1. johnny says

    I once dated a guy who had 4 nipples. Two regular and two tiny vestigial nipples about 8 inches below the regular ones. They were very small and looked like big moles if you didn’t look close, except they were lined up perfectly with the big ones.

    It’s not that rare.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    She most likely chose that country because that is where her producers could work out a deal for a free trip for her entire audience. Like Oprah’s Favorite Things, the Ellen show usually doesn’t pay for these free trips and prizes. It’s a promotional deal.

  3. Randy says

    Really disappointed in Ellen’s promotion of Jamaica, source of murder music, where gay students can get beaten by anti-gay guards and mobs on campus, and recognized as the worst place in North or South America to be gay.

    There are other places in the region worth visiting, where you know your money is less likely to support homophobic discrimination and hatred.

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