Bradley Manning’s Trial Postponed as His Pre-Trial Confinement Takes Center Stage

Pfc Bradley Manning's trial, which had been set to begin on February 4, will now begin, at the soonest, on March 16, according to Military judge Colonel Denise Lind, because arguments over his harsh pre-trial confinement are ongoing, the Guardian reports:

ManningLind is currently hearing evidence relating to restrictions placed on Manning during a nine month stint in military cells in Quantico, Virginia. Defence lawyers have claimed that the extreme custodial regime he was placed under – which included being confined to a 6ft-by-8ft cell for all but 20 minutes every day and being deprived of his clothes at night – amounted to unlawful pre-trial punishment.

Psychiatrists have testified that the brig commander in Quantico kept Manning under these harsh conditions despite their recommendations to ease them.

During the current sessions, Manning has spoken about the trauma he experienced while incarcerated and the effect that long periods of isolation had on him.

Manning has been under arrest since May 2010 when Wikileaks released a trove of documents containing military and state classified information.


  1. yonjersconquers says

    This level of punitive abuse amounts to torture. It’s a legacy of the complete loss of ethical boundaries of the George W Bush years.

    It’s also, from the standpoint of applying the law, idiotic – since it sets up precisely the kind of outcome that is playing out now.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    Obama and Hillary Clinton, who ordered this torture in a rage about Wikileaks are war criminals and are guilty of crimes against humanity from Libya to Pakistan.


  3. ratbastard says

    He’s been harshly treated. Apparently partially because the army psychiatrist who is responsible for him had 2 previous inmates commit suicide after he recommended they be released from suicide watch.

    Wonder how this will turn out, what his final sentence will be.

  4. Aussie Col says

    he didn’t do a crime – he alerted the world (if he is indeed the source of the leaks) of the illegal activities of the US Govt. Who by their own laws and standing orders are not to classify documents to avoid the glare of scutiny and save political embarrassment. Eg the Afganistan shootings that started this whole thing. The US had claimed it NEVER happened, but guess what it had. I wonder if the families of these men slain by the laughing soldier (listen to the clip) have been involved in any green on blue incidents. Why should they trust people that shoot their Fathers and Brothers , and then deny it.
    Bradley Manning is a hero..

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