1. Alan says

    That wasn’t flipping it, it was being uncomfortable with a statistical analysis. He didn’t go off on some tirade like Jim Cramer did on the Today show. And the rest of the folks kept pushing the point, they could have moved on, but didn’t let it drop. As it turns out, he was wrong, but so what?

  2. Icebloo says

    I think Republicans had some trick up their sleeve to steal the election and somehow it went wrong. They truly thought they had won. Romney refused to concede for 90 minutes because he didn’t believe he could possible have lost.

    Romney was so arrogant he only wrote a victory speech. This was probably the first thing in his entire life that has gone wrong for him. I’m so glad his failure was on the world stage so the world could see him and we could all see him with tears in his eyes. It was good to see such an evil, arrogant, hateful, corrupt person so broken. He deserved it. Good conquered evil !

    I think that with all their dirty voter suppression tricks they thought they had this one in the bag. Had it been a little closer they could have stolen the election like they did in 2000 but it was too hard for them to do it this time.

    It was an incredible night ! I am so relived that the dark cloud of evil has been banished !

  3. TANK says

    Well, you know Alan, I’m just keeping it real like Tank does but let’s be honest, he was wrong and upset about it, just like you and I have Republican families that think it’s wrong for us to be gay and are upset about it. Just keeping it real, folks. Tank keeps it real.

  4. Alaina says

    Can we all please just acknowledge that this WAS scripted and move on? I actually caught this live (having switched to fox news for a little dose of schadenfreude) and as Magyn Kelly was walking down the hall she mentioned that they had done this bit in rehearsal and had sound problems, which she hoped had been fixed. It may not have been planned particularly for Ohio, but Karl Rove was always planning to refuse to accept the results, and Megyn Kelly was always planning to “confront” the poll analysts, provided the results went in favor of Obama. Nothing on fox news isn’t scripted. Why are all the news outlets pretending these shenanigans are news?

  5. Tyler says

    If you guys wanna see some real crazy check out what the miserable homos at gaypatriot are telling themselves.

    They’re literally making up whatever lies they can. Wow. Must be a hard day to be a gay republican!

    Try to leave some comments on there, but don’t be surprised if you get blocked and erased. They tend to only support free speech if it’s republican.

  6. Moz's says

    icebloo there was no trick

    shenanigans can only net 1-2%

    the issue was they believed their own spin and propaganda. They forgot rasmussen and gallup “polls” are meant to drive a narrative not predict reality

    2 of the worse rated pollsters historically were held up as truth by repubs and they bought their own spin thus got smacked in the head by math+reality+ nate silver

  7. Caliban says

    The issue isn’t that Rove thought they called it too soon. The issue is that he was ordering Fox News’ on-air “talent” like he owned the place despite having no official ties to Fox News.

    I mean you’d have to be pretty dim not to have noticed that FN is just the propaganda arm of the Republican party, but since most of their viewership denies it you never know. Just put this with the rest of the mountainous pile of evidence.

  8. chuck says

    Ohio also had the electronic voting machines software redone just days before the election.
    I wonder if they knew that the FBI would be confiscating their machines if the vote turned out opposite what the polls were showing?

  9. Dback says

    I’ve reached the point by now where the hypocrisy of it all just amuses me. In 2000, FOX was the first to call the election for Bush, even as Florida was still in play and Gore was refusing to concede. Then the Republicans immediately started trotting out Jim Baker to serenely pronounce “The votes have been counted (they hadn’t) and recounted (they hadn’t). George Bush is the President.” (Baker, of course, was a longtime Bush family friend.) Last night, all of a sudden, the Republicans get religion on counting every vote, etc. I agree with the posters above, I think they probably thought they had enough dirty tricks going down (rigged ballot machines, misdirection people to the wrong polls, closing polls early, etc.) that they were going to eke out a victory via Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia; it is genuinely incomprehensible to the party elite that those states have now voted for Obama and the Democrats TWICE. (Did Rush Limbaugh have a coronary or burst a blood vessel today?)

  10. alex says

    To me, this comes across as petty criticism of Fox News. No one is “flipping out”. People seem to forget this is live TV involving extremely complex statistical projections. Networks have made mistakes in the past. I can’t fault any network that wants to be certain in their analysis.

    Fox News provides plenty of reasons for criticism; we don’t need to invent them.

    Heck, one of the ABC commentators said something to the effect that this will be the last presidential election run by two white men. That seems like a bigger gaffe than wanting to be 100% certain before declaring a winner.

  11. Sean in Dallas says

    The GOP is going to have to lose the psychos if they want another presidency. Maybe the Palins and the Allens et. al. can spin off and revive the Whig party or something…just leave the moderates to do the grown-up talking.

    The people spoke pretty clearly last night: TOO MUCH RELIGION and TOO LITTLE SCIENCE just doesn’t cut it. It’s about time.

  12. Tom says

    He had good reason to challenge the call — he had tried hard to fix the vote and thought he had done it, just as he had fixed the vote in Florida in 2000. In fact, his reaction on set is almost identical to the reaction he had (according to the books written about it) the night of the 2000 election.

  13. DavyJones says

    I watched this live (because by this point in the night watching Fox was actually more entertaining than watching The Daily Show), and for those of you saying this is just petty picking on Fox, and Rove had a point, maybe it just doesn’t come across well enough in the video, but throughout the night, once it became clear that Obama really was going to win it the whole network went into a meltdown. It was amazing to watch, Rove’s little dispute with the Ohio numbers, and the trip back stage was probably the strongest point of unprofessional ridiculousness, but for about 2-3 solid hours they were in a tail spin… Rove’s later ‘rebuke’ of the Presidents win where he said Obama “won the battle, but lost the war” was another highlight….

    Best entertainment coverage of the night…. The Onion couldn’t have done it better

  14. BobN says

    “Can we all please just acknowledge that this WAS scripted and move on?”

    No kidding. This was just a bit of theatre to convey the false idea that FoxNews is “fair and balanced”. Look, they disagree with Karl Rove!!! Pffffff.

  15. BrokebackBob says

    Sorry Karl, its a shame you didn’t do well in math in school, it works you know. Your bottomless pit of money and millionaire/billionaire friends should all just accept the power of the people or order your Post-T-Vacs NOW and get back to Tea-Partying each other.

  16. DC Arnold says

    My sage uncle told me at 16 that accepting the word NO is the first step in learning how to “deal with it”, after that nothing should ever faze you. Republicans will do well to learn that nugget of truth.

  17. MichaelJ says

    The most telling comment or Rove’s comes at the end of the clip, in which he mentions public “perception” as being an important reason not to call it Ohio for Obama — and therefore call it all over for the Romney campaign — too early. I’m sure Rove was thinking that if Fox refrains from calling it for Obama, they could wait for the flood of Obama votes to come in later on and then spin some sort of story about the Democratic-leaning counties holding back their votes until they knew how many would be needed for Obama to carry the state. If they can’t win elections, the right wing-Republican does everything they can to delegitamize elections of Democrats. It can take the form of questioning whether there was the vote was fair (e.g., voter fraud) or whether those who vote for Democrats are somehow less deserving to be “real Americans” (e.g., Coulters’s remark that the Obama’s win indicates that more Americans want to me “takers” rather than “makers”.





  19. Johnny says

    The election was stolen by fraudulent votes stolen by Obama through rigged electronic voting machines. That technology is far to easy to ‘fix’ the outcome of elections and needs to be trashed. Paper ballots can easily be audited and need to be the standard nationwide.

  20. Sue says

    I know the republicans were going to try cheating somewhere. Looks like the underestimated the power of the people. ha ha cheaters Obama won in a landslide. So happy to see that good preveiled.

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