1. Paul R says

    Took me a second to get that *hilarious* play on words of them using creme de creme. But then they use udderly and the story is as inane as what it’s reporting.

  2. DavyJones says

    Indeed markus, because obviously if these people weren’t wasting this milk it would magically be transported to starving children… Starvation is much more of a logistics problem than a waste problem; find something else to moan about (I’m sure it won’t take you long)

  3. andrew says

    They say that milk does a body good. That was fun to watch. A good break from most of the awful posts on the site today. It was especially amusing to see that many people didn’t pay them much attention. I guess most people know that young college age guys do dumb things.

  4. Markus says

    No Miss Davy Jones: If we save our food and use only what’s needed then the government will have more in the store. This would in turn help everyone in a lot of ways. Like by subsidies, coping up with inflation (now don’t pretend that poor ppl live only in Africa!), food distribution, lower rates for import and export and hence foreign income, the income which could further be used to realise many good programs, etc. And as in Economy it’s said, ‘prosperity anywhere is a prosperity everywhere’. But, alas, how would you get that; you lack education, least I could expect you to know about Economics and how the market works.

  5. DavyJones says

    Markus you clearly have no idea what the hell you are rambling about. In the UK there is too much milk produced, so much so that the government restricts Dairy farmers to a limited quota to try to limit the supply=, and even still there is a big surplus. Buying/wasting milk has no negative impact on the overall economy, and in fact could be considered to have a positive impact, in that it helps increase the demand, and thus bolster the market.

    Again; find something else to moan about, and this time try something you know a bit more about.

  6. gregory brown says

    I’m sure a “classic”Freudian therapist would be able to ramble on at length about this “reversion to an infantile state”, then the Usual suspects would pick up on it as a result of a gay conspiracy.

    All these things so assiduously recorded and posted online and imitated a thousandfold are boring. Nonetheless, it’s not so horrible as the uptick in public idiocy started so long ago by the unfettering of Citizen’s Band Radio.

  7. Rick says

    The whole point of it all to me seems to be that everything in life is ultimately pointless, so why not do arbitrary things?

    Or maybe I am reading WAY to much into it.

    Still, what is not to like about attractive young men doing ANYTHING?

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