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Robert Pattinson Suggests That the 'Twilight' Series Continue with a Gay Twist: VIDEO


In his appearance with Taylor Lautner on Ellen, Robert Pattinson discussed the possibility of more Twilight films, floating an idea about how they can keep the franchise fresh:

"I was also thinking another way to do it would be to make it look like Will & Grace, where Edward turns gay. But they still stay together. And they raise the kid and everything."


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  1. While it would be an interesting plot twist if Edward were gay, I would remind Mr. Pattinson that people don't "turn gay". You either are or you are not.

    Posted by: Richard | Nov 12, 2012 12:34:52 PM

  2. A bit of a nervous laugh, there Taylor?

    Posted by: 99% | Nov 12, 2012 12:38:45 PM

  3. I said the other day that my gaydar is awful, but I'm not deaf, dumb, and blind. At least two of the people on that episode sleep with members of their own sex.

    Posted by: Paul R | Nov 12, 2012 12:45:28 PM

  4. maybe he's just coming out...i'm in

    Posted by: t | Nov 12, 2012 12:50:42 PM

  5. Best part about this whole interview... Taylor has chest hair!!!

    Posted by: Craig | Nov 12, 2012 12:55:25 PM

  6. "Twilight" is ALREADY GAY!!!!!! The entire "saga" is aout teenage girls falling in love with gay guys -- who are of course VAMPIRES in the eyes of Mormons.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Nov 12, 2012 12:55:34 PM

  7. "Twilight"?


    Why that's just silly! A series of movies featuring young, muscular shirtless men leering at each other, their rippling abs glistening in the daylight, staring at each other with the burning intensity of a thousand suns...

    Nothing gay at all about sir!

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Nov 12, 2012 12:57:58 PM

  8. Why doesn't Taylor just come out? What the hell is he so afraid of?

    Posted by: Anthony | Nov 12, 2012 1:08:17 PM

  9. Because that would take some of the mystery and fun out of our relationship. Now excuse me, I have meds to take.

    Posted by: Steve Scarborough | Nov 12, 2012 1:18:10 PM

  10. Umm, maybe his career and his status as a sex symbol for tween and teen girls (and boys)? Any I think even they can tell that he's gay.

    Some things can't be hidden.

    Posted by: Paul R | Nov 12, 2012 1:20:35 PM

  11. the creator is a sex-averse mormon so it won't happen

    & david...the vampires are to denote the evil of sex even between heteros, it just comes off homoerotic due to the casting agent picks for the movie

    Posted by: Moz's | Nov 12, 2012 1:38:27 PM

  12. Sexually is highly fluid Richard. And all human behavior is learned.

    Posted by: Gabe R L | Nov 12, 2012 1:53:11 PM

  13. @Anthony, Lautner won't come out because he hopes to be the next Tom Cruise. The poor child doesn't realize that Tom Cruise is a myth and that he needs, first, to learn to act. Ripply abs might be cute but they don't substitute for character development.

    Posted by: Chuck Mielke | Nov 12, 2012 1:58:39 PM

  14. So boy/boy sex is a cool and hip with teenage girls? Because Twilight is all about ad revenue aimed mostly at tween, teen and young women. They are it's core audience.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Nov 12, 2012 3:22:38 PM

  15. @GABE RL,

    All human behavior is not strictly learned or environmental, and this includes sexuality and gender identification.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Nov 12, 2012 3:24:18 PM

  16. I'll only be on Team Edward, if Edward is on Team Jacob.

    Posted by: Randy | Nov 12, 2012 4:11:13 PM

  17. Robert and Taylor would be naturals and the Twilight series would be better than ever with this new twist.

    Posted by: Francis | Nov 12, 2012 4:35:43 PM

  18. I'm sure if these makes as much money as the others they will find a way to continue the series-perhaps they can get Tom Cruise to lead a cult or something...

    Posted by: jaragon | Nov 12, 2012 5:16:04 PM

  19. Totally unrealistic. No gay man would have sex with someone who looks like he smells of gin, cigarettes, and dirty butt. Except of course for Jason and Rick...they probably think that's extra manly.

    Posted by: ChristopherM | Nov 12, 2012 5:40:52 PM

  20. Wow! Those guys sure are good looking and personable. If I had the chance, I would give it up to either or both of them!!!

    Posted by: andrew | Nov 12, 2012 9:52:53 PM

  21. Small-minded Richard, "you are or you are not" is such an outdated and ignorant view on sexuality. Educate yourself.

    Posted by: Jim | Nov 13, 2012 1:09:30 AM


    Posted by: Mommie Dammit | Nov 13, 2012 5:33:53 AM

  23. @Ratbastard,

    I didn't say all behavior was strictly learned, just learned.

    Posted by: Gabe R L | Nov 13, 2012 12:12:37 PM

  24. Still Team Jacob.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Nov 13, 2012 1:03:44 PM

  25. I am almost positive Edward and Jake has something going on. Gives a new meaning to the term "doggy style" does it not?

    Posted by: mmike1969 | Nov 13, 2012 6:07:38 PM

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