unveils All Four Out100 Covers


Out magazine has finally given it up and released all four covers for its annual Out100 edition.

Jane Lynch, Boy George, Sharon Needles and Andrew Rannells are the stars this year, providing the round-up with more than pretty faces but tenacity, courage and talent. The magazine has also revealed more of its honorees, including MSNBC host Thomas Roberts and husband Patrick Abner, an HIV liaison for Merck, and actor Matthew Wilkas.

Click HERE to check peruse the magazine's Out100.


  1. jason says

    Most of these people are not well-known. Interestingly, there is no A-list actor or musician who is currently in the charts. Isn’t it interesting that two of the industries that claim to be gay-friendly – movies and music – contribute very little in terms of openly out people?

    I’ve always said that the movie and music industries are the most homophobic industries in America. They are homophobic because they see homosexuality – especially male homosexuality – as interfering with their right to market heterosexual relationships.

  2. Icebloo says

    I know these polls/stories are well meaning but they are mostly scraping the bottom of the barrel with these people.

    We have never heard of most of them which most likely means they have NOT made much impact or we would have heard of them.

    Then we have tired old Boy George wheeled out again. Yes he did some good things for us a LONG time ago but his ridiculous antics of the past few years have damaged our image as gay people. The Boy George brand is toxic for us because he’s such an out of control idiot. The past year all he has done us suck up the UK Royal Family trying to get back into the spotlight. The Royal Family are part of the British establishment that keep gay people and non white people down. We should never be kissing the asses of our oppressors !

    It’s time to end this Out 100 thing. It’s beyond silly and pointless now.

  3. jason says

    They might as well call this magazine Stout because all 100 of these people, even Jane Lynch, have bigger penises than mine. Isn’t it interesting that gay men who claim to be so erudite and enlightened refuse to have sex with me because of my little Match Stick.

    Boy George is not someone any gay man should emulate. I once went in with him on a male prostitute because paying for it is the only way any of the gay men I meet in the scene will have sex with someone like me with a micropenis. While I was undressing, Boy George grabbed me from behind and chained me to a wall! He and the filthy prostitute then proceeded to anally rape me while I cried because I hate anal sex. They forced me to do poppers, which gave me AIDS. This is why I hate the music industry because Boy George gave me AIDS.

  4. jason says

    The basic tenet of the music and movie industries is to sell heterosexuality. No wonder they hate us. They’re content to have us enable them by working behind the scenes but, once we come out, there’s hell to pay.

    Can I just say to all gay/bi men: do not support the music or movie industry.

  5. PJ says

    Would’ve loved to see Anderson Cooper on the cover of one of those now that he’s officially out. Orlando Cruz as a representative for gay men of color who is breaking the unwarranted (sadly still) stereotype of gay men in sports but hey, what do I know…

  6. JASON says

    Blah blah blah I hate women blah blah blah I hate gay men because they are faggots blah blah blah I’m so anti-PC, look at me aren’t I making sense? Blah blah blah Frown, I’m a sad self-hating queer.

  7. Tommy says

    I’m going to call up a sex worker, handcuff him to the wall, beat him with a chain and use a lot of cocaine. So I too can be on the cover of Out Magazine and be a role model! Anyone want to join me?

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