1. Brian says

    Brad is an incredibly articulate spokesman for our cause, and I agree with him that there’s no real reason for gay marriage and looser drug laws to be linked. I think he’s right to say the war on drugs has been a failure, but I don’t see what it has to do with gay marriage. I also don’t see any benefit at all to these issues being linked in the media and popular culture.

  2. AC says

    Brad Pitt is a liberal Hollywood clown.

    He says that there are no old drug addicts because users either quit or die from abusing it…well, hello…you’re basically admitting that they’re a bad and destructive thing, but you don’t want to see drug pushers/abusers penalized, and furthermore would are in favor of it being legalized, because you’re so bent on having this silly ‘live and let live’ attitude.

    Far as gay marriage is concerned, and his saying if it doesn’t sit right with your religion, then let your God sort it out in the end…no. God put all of us here to have free will, to think for ourselves and to draw our own conclusions…so, for myself, I don’t need to wait for him to sort this one out. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t use God/religion to justify my objection to gay marriage; my opinion that it’s wrong is 100% based on my own perception that it bastardizes the institution, makes it too random and vague, opens the floodgates for people to advocate for other types of oddball nuptials and that it’s basically just a case of some jealously wanting what they can’t have. Has nothing to do with God, religion, or the Bible. Not everyone can, or should, have what the next person does simply because. That’s like women complaining about not being admitted to a club that’s exclusive to men, or a kid complaining that he didn’t get as big a cut of meat at dinner as his sibling got. Get over it. Not everyone gets to have all the same things.

    Types like Brad Pitt basically advocate for a society without boundaries or structure. “If it feels good, do it…if it doesn’t hurt anyone else, it’s okay…” Meh. I’d much rather hear his mother speak on these issues than him. At least she makes sense, unlike her boy.

  3. Brian says


    You didn’t understand his drug comments at all. He quite clearly says drugs do cause damage, he’s just questioning whether the neverending drug war is the way to address this.

    As for gay marriage, you’re obviously just trolling on a gay news site. You say you use some sort of rational faculty to justify your bigotry rather than religion, but then you’re impressed with Brad’s mom’s rationale for her anti-gay animus. And her rationale is surprise! that her religion tells her to hate gays. You can try and pretend you’re using your brain to hate gays, but you’re not, you’re a stupid fundie just like all the other anti gay voters who are thankfully shrinking each year into a more and more irrelevant minority.

  4. Paul R says

    I read a lot of media, on paper and online. I’ve never noticed a link being made between marriage equality and drugs.

  5. Booker says

    I love Brad Pitt, and love his support for marriage and ending the drug war, but I’m a little dubious about his comment regarding the media linking gay marriage and marijuana; I only noticed that happening in the last election, and I think it was just because there were states with both issues on the ballot, and both are a little more “hot-button” than, say, a referendum for a school bond issue.

  6. Brian says

    Yes, he’s really only talking about the various state votes on either gay marriage or pot legalization. The media does lump these polls together all the time, as part of a “we’re becoming more socially liberal” meme. I think Brad is just saying that it’s two different things and we shouldn’t conflate the two, even though I assume he supports both.

  7. says

    I like Brad Pitt, the love of his support of the marriage and the end of the war on drugs, but I am a little skeptical of his views, the media gay marriage, marijuana, and I just noticed that in the last elections took place, Ithink it’s just the two questions on the ballot paper, because there are countries, without exception, is a little more “hot button than, that is to say, a school to hold a referendum to issue bonds.