1. Dennis says

    There’s no excuse for this. I can’t imagine what his attorney’s will argue in court. Travis is a bully and a pussy for attacking this girl. Plain and simple. Lock him up.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    No reason to declare it a hate crime? He assaulted her because of whom she loved. That’s a whole bunch of wrong. Owens girlfriend must really be a special person for Mallory to have stuck around after the first assault.

  3. Joe in CT says

    While there’s no disputing the horror of this attack, what in the world possessed this young woman and her girlfriend to visit the home of the crazed as*hole who previously assaulted her? That’s misguided thinking, at best. I don’t get it.

    And why would the legal system let him out of jail after he beat her nearly to death?

    None of it makes sense.

  4. Paul R says

    It’s Alabama. I’m in no way blaming the victim, but why in the world would you attend an event with someone who had attacked you? And why would your partner even want you to do so?

  5. Dan B says

    You should change your screenname. There is another poster who goes by “Rick” and frequents this site, and you would not want his comments to be mistaken for yours, trust me.

    You could “leave it” at not making vague insinuations.

  6. C says

    Wow. The father shot the son in January and The son has attacked this young lady once before. Something is seriously wrong in that family. I hope the charges are upgraded to attempted murder and this young lady has nothing else to do with that crazy ass family.

  7. Francis says

    Well, of course it isn’t a hate crime. This is Alabama. They don’t even have hate crime protections for LGBT citizens, and even in blatant hate crime cases, they skirt using the designation. Unfortunately the Hawkins family appears to be complete trash based on their entire history and Mallory is tragically an innocent victim by being associated with this family through her GF. I won’t question why she decided to spend Thanksgiving with her GF, obviously Mallory must love Ally a lot to do so. I feel horrible for Mallory and the Owens family. Hopefully Mallory fully recovers emotionally and mentally as well as physically.

    As for the animal who beat her, attempted murder and bias crime charge. Get this idiot behind bars.

  8. KuMiCu says

    Sorry but she needs to break up with girlfriend and move away from this poisonous and violent family. You think its going to get easier when when she has to testify against the family and the animal who beat her?

  9. AngelC says

    This is a HATE CRIME there is no second guess about it. He should not be out of jail. Him being out says that it is ok to just beat someone because of who they are. My heart goes out to owens and her family. If this back woods idiot wants to beat on someone because of who they like to have sex with maybe he should direct his focus toward sex offenders or is that hitting to close to home for him…..stand up for something right

  10. Gast says

    The prosecutor got it wrong. A hate crime is not about just the injuries, it is also about motive. His motive is clearly to terrorize and suppress a minority.

  11. Chris says

    I don’t think we have enough information yet to call this a hate crime. People assault family members for all sorts of reasons. That she is a lesbian and the assault took place in Alabama makes it easy to ascribe an anti-gay motive for this, but we’re not privy to the details of the case. All we have is the statement from Mallory’s mother asserting that anti-gay animus was the motive, but that’s not definitive or even reliable. She wasn’t there when the assault took place. As for whether attempted murder charges are appropriate, we’d need to know more about the extent of her injuries and possibly the duration of the assault in order to make that call. You can be beaten badly enough to need surgery and your attacker may not qualify for attempted murder charges. It’s tempting to rush to judgement, especially given the graphic pictures associated with the case, but it’s probably best to wait for the facts.

    What happened to Mallory is truly terrible, and I hope for her a speedy recovery and justice under the law. If hate crimes prosecution is appropriate, I hope it is pursued.

  12. Aymee says

    It blows my mind to think that this monster is only being charged with 2nd degree assault! Where the hell is the justice in any of this? No one has the right to brutally beat a person because of her/his sexual orientation, this is justice at it’s worst!!!

  13. Nathan says

    The south is a terrible place for young lgbt people to live. It is a conundrum, on the one hand we should leave as soon as we are able, taking our economic clout with us. On the other hand, if we leave, we are abandoning those lgbt who are under 18 to the homophobes, with no role models or defenders.

  14. Laurie says

    Don’t believe the BS the suspect’s family is trying to lay on people. “Daddy” Hawkins has a loooonnng rap sheet, including attempted murder on a family member (thought to be one of his own children). DA Ashley Rich tried to prosecute Hawkins’ Sr., but the only witness was his wife, who refused to testify.

    Later, just last year in Jan 2011, Hawkins Sr., shot Hawkins Jr in the chest with a 9mm pistol during a family argument.

  15. JezMyOpinion says

    Her gf is just as bad for not telling mallory to prosecute her brother this time. Bet the family is just being nice to mallory now so she won’t testify. Can’t believe they didn’t stop it. Ally must be a truly selfish person to put her violent homophobic brother before her gf.

  16. Michele says

    Where were the parents when this brutal beating was taking place. Travis Hawkins Jr. is a punk who should have his face caved in exactly like he did to Mallory. An eye for an eye!

  17. L says

    What I don’t understand is if the “girlfriend’s” family didn’t intervene and supposedly threatened the victim’s family, why is the victim staying with them, in the home in which she was beaten, during her recovery.

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