1. AJ says

    So, let me get this straight. They are going to continue to reject any offer that doesn’t protect their rich buddies from paying their fair share of taxes, and send our entire country careening over some sort of economic cliff that will supposedly send us right back into a recession?

  2. says

    “Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan makes not of the GOP’s insanity”

    …Andy, now you’re just doing it on purpose, aren’t you? He makes not? Makes NOT???

    Arrblurrgl! %P

  3. anon says

    The fiscal cliff would be bad for DC but probably not be noticed elsewhere. It favors the party out of power since it means the party in power can’t deliver the goods. Thus, Republicans can hold out longer than the president in negotiations. However, the odds a deal won’t be struck is low, since stakeholders would be up in arms over that. It would be like Mad Max meets the Hunger Games.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Polls are showing that the GOP are in disfavor over this–they’re being viewed as obstructionist. More and more people are wanting the 1% to actually pay their fair share and stop hiding their money in the Caymans (Romney). If the GOP — in their little God-driven-and-entitled fantasies actually believe they’re going to come out looking strong against an administration that really doesn’t have anything to lose–they’re going to find themselves out of office and power for another 10 years. They should start appearing to actually care for America and it’s people (corporations AREN’T people) and be less interested in entities that have no patriotic interest in America.

  5. Mike says

    The problem with his “Plan B”, which is nothing more than put his proposal to the House for a vote, is that it won’t pass his own teabag Republicans and none of the Democrats will vote for it. It’s beginning to look like he is going to have to negotiate with House Democrats if he wants anything to pass because the tea baggers are voting no on any deal. But Boehner’s problem is that he won’t put forward any bill in the House unless it has enough Republican support that not one Democratic vote is needed. The votes are there to get something done, there’s just not enough Republicans to give him cover.

  6. anonymous says

    I tire of listening to pundits talk about the “fiscal Cliff” as though it is something that once you go over it, you can’t return the other way. It’s not a guaranteed ONE WAY trip. If you go over the fiscal cliff on Jan 1, congress can pass legislation on Jan 3rd that takes us back over the other way again.


    Any deal they strike before Jan 1 to avoid the cliff can also be struck in early January to undo the results of going over the fiscal cliff.

  7. says

    Let him lead the country off the fiscal cliff. It’s his “job” that’s on the line. Senators can be recalled and they don’t seem to be too happy about republicans right now! Then after he’s gone, maybe a real politician that will actually fix the problem will be elected. They can start by making congress “work” for minimum wage with no benefits or pension, and make the benefits and pension retroactive to cut off the the biggest leeches to this country. That would save the country about $66 billion a year (or how congress likes to put it, $660 billion over ten year)!

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