1. peter says

    At it’s best, the Roxie was like an extension of the Castro: I remember seeing “All That Heaven Allows” there. It was wall to wall queens who knew every line!

    Is the York on 24th still open?

    Alarming bars: is Esta Noche still next door? The 500 club on Guerrero was one of my favorite SF dives. Neighborhood went upscale real fast in the 90s. Don’t know what survived.

  2. says

    Heck, i’d LOVE to be John Waters in 10 years. the man’s an icon and a film legend! 😉

    his sense of humour, alas, is lost on the Closeted.

    we need to support the small independent theatres. wanna see an art film? wanna see experimental works? they won’t be coming to your local megaplex.

  3. Bill says

    A long time ago, I saw John Waters in a “no smoking in the theater” video, and it was hilarious – he was puffing away on a cigarette, commenting on how enjoyable it was. He made satirical comments like how smoking gave ushers jobs (the theater needed someone to go around asking people not to smoke). At the end they ran a second or two in reverse so that the smoke went into his mouth instead of out of it.

  4. Rick says

    Just for the record, the second comment in the thread was not from me, the “real” Rick–but I nevertheless thought it was apropos and funny.

    My goodness, if imitation is the sincerest from of flattery, people must think an awful lot of me, given how often I am parodied.

  5. Bill says

    I don’t think it is NY-centric: John Waters is probably referring to the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, where he used to live early in his film-making career.

  6. UFFDA says

    RICK – the real RICK – lots of us do think well of you, and of Jason and Ratb, and others who refuse to toe the fem line, headed by Miss Canada. But now we may have another Rick, and what could be better than that, though I hope he doesn’t despise ALL fem people, just the aculturated ones.

    JASON – your demand the other day that we should never allow ourselves to be catagorized was perfect advice. Mind is everything.

  7. Paul R says

    Ok, so Uffda is a jerk too, and it wouldn’t really surprise me if he were the same person as Rick and Jason.

    Grow up. I’m not sure why I read these comments anymore. They’ve made this site awful. Are you 12, straight, and annoying as hell? The answer would seem to be yes.

  8. UFFDA says

    PAUL – that you can’t imagine there are more than one or two dissenters from the popular view is proof either than you can’t read or that or are just too too fragile for this world. Get a life. Of your own.

  9. emjayay says

    The York theater was run as a rep house back when that sort of thing worked. Then it was sold and redone as Brava Theater Center, originally dedicated to doing women and minority centric theater, but eventually branching out into other sorts of shows as well. Still in operation as far as I know.

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