1. Davidm Alberta says

    OK, if he is going to throw that crap at us he needs not be a hypocrite and ignore the 10 Commandments when he feels like it. It’s either all or none, isn’t that the way he normally puts it? God this man is a raving lunatic, why does he even get air time (except to use as an example of plain and utter idiocy).

  2. snowisfun says

    I’m not a Christian but Reverend Pat Robertson is right. Man is supposed to have sex with woman only. Homo/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism & drugs are gay like METHEW Wayne Shepard the Ecstasy junky killed by 2 in October 1998. Elton PortaToilet John is who the singer is. Transexuals are worse than the homos and abolish sex changes.

  3. snowisfun says

    Homos & lesbians should quit their sexual behaviors just as drug junkies should quit drugs like marijuana, cocaine, etc. Tiffany Edwards Hunt the Big Island Chronicle journalist who covered the 1999 Methew Wayne Shepard’s killer’s trial. Big Island Chronicle’s journalist Tiffany Edwards Hunt is a drug junky who smokes cocaine and marijuana. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Edwards Hunt farts and shits in front of her kids and her 2 children have smelled Tiffany Edwards Hunt’s turds. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Edwards Hunt is a fat Squaw which is why Tiffany Edwards Hunt smokes drugs and again, she farts and shits in front of kids.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    @DavidM Alberta: Robertson sold his Christian Broadcasting Network to Murdoch with the stipulation that he had the right to broadcast uncensored “in perpetuity”. When ABC/Disney took over they inherited this albatross.

    @SnowIsFun: Why are you wasting your time and ours with non-LGBT-friendly comments on an LGBT-friendly blog?

  5. Hawthorne says

    @SnowIsFun is trying to stir the pot, to create a storm of reaction. Ignore him, I say, ignore him! His blatherings look to be almost written by a computer word-generator – they are senseless and poorly constructed. As for Robertson being able to speak/broadcast uncensored in perpetuity, I hope that ABC/Disney’s team of legal experts figures out a way to silence him.

  6. snowisfun says

    Why are you mean to me when I post here:( I tell truth about homo/lesbian sexual behaviors being same as drug junkyism and I tell truth about METHEW Wayne Shepard and you’re mean to me. I’m not a Christan and I agree with Rev. Robertson and Linda P. Harvey of Mission America. Fact you’re mea to me further proves drugs are gay and transexuals are worse-abolish sex chnges. Big Island Chronicle’s journalist fat Squaw Tiffany Edwards Hunt is a drug junky who smokes cocaine and marijuana. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Edwards Hunt farts and shits in front of her kids and her 2 children have smelled Tiffany Edwards Hunt’s turds. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Edwards Hunt is a fat Squaw which is why Tiffany Edwards Hunt smokes drugs and again, she farts and shits in front of kids.

  7. snowisfun says

    & Black crack lesbian Pam Spaulding likes farting & shitting on little girls as Pam Spaulding is a Black crack lesbian junky & she high on drugs when she farts and shits on girls. METHEW Wayne Shepard was a drug junky who used Ecstasy mixed with antidepressants.

  8. Mary says

    I was going to say that if the editors of Towleroad want to keep posting articles about Pat Robertson they might as well make it interesting by titling one of them “What is the most bizarre thing Robertson has said or done in his whole career?” But then given Robertson’s record, this could open us up to hours of speculation. I imagine the posts replying to this article would be among the most numerous Towleroad has ever received. They could easily rival any of the many posts where Kiwi and Rick/Jason/Ratbastard engage in their eternal battle over feminine gays vs. masculine gays.

  9. Philip says

    SNOWISFUN will be taken seriously when he/she seriously evaluates for error the composition of his/her typed thoughts. Until then, SNOWISFUN is a nonsensical babbling baboon. Once he/she can type thoughts that make sense, many may continue pass what you type as nonsense. So I guess either way you are screwed.

  10. snowisfun says

    MikeinSanJose, I was born in 1969, so not 16. BTW have been to San Jose and many software engineers there. Been to Canada, 27 U.S. states including UT, Spain and Portugal (2012-lived in Spain from 1981-84), China(2010), Switzerland and U.K. (2005-been to U.K. 7 times 1978,1981,1984,1999,2001,2003 and 2005), France (2003, 1982), Austria (1978,2001), Germany(1978,2003,2001), Italy 1978), Japan (1993), Thailand (2002), India (1969-72, 1978,1982,1993,2001,2002), Belgium (1978), etc. Speak 3 languages-English, Spanish and understand Bengali.

    As you see, I know alot and been around, but would rather be 16. But homo/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism including drug junky METHEW Wayne Shepard. Your turn now.

  11. Mary says

    “Come out of the closet, child. You’ll feel so much better. No straight 16-year-old would be hanging out here with a bunch of queers…”

    Mike, I have no way of knowing who “Snowisfun” is or what his/her identity is, but let me assure you it is possible to “hang out here with a bunch of queers” (and the “q word” was YOUR use, not mine!) without being gay. I manage it.

  12. snowisfun says

    BTW, as I was posting here, I was and am listening to Nicki Minaj’s starship so I multitask especially when I write about METHEW Wayne Shepard, Black Crack lesbian Pam Spaulding and dumb fat Squaw drug junky Tiffany Edwards Hunt of Big Island Chronicle and Tiffany Edwards Hunt farts and shits in front of her 2 kids and her 2 kids have smelled their Squaw mom’s turds.

  13. Will says

    How come I can ALWAYS watch stories about people saying hateful, hypocritical, or stupid statements on these links but I can never watch links from Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert; those links say unavailable in your country…WTF? I didn’t know the internet had borders.

    This man is dangerous. It’s a shame that in his long life he never had the opportunity to meet DIFFERENT people than white Christians. What a shame. Once this man passes away he will always be remembered in history as an hateful, evil old man. Too bad.

  14. ratbastard says

    He’s doing the Christian forgiveness thing. We are all sinners.

    I could have sworn Robertson died a few years ago. Maybe his corpse is being used like Weekend at Bernies.

  15. snowisfun says

    Philip, I call him METHEW Wayne Shepard because of his drug junkyism of mixing Methamphetamines or Ecstasy with antidepressants. BTW, currently listening to Die Young by Ke$ha as I write here.

    No haven’t been to Ireland though have been to Great Britain or U.K. 7 times again-1978,1981,1984,1999,2001,2003 & 2005-have family in U.K. who has been to Ireland. With Irish people, former Presidential candidates Patrick J. Buchanan and R.J. Santorum (1/2 Italian/1/2 Irish) are both good Irish Catholics while Bill O’Reilly of Fox News who is Libertarian is a bad Catholic and 1970s musician Don Henley (Donald Hugh Henley) of Shiloh and Eagles while Irish is not Catholic.

    But what I want to know is why in years I’ve posted here are you homos mean to me:( In fact, Towleroad posters are often mean. Why can’t you be nice instead of mean? I see something wrong with gay/lesbian sexual behaviors and believe transexuals are worse than queers as transexuals are mutilated. But what do you think of Big Island Chronicles Squaw Tiffany Edwards Hunt who smokes drugs and who has farted & shitted in front of her 2 kids-her kids must get tired of smelling her gases.

  16. Daniel says

    Guys, I can’t believe I’m the first person to make this point. I realize that Pat Robertson has said few sane things in his life, but this may be one of them. And frankly, it’s the same point that Dan Savage has been making for years: humans are not built for monogamy. It’s a difficult choice that we make if we choose to be in a monogamous relationship. Again, this may be the first time — in a long time — that Pat Robertson makes a good point. Let’s give him credit where credit is due.

  17. says


    I have news for you; all, yes all, we Irish Catholics are no longer Catholic.
    We are all, yes all, now out and gay and very proud to have kicked out the phony priests, with their superstitious uses and we have expelled the Vatican Ambassador.
    Now we don’t listen to anything that unreconstructed little Hitler Youth, Ratzinger, has to say.

    As for anyone being mean, have you listened to Ratzinger talk about us ?
    Have you listened to Pat Robertson talk about us ? Now that’s mean.

    And Bill O’Reilly and Hannity bring shame on us; they are just “paddywhackery” Irish……. dressed up loud mouthed clowns.

    And going to the UK a million times does not count !!!!!

  18. Bernie says

    I totally agree, we should IGNORE snowisfun, anyway, I thought the bible said thou shall not cheat on thou spouse especially if you are married and heterosexual….OMG…Robertson is going to hell for this…how can we take Robertson seriously when he makes these kind of hypocritical and ridiculous statements??!!?

  19. snowisfun says

    Again, homosexual and lesbian sexual conduct compares to drug junkyism and DRUGS ARE GAY like METHEW Wayne Shepard the Ecstasy junky. Homosexual/lesbian groups are predictably usu. apologists for Harvey B. Milk the homosexual statutory rapist who in 1964 committed homosexual statutory rape on a 16 year old boy for which he wasn’t prosecuted for-that boy committed suicide in 1980 when he was 33. As I see that case, Dan (DJ) White by shooting and killing Harvey Milk in 1978 did what the California legal system failed to do to Harvey B. Milk in 1964. Harvey Milk in 1978 should’ve been a felon and lost his right to vote. Harvey Bernard Milk is a case of where we sometimes need gay bashings as Harvey Milk n 1964 commits homosexual statutory rape on 16 year old boy and 14 years later, Harvey B. Milk gets shot & killed. Harvey B. Milk also boasted about having sex in public parks (indecency w/o getting arreste by police.

  20. snowisfun says

    Joseph Singer must smoke same drugs that homos METHEW Wayne Shepard and Elton Portatoilet John used. Harvey B. Milk is a homolester of 16 year old boys, but most gay/lesbian groups are apologists for this homo statutory rapist.

  21. jamal49 says

    @MARY It’s OK. You can use the “q-word”. I prefer it to “gay” anyway. BTW, I like the idea of, uh, “Pat Robertson’s Greatest Hits”. I’ve been following the guy for a few decades and gathered quite a few of his, um, “words of knowledge” (his description, not mine).

  22. andrew says

    At least we know now that Pat doesn’t believe all that Biblical b*ull s*it. After all the “Holy Bible” calls for adulterers to be stoned to death. That Yahweh is such a sweetheart!



    2 observations:

    The ‘snow’ you call yourself must be a a cocaine reference?

    You are clearly obsessed with sh*t and meth.

    Methew is no such person.

  24. snowisfuns says

    But METHEW Wayne Shepard is who I call him because he mixed Ecstasy with antidepressants. His killing by 2 men in October 1998 is minor topic. METHEW Wayne Shepard chose Univ. of Wyoming out of all the colleges he could get into but then Methew Wayne Shepard insulted the college and Laramie. METHEW Wayne Shepard before October 1998 was described by many including friends as moody, obnoxious and selfish who even rudely cut in line in front of retirees. In August 1998, Methew Wayne Shepard falsely accused a Cody man of a crime the Cody man was innocent of. Excuses made by his mom is that METHEW Wayne Shepard had depression, PTSD and so on.

    But after Methew Wayne Shepard got killed by 2 men in October 1998, he becomes a martyr with people loving him though he was a selfish, obnoxious, rude person who only thought about himself. Yes, his killing is another topic. But honestly, METHEW Wayne Shepard mistreated others such as his false accusation and in the end, he was mistreated by being killed by 2 men. BTW, I’m not a friend, lawyer or family member for his killers but just telling the bad truths about METHEW Wayne Shepard which gets minor talk in media.

  25. SNOWISFUN says

    I love people from all walks of life – gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, questioning. Yes, we aren’t all the same but we’ve a common goal – to be seen as equal in the eyes of not only our fellow countryfolks but also in terms of the law of the land. Finally, I won’t be fired from a job for being gay or transsexual, for example. Finally, I can have equal marriage rights.

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