Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1244

GLENN BECK on THE ELECTION: Declares "the body of America is even sicker than I thought it was" and recommends his listeners buy farmland and guns.

OOPS: Plane crashes into moving SUV on Texas runway.

STAR WARS: Princess Leia joins the cast of Hipster Disney Princesses.

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  1. Iban4yesu says

    That’s one insolent bi#$h. Stop means stop!!
    Of course, it happened w/ a SUV, the curse of the road. And in TX.

  2. Icebloo says

    I live in Texas. It does not surprise me that the driver of the SUV was too arrogant and self absorbed to stop for the plane.

    Every day I see at least 10 cars run through red lights & stop signs. Every day I see at least 15 cars who don’t use their turn signals. Every day I see at least 5 cars who refuse to drive at 20mph in a school zone. Every day I see at least 20 cars whose drivers have either one hand on a cigarette or one hand on their telephone instead of the wheel. I have seen drivers reversing back UP the on ramp of the freeway with fire trucks with flashing lights coming DOWN the ramp. I have seen drivers drive so close to the concrete barriers on the freeway that they are touching and have sparks coming off their cars/trucks. In my almost 9 years of living in Texas I have seen maybe 4 cars actually stop for pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing.

    You would not believe the terrible drivers here. They are so arrogant. They believe laws are for everyone else and not for them. Texans think they are too special to follow rules.

  3. graphicjack says

    The left buy the “soundbites” and don’t think for themselves? Their whole platform is soundbites fed to them by Faux News that their drones just blather on without understanding a word of it… they just hear white noise and think… hate the black guy… hate the geyhs… hate the “media elite”… hate the educated… a platform based on insular hate is not going to bring the nation together, just create an “aristocracy” as they called it, but where the stright, righ, white dudes have all the power… as they always have had.

  4. millerbeach says

    Farmland and guns? I thought his listeners already owned plenty of both…after all, they are ABC (ass-backwards and country) LOL The village idiot leading morons…how funny! :)

  5. Jerry6 says

    Glen Beck is the greatest proof that The United States is the best country in the world for the “little People”. Where else in the World could Mr. Beck say the things about his country and its Political leaders and not be in Jail, or shot as a traitor? Keep talking Mr. Beck. You are the best proof that you are full of horse manure.