1. Matt26 says

    Finally and about time! US soaps turn the same page rest of the world has already done. Just think Botineras, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks etc.
    The scenes are touching, beautiful, gentle. Well acted and done.

  2. jamal49 says

    Lord, it has been torturous!! And, now, Gabi is pregnant. Damn! Well, what I hope is that she decides to let Will raise the child after he and Sonny get married. That would be ideal. But, this IS Days of Our Lives after all. Heaven knows HOW this latest plot twist will turn out.

  3. says

    The writing and the acting could have been much better but it is NICE to see two hot looking men in a gay relationship on TV kissing and holding each other. The acting there is good. In reality, two guys like that would be all over each other without all the drama and sad background music. I could do without all the other dramatic hetero crap and wish DOOLs would go 90% gay and 10% hetero – THAT would be a great soap to watch! LOL!

  4. Tony says

    It was a sweet scene. And their plot line is moving faster than Luke and Noah on As The World Turns.

    Today, he found out about Gabi. It would have been nice if they had let him have a least one day of happiness before he found out.

  5. Corey says

    I love how affectionate Will and Sonny are. I get annoyed by “progressive” shows like Glee. Kurt and Blaine hug a lot. They might kiss on the cheek. But affectionate they are not. Will and Sonny are very affectionate with each other. I think it’s a surprisingly realistic depiction of gay relationships.

  6. e.c. says

    Yes, it’s taken forever for them to fully get it on but they haven’t been stingy with the PDA’s between the two the last few weeks. There has been a good amount of kissing and touching leading up to the big moment. And since Will was losing his gay virginity I though it was nice they went the romantic route rather than all hot and heavy (even if that might have been more realistic). I thought DAYS might chicken out and not show them actually IN the bed, but was pleasantly surprised with the post-shag relationship talk while they were still tangled up in the sheets and each other.

  7. Lucas H says

    LMAO! This post literally made me LOL. I feel like I should start DVRing this crap.

    The last story arc I watched was many years ago when Marlena got possessed by the devil!! Oh, what I have been missing??!?!

  8. BSmart2 says

    Watch Will and Sonny work their way into bed, and then discuss the ins and outs of their tumultuous relationship

    Oh no they didn’t just offer to let us watch “Ins and Outs” of their tumultuous relationship. I guess I’m a dirty old man or a real perv, but I wouldn’t mind watching the “Ins & Outs” of their relationship. LOL

  9. Mary says

    Quite a bit of progress since the Luke and Reid love story on As the World Turns two years ago. They were shown kissing (and quite passionately, too) but little more. It’s a shame that soap operas are dying as a genre. They held a lot of potential for dissolving the homophobia of a certain segment of the female population. The passion between Luke and Reid was so intense I used to think “how do two men burn up a screen like that?” The “ick factor” began melting away.

  10. UFFDA says

    MARY – although it takes way too much time and effort to find it, now and then, you find two men who are clearly passionate about each other and affectionate as well in gay porn. Does the same thing ever happen in straight porn? I should think it would, though I never watch. Not that you would necessarily know.

    The very best real life love story between two men I have ever been privileged to witness on screen are Josh and Brent, The Fabulous Beekman Boys. There’s no sex of course but these two are deeply a part of one another’s lives.

  11. Thomasina says

    You know what I took away from that terribly written, woodenly acted, lugubriously scored soap opera clip? That we are at a place in our national culture right now where women’s reproductive rights are a much more controversial issue than gay rights. So they actually got something right.

  12. Jim says

    I’m 58 – if you had told me when I was a closeted gay kid watching soap operas that this was going to happen, with 2 hot naked guys kissing, I would have said you were insane.

  13. JeffR says

    @Jim: Totally agree! @Thomasina: I think that the pregnancy arc is a plot device to intertwine various characters within the context of the gay story line, so it’s not necessarily more “controversial.” One rarely sees realistic gay characters involved in a romance/intimate relationship on network tv (including Univision and Telemundo) and I’ve NEVER seen two guys in bed with one kissing the other’s nipple so the Wilson arc is a bid deal and the “DOOL” are doing something right. Have any of the stereotypical, offensive gay characters on “Glee,” “Modern Family,”, been as realistic and/or intimate? NO!!!I think that Freddie and Chandler are giving good performances within the context of Soaps but you’re entitled to your opinion – I would suggest that you base the same on more than a viewing of one or two clips. Best, JeffR

  14. jamal49 says

    @DEEVEE: I laughed so hard after I read your comment about Marlena! I forgot about that one! If I remember correctly, the Devil was definitely in Marlena’s details!

    And, I’ll take my cue from Jim re: my younger, closeted, frightened, repressed gay self could never have imagined that such a scene of two young, adult gay men, tenderly and lovingly embraced in the after-glow of love-making, would ever appear on a broadcast television program.

    But (and maybe some of you would have had to have been there, where I was years ago, to understand), I watched this episode when it was shown the other day and I am not ashamed to admit, with all the things said by our family here taken into consideration, that my eyes filled with tears and my very romantic heart was moved.

  15. Jason 2 says

    That was very cute but I have a hard time believing these two hotties would be waxing all romantic over going for a second round, I mean really. And actually, I think it would offend me if they didn’t!

  16. jjose712 says

    It’s nice they are not shy about some gay affection, but people will be angry at this show soon, because like every gay storyline on soaps, the gay component is almost missing.
    Basically Will get his ex girlfriend pregnant, and he will be marry her (because marry someone is totally needed to rise a kid)

  17. Paul R says

    I mainly like this scene because my ex said that I look like the brunette, and he has no reason to say something so nice.

    They both definitely seem gay, or they’re great actors who are really comfortable.

  18. Adam M. says

    Music inspired by Brokeback Mountian and the romantic speech was written right after watching Latter Days….Can we get some originality please