1. Jason 2 says

    Appeals to tradition are always so poorly defined. What about tradition is worth keeping? For many, this question doesn’t need to be asked because “tradition” is imbued with some magical a priori superiority. That kind of superstition is a real division — the division between thinking adults and invalids.

  2. Maguita says

    Jason II, I would change your word from invalid to surprisingly-functioning-vegetative state.

    For a lot of invalids are quite decent and forward thinking human beings, locked away in an unresponsive body, and most likely are traumatized at the attention those “traditional” notions are getting today: Traditionally, invalids where thought to be possessed by the devil, and ostracized by said “traditional” society.

  3. Caliban says

    One thing that’s always disgusted me about the Right (aka the Republican party) is their constant calls to return to some idealized white-picket-fence American past right out of a Norman Rockwell painting THAT NEVER REALLY EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    Oh yeah, the 1950s were WONDERFUL time, unless you happened to be a woman, black or any other ethnic minority, gay, or even just someone who wanted a free exchange of ideas without being accused of being “subversive” or Communist. Or without worrying you were about to be annihilated by a nuclear attack. But other than that, it was all peaches and cream.

    If the 1950s were so great, then feminism and the civil rights movement would never have happened. But it was really only great for straight white men. Listening to them you’d think that drugs, crime, and homosexuality were invented by “those dirty hippies” in the 1960s when that’s FAR from the truth.

    Fox News pundits like O’Reilly are trying to foment resentment and revolution by promoting fear of the “other” in white America and if they’re not careful they might just get it.

    Take a look at the “Tea Party.” The Tea Party was something Fox News created out of whole cloth. If you look at the early coverage of it, Fox Was talking about it BEFORE IT EVEN EXISTED, had members beyond a few dipsh*ts showing up to GOP events in 3-cornered hats, and had an sort of platform or cohesive message. They didn’t report on it- they and their cabal of billionaire buddies like the Koch brothers publicized it and threw money at it until it existed- they created it.

    And where is the Tea Party now? Exactly. No one wants to touch it. THAT is what listening to Fox News gets you. FNC is probably THE most toxic entity in America right now because they’re really good at promoting fear, resentment, and hate and they’re doing it ONLY to benefit the Republican party. THAT is why the GOP couldn’t believe Obama was reelected- they’d spread so much hate and misinformation they couldn’t believe it didn’t work.

  4. bandanajack says

    the meaning of the word invalid changes depending on how you pronounce it. on way it refers to a person with impairments, and the other it simply means that some tenet of faith or math has been incorrectly applied…

  5. Sean says

    When you look at statistics, it’s obvious that Republicans won’t win the white house in the foreseeable future. Maybe never again. Look at how many children the average Hispanic woman has, and there you go. Game over. Nationally, Republicans will never get more than 50% again.

  6. tinkerbelle says

    Oh the desperation… Fox news trolling for a reason to exist. Their house of cards has collapsed and now the shock is starting to really settle in. As Caliban suggests, without the anathema of “Whites” versus the “others”, they have no real reason to exist, because that’s all they stood for, and all their actions (I’m talking about the right) where geared solely to take down “the black guy”. But they haven’t spoken about the whites (I wonder exactly who they include in this category—is a Jew white or middle-eastern?) who didn’t vote the way they wanted them too, which was a large proportion of “white” voters. Incredible that we’re in 2012 and these are still issues. I’m excited to see the change that feels right around the corner.

  7. Mort says

    @Caliban: You say that “they’re doing it ONLY to benefit the Republican party.” If so, I’d say that they really stink at their work, because they couldn’t do better at wrecking the Republican Party if they tried.

    I’d argue, instead, that their only loyalty is to Fox News, its overlord (Murdoch), and his evil cohort (the Koch brothers and the rest of their coven). Murdoch and the Kochs care nothing about people or the philosophy of government. Their only motive is power and profit. And if destroying the Republican Party would somehow fill Murdoch’s pockets – and many have suggested that this is exactly what’s going on – Murdoch wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do so.

    Btw, can someone point out to me a single action taken by Obama or a Democratically-controlled legislature that’s worked against Murdoch’s lethal interests? I’m suggesting that this endless Republican v. Democrat “duel to the death” has all the credibility of professional wrestling.

    Look, instead, to the Overlords.

  8. johnny says

    Wouldn’t “traditional America” be back when the Native Americans owned most of the land and white people were a tiny minority?

    After all, they were here for thousands of years before we landed. This democracy has only existed a short while in comparison.

  9. says

    JOHNNY – totally.

    another literary reminder – The Grapes of Wrath. Old Grandpa Joad, angrily refusing the leave the family farm, saying something like “My granddaddy had to kill 50 in’juns for this land!”

    yeah. exactly.

  10. Rob says

    Good riddance, Cleavers. That was a time of ignorance, selfishness, prejudice and red-baiting homophobes, with minimal creativity and fascist like uniformity.

    Hearing the Irish lament increasing diversity is every bit as funny as Stewart says it is. Same for Jews. Both groups have been reviled for simply being who they are, right here on American turf.

  11. Gabe R L says

    @Johnny- in many circles many middle-eastern people are considered white.
    @Tinkerbelle-why not talk about all the countries in Britain, Europe, Asia, etc, where people came in and conquered and took over? This is the history of the whole world, not just the Americas.
    @Most of the rest of you- foolish.

  12. Bill says

    The statement “Wouldn’t “traditional America” be back when the Native Americans owned most of the land and white people were a tiny minority?” is problematic, partly because Europeans and Indians had different concepts of land ownership. has some historical details. Also read – European settlers initially purchased land from Indian tribes. There were a number of reasons including there being too few settlers initially to boot out the Indians, but also because better relations with Indian tribes was useful in conflicts with other European nations trying to colonize North America. While the history is complicated, a strong desire to treat Indians fairly for “moral” reasons was not a factor.

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