President Obama Wins Second Term!


President Obama has won reelection!

FOX News: "President Obama will win re-election, Fox News projects. The call comes after the president was the projected winner in the crucial battleground of Ohio, and subsequently won both Iowa and Oregon. This put Obama over the required 270 electoral votes."


  1. Maguita says

    CONGRATULATIONS AMERICANS. No matter who you are, who you love, you are as of today, moving forward, considered to be on equal ground as every other citizen of this country.

    No need to hide in fear. Celebrate!

  2. Rafael says

    This is such a beautiful night. Just to know the majority of America stood with fairness and equality is humbling and amazing. Thank you fellow Americans. Now lets enjoy our victory.

  3. BETTY says

    What will Markus do now? Where will he shill his GOP/Fox News talking points?

    Contrast of the TV pictures coming from each leader’s campaign rallies:

    Obama: a mostly diverse crowd in casual clothes.

    Romney: mostly white men in stuffy suits.

    That says it all. Republicans just don’t get it.

  4. says

    And for love sake, he decided to make, a promise to us all. And when he wrote “The Audacity of Hope,” we could make a change. Here’s for a higher plane. We’ll build it up, and build it up, and build it up, and now we’re solid…solid as Barack…A new day dawning the future looks, hot, hot, hot, hot!”

    Solid as Barack – Ashford and Simpson

  5. BETTY says

    They aren’t conceding Ohio because Richie Rich didn’t write a concession speech. Mr. Arrogant now needs some time to write it, so contesting Ohio for an hour or two will give him time.

  6. Iban4yesu says

    I picketed him last month in SF, about Bradley Manning and Afghans…If I knew then that he were to win, I would and should have been a whole lot more vicious!!!!LOL

  7. Eric says

    Look, we dodged a bullet, but let’s not go overboard. Obama is still the lesser of two evils. We can’t turn a blind eye to his track record on trashing civil liberties, drug prohibition, the surveillance state, drones, NDAA, and Bradley Manning. We need to put an end to the permanent War on Terror, revisit single-payer health care, close Guantanamo like he said he would four years ago, cut defense spending, and stop prosecuting whistle-blowers like it’s going out of style.

  8. Leonard says

    I’m so proud. A President that truly makes me proud to be American. Who understands the common man, works his damnest to improve the lives of ALL Americans, sees LGBT men and women as deserving of equal rights (and fights for them!), one who believes that everyone deserves a fair shot at the “American Dream,” and someone who I believe shares the same vision of America as I do.

    Great job, Mr. President! Four more years :)

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    “Mitt is not conceding Ohio.”
    “Karl Rove is calling foul in Ohio…”

    It’s truly sad when Romney and Rove say that Faux News is lying.

    @Betty: “needs some time to write [concession speech]” ROFL

  10. Eddie says

    Can someone dig up that miserable old hag from the Romney video (“God gonna make sure Romney wins”) the other day and interview her? Please? I wanna laugh even harder than I am right now.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Betty: Did you have inside info or were you just prescient?

    @Eddie: just one from a Romney video? You should have been spending time viewing the Religious Right’s hatred for Obama during this campaign. There have been *plenty* who’ve gone on internet record as believing that God would make sure Romney wins.

    The traditional body part used to symbolize the protection of God is the hand. They tried a different body part in the following: “If we see Romney elected we will have seen the finger of God.” I thought that was true, but of course in a different sense than they were intending.

  12. Javier says

    Congratulations Barack Obama!

    Thank you for wiping the floor with Mitt Romney. Their were so many reasons for me to vote for you and in Alexandria, VA where I am from I waited 2 hours to cast my vote. Obama won 3 votes for every 1 vote that Romney had here. I love living where I do, and I am so proud to be from Virginia and vote for such a phenomenal President Barack Obama!

  13. UFFDA says

    WOW, this is thrilling. Thrilling. Important history in the making. Our man is now going to do even greater things than before. And with marriage equality winning so well we’ll pitch in ever more enthusiastically. It’s our country too, and we are welcome more than ever.

    Evangelicals note: Jesus would have been the first to vote for us, your religious right never thought to consider something so obvious (not that I’m any kind of Christian).

  14. says

    YES VIRGINIA, AND THE OTHER 49 STATES… THERE IS A SANTA CLAUSE! I admit that I have been depressed and scared in the past few weeks, because the media said there was a possibility that Mitt Romney could be elected President. When I looked at his supporters, all I could see was white America with a few sprinkled of Rich Blacks,Gays and Jews… and when I looked at our President… I could see a sea of diversity and the message of hope for ALL Americans. I feared that if Romney had won,it would be a step in the wrong direction, especially for Gay Americans. It looked like gays might lose their friend in the White house. However, America has seen the light of a brighter tomorrow of a inclusive President, instead of an exclusive band of rich Americans. I want to thank all those who worked hard campaigning for the Obama/ Biden ticket and gay marriage and equal rights. Tomorrow,tomorrow and tomorrow is looking good. Now lets start campaigning to get the house back in the Blue States column in the next election. We have just begun to fight!

  15. DeeperStill says

    What a glorious day! And what a thriller night this has been as well. Watched 11 hours staight on Danish TV, and what a freaking awesome outcome. So happy for you guys, and indeed for the world!

    And to all the lowlifes who always claimed that God was on their (Republican) side, well guess what; God didn’t want you to win. Deal with it, haters! lmao!

    YAY xXx

  16. Bollux says

    Having lived under the clownish tyranny that was Romney’s Massachusetts Governorship, I wasn’t looking forward to four years of speeches starting with “People of Earth, I come as an apathetic emissary of your intergalactic betters.” Now if only the Son of Moroni here will make good on his promise and go the f— away like he said he would if he lost.

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  18. DC Arnold says

    I am sluggish this morning from wanting to stay awake to watch the acceptance speech, was not disappointed. Great victory for America! Now can we deport Donald Trump?

  19. Caliban says

    “So, who’s delusional now, Markus?”

    “Perhaps he should be on a suicide watch for a few days.”

    I’ll watch, but I’m not stepping in. Let Keith “iBlow” Ablow, Fox News’ bought and paid for trained seal worry about it. Or Charles Krauthammer, more vile than anything I’ve ever scraped off the bottom of my shoe.

    It wasn’t until Obama’s win was announced that I realized just how tense I’d been, how keyed up this election had made me for at least a month. I’d been holding myself so tightly for so long that when it was announced Obama had won and let go I thought my muscles might slide right off the bone! It was like one of those toy figurines kept upright with a taut string- release the tension and it just collapses.

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s amusing how the Republicans are already saying that there is no mandate for Obama despite their previous claims for Bush II. Glenn Beck thought Romney would trounce Obama 321-217 which “would be a mandate [and] a giant, giant spanking.” I hope that shuts all of them up for awhile.

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Betty: To slightly exaggerate… Because I live in a swing state, for quite some months now I have watched no TV (except for the Olympics) and listened only to NPR. The first TV was 19:00 on election night and I must have briefly nodded off through the announcement of Romney’s hubris on whichever media outlet.

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