1. Lee says

    @ Hadenoughbs: I think the definition of a hate crime is that the attack must be motivated by nothing other than the victims race, sexuality or gender. IF this woman and her girlfriend’s brother had any other not-yet-revealed conflict, which was not linked to her being gay, and which caused him to beat her up, it was not a hate crime.

    I think we all must be realistic enough to realize that not EVERYTIME a gay person gets attacked or beaten up, it is because that person is gay.

  2. Lucas H says

    On the one hand, I want to hug her for being capable of such forgiveness…

    on the other hand, I’m worried about her safety!! Get the heck out of that house girl.

  3. MichaelJ says

    Until all the facts come out, we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions, such as Stockholm Syndrome, about what happened. This could be a hate crime or there could be some other motivation. We just don’t know, even if we suspect its one or the other. (For a non-hate crime motivation, drugs and/or drug money is what comes first to my mind, for me, but perhaps I’ve been watching too many TV shows like Justified.)
    @Woodroad34D: This is the dark side of many communities across America, not just the deep South.

  4. Hugh says

    People have got to stop viewing this like some sort of primetime tv drama. It’s real life; it’s complicated and you just can’t make assumptions based on context clues.
    It’s crazy to me how some of you get sooo worked up over something that’s not your business. It’s an event spanning years of her life; to you, it’s a 30-second blurb on the news. The courteous thing to do would be to just show her support and trust that she has a better perspective on her situation than some random guy from the internet.

  5. me says

    it’s actually really difficult to have something found as a “hate crime” if the perp knew the victim. b/c there could be 1000 other reasons for the crime based on something personal rather than a perceived status. so, she is likely right that it wasn’t – or wouldn’t be found as – a hate crime.

  6. Luke says

    @LEE, exactly. It’s not always a hate crime. There are a million reasons that he could have been angry at her for. @Sargon bighorn, it’s not a fake, she’s just saying that the reason she was beaten wasn’t a hate crime.

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