1. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, what will Oregon men show you? Hairy tits. Ok, that makes sense.

    “I always wondered whatever became of Mackenzie Phillips.”

    No, you didn’t, Adam. LOL.
    But, you’re right. That’s what drugs’ll do to you. Stick with booze.

  2. Frankling says

    QUEST, this woman saying something off the wall during a live interview doesn’t mean that anyone was “exploiting” her. She seemed to get a kick out of the reaction. Why would you assume she is on meds? Maybe she is just a free spirit and loves showing her tits.

  3. John says

    If they don’t make her a character on Portlandia then I just don’t know. I bet everyone knows her as the tits lady. She prolly flashes people outside Voodoo Donuts

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