1. DrMikey says

    If we can trust these videos to be real & unstaged, and speaking as a pediatrician who has worked with kids & families for over 25 years, I think this prank reveals how different children react based mostly on their upbringing. Most of these kids show themselves to be spoiled, selfish brats, some much too old to react with fake crying (most of the crying & whining looked faked). The horridness of these reactions is made more obvious by the last few kids, who were among the youngest in the bunch and who displayed a sweetness & ability to share which the others did not. Just my professional opinion…

  2. Quest says

    @DRMIKEY, I call total bu*l*hit. Did you notice that even when the parents offered to buy back the candy the kids didn’t want it. It’s because they walked in the cold for that candy and feel it’s an injustice after all their hard work. And they are totally justified in being upset about it, sans the violent outbursts. But these parents are complete a**holes for exploiting their children for a few laughs. I’m sick of parents putting videos of their young children all over the internet. Why doesn’t Jimmy do the same to his kids? Maybe because he has a little more sense and will only exploit other people’s kids for gain. Not his own.

  3. UFFDA says

    The kid that fell to the floor cracked me up in this, his first brilliant perfomance on the way to a great career in theater.

    I don’t think it shows upbringing nearly as much as it shows the innate character that children arrive here with.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    .” It’s because they walked in the cold for that candy and feel it’s an injustice after all their hard work. ”

    Spoken like a severe conservative Republican.

    “You didn’t build that!” :-)

  5. David Hammond says

    Anybody who would intentionally encourage parents to make their children cry is mentally unstable and morally bankrupt.
    Anybody who finds it amusing should have their judgement questioned. -David

  6. Quest says

    @Derrick, I’m a European socialist, so you’re completely off base! What the f**k does anything I say, have to do with conservatism, it has to do with my own personal sense of Justice. What these parents are doing is just plain stupid, and cruel! It also shows a complete lack of maturity.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “@Derrick, I’m a European socialist, so you’re completely off base!”

    I’m glad.

    …didn’t mean anything personal, Quest. It’s just that Conservatives are always telling us how hard they worked–all through the cold night. You’d think they were a bunch of right-wing hookers.

  8. AJ says

    Here we go again. I LMFAO! And the family that pranks together stays together. “You are brushing their psyche and making them sligjtly less capable of joyyyyy!” Calm down! It’s candy!! And the last two are so adorable it is sick!! If I had kids I would prank the eff outta them, just like my parents did. And just like I did to my parents.

  9. Paul R says

    They’re children. Children cry quite often. Maybe it’s important to establish what’s important—is candy worth crying over? Yes I realize that a child’s perspective differs from an adult’s. I’m sure these kids were upset for a minute or two, got their candy back, and forgot about it 5 minutes later. Some of you need to relax.

    And yes, the kids at the end are wonderful.

  10. jamal49 says

    @DRMIKEY: I know nothing about child psychology and I steeled myself for a few bad reactions, but I think you are correct. Those last three children and their sweet reactions are a reflection on the values they are being taught. The rest of those kids? Whew! Future republicons all.

  11. NielM SF says

    @ Quest, you’re ascribing these kids a rather sophisticated (in other words ‘adult’) ability to reason. How many 5-10 year olds do you know who can discern and process causality? From a kids point of view, they dressed up as their favorite whatever, and went out and got treats for it. As far as they know, those treats are theirs and theirs alone, likely a singular focus. Remember how fun it was for you to sort and organize your haul? How you got to decide which was the best and which you didn’t like? Which ones you’d save for later and how many, if your parents would allow, you’d eat right now? All of that is a singular, exciting, nothing-else-matters focus.

    Kids place absolute trust in their parents. Kids are generally territorial, and when given a gift (or treats in this case) don’t have the fear or awareness that their treats might be eaten by mom & dad. It doesn’t even cross their radar. So when it happens, kids will react in only a few ways, demonstrated by this small sample Kimmel presented.

    There’s one segment where the buckets of candy were immediately returned with an ‘aww.. just kidding’. The kids went immediately from mad to happy. IMHO (that’s an Ozierism – thx KO) it shows kids haven’t yet developed an ability to handle complex ideas about causality, security, trust, satisfaction, etc.

    Personally, I thought the clips were hilarious, and a few poignant and surprisingly mature. But, that’s because I believe none of the parents -actually- ate all their kids’ candy.

  12. ratbastard says

    WTF is a ‘European’ socialist? As opposed to an Asian socialist, North American socialist, South American socialist, etc.

    And what’s a ‘European’? That’s not a nationality or ethnicity. 99% of North Americans don’t say ‘I’m North American’, they say ‘I’m Canadian’ or ‘I’m American’.

    The skit was silly but harmless. Some people need to LIGHTEN UP. Why so serious?

  13. Jack says

    In Derrick’s world, nobody has actually earned everything and you must give him a portion of what you worked for because of the bald assertion that “you didn’t build that.”

    Because we all know it’s impossible to have actually earned something.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    “In Derrick’s world, nobody has actually earned everything and you must give him a portion of what you worked”

    No. No. You’re confusing me with the right-wing hookers.

    “Because we all know it’s impossible to have actually earned something”

    Oh, bullsh.t. I never said that. For instance, Willard Romney has earned a great deal…from his bank accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans. What a patriot.

  15. Rob says

    News flash: Some kids just aren’t into candy. They’re into dressing up on Halloween. Those are the ones at the and who didn’t really care. Not every kid has a sweet tooth!

  16. mason says

    My parents routinely ate all of my candy. After about two days I was done, and wanted nothing of it, but really wanted some chips.

    This wouldn’t have phased me.

  17. Thomas says

    “It’s alright, I just want you to feel happy.”
    If I was his Mother I would have started crying when he said that, how freaking great is that kid!?

  18. MaddM@ says

    that was funny and cute- some of you should work on growing a sense of humor. Seriously, even if they had eaten the candy, it’s not like they are depriving them of actual food or shelter or anything necessary.

    And oy- some of those kids are going to be real gems in highschool attitude wise

  19. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s not a matter of growing a sense of humor. I just do not like this sort of “adult” “humor” perpetrated on children. I didn’t like it when my father did this to me. It got less funny year after year. I especially didn’t like it when my elementary school classmates repeated their parent’s behavior at school (ususally with the teacher’s cooperation). Call it what is is: bullying. My father “justified” his actions as trying to make a man out of me. There is, however, a big difference between bullying and not being a pushover. I certainly thank my mother for teaching me the difference.

  20. GregV says

    The parents who made these videos have taught these kids not only that they think it’s funny to make someone feel sad and cry, but also that they (the parents) can not be trusted.
    I’m not so worried about these particular kids as I am for the millions of kids who have no adult in their life they can always believe and who they know would not want to hurt them (which simultaneously role models how the kids are likely to learn to treat others).
    Some of these parents would probably not think twice if Kimmel had asked them to do a more extreme “gag”!like sending an aunt to take the kid out of class and break the fake news that their family had died. Hilarity would ensue as we all laugh, watching the kids’ devastation.

    If the school staff has a hard time teaching these kids empathy and to be trustworthy toward their classmates, it’s no wonder.

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