Towleroad Talking Points: A Palestinian State



A look back at today's top stories


Groundbreaking news from the U.N. today where Palestine will be recognized with statehood for the first time in history. 

In Russia, conservative lawmakers are readying a bill that would supposedly prohibit the spread of "homosexualism" across the nation. Also with the "Kill the Gays" bill continuing to move forward in the Uganda Parliament, New Yorkers are planning a protest in front of the Uganda House



Tomorrow is the day that the Supreme Court Justices will convene to determine if they will decide on cases involving both DOMA and Prop 8. Ari Waldman provides us a great primer for what to expect and why

Last night Secretary of State Hilary Clinton stopped by a party celebrating 20 years of LGBT service in the State Department. She took some time to reflect on the strides that have been made as well as what is left to do. Also President Obama today signed a proclamation recognizing December 1st as World AIDS Day

Lastly, it took some time but, Dr. Oz has finally seen the light when it comes to so-called "ex-gay" reparative therapies




A Middle School in Michigan has suspended a teacher for playing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' pro-equality song "Same Love" to her students. She says she was just trying to let them feel comfortable no matter who they are, a position with which the school apparently disagreed. Also the Women's Volleyball coach at Virginia Commonwealth University appears to have been fired because he is gay

Bryan Fischer just keeps getting crazier. Now he is trying to justify his support for the "Kill The Gays" bill by saying that gay radio host Michelangelo Signorile supports the death penalty for gay people. That's a special kind of crazy right there. 



Here is a way to piss of some creationists. Show them a video explaining how human life came to be on Earth!

Nate Silver stopped by Google Headquarters to talk about his new book and how to deal with internet trolls. Also check out the band Fortress of Attitude taking a truly bizarre note and turning it into an equally bizarre song


  1. Bill Perdue says

    Not exactly a state. Not yet.

    Full independence will come but as a result of the inevitable growth of the “Arab Spring” which will settle the question when it aids the Palestininas to reoccupy all of Palestine and guarantee Palkestinians the untilimited right to return.

    it was a welcome but tiny step forward.

    The UN has passed any number of resolutions condemning colonization and should expel the zionist bunkerstadt on that basis.

    It should also organize an international military force to disarm the zionist bunkerstadt and hold free elections by Palestinians in Palestine and in exile to determine the fate of Palestine.

    Colonists are not Palestinians and have no legitimate voice in questions concerning the future of Palestine.

  2. Jon Graf says

    Re: “Palestininas to reoccupy all of Palestine”

    Are you referring to area of land during the British Mandate? Or are you referring to area of land that was part of the Ottoman Syria?

    Should the British reoccupy the land they held under the Mandate? Not sure what you are referring to exactly…

  3. olterigo says

    @Jon Graf,

    Bill is referring to the area where any LGB or T will likely be prosecuted should that person engage in any same-sex relations. So far, most of what the Arab Spring brought has been access of Islamist parties to power, thus, ensuring for the foreseeable future the Shariah law and the deadly outcome for many LGBT persons who can’t get out. And in some places, where the govts still hew to some version of democracy, there’s been a rise in Islamist vigilante attacks on LGBT people. That’s so far the result of the Arab Spring.

  4. olterigo says


    Here, I think you might be interested in the Foreign Policy article called “How Israel Lost Europe.” Here’s what that article says:

    “According to one European diplomat well versed in Spain’s foreign policy, Hollande capitalized on the weak Spanish economy to push Madrid to vote for the PLO’s upgrade. “France knows our weakness — the bank crisis — and expanded it to foreign policy,” he said. In short, the diplomat noted that Spain had joined France as part of a bloc of countries — including Italy and Portugal — in exchange for France’s protection in upcoming rounds of austerity talks.

    The diplomat also noted that Spain is attempting to obtain a seat on the U.N. Security Council and that the vote may have been a way to court favor from Arab countries.

    In fairness, Israel always faced an uphill battle in Europe, where Muslim populations are on the rise and pro-Palestinian sentiments continue to gain traction.”