1. Francis says

    This is very very cool. So are the comments to this post on their website. It really should do wonders to boost Colin’s spirits and confidence. This is something he can look back on for a long time. Really great from the Beekman Boys and the other teams to do this.

    Colin’s mother seems amazing too, but I hope she’s doing something proactive about the bullying her son is facing.

  2. UFFDA says

    It’s just not even possible to be more impressed than I am with the Beekman Boys. They ARE fabulous and it seems like everything they do makes them more so. I am not going to stop gushing until I’m sure everyone I know and every reader of Towleroad has seen at least one of their TV series and the last Amazing Race show this season which showed them win. And now there’s this personal encouragement to a young boy. They make me happy.

  3. says

    My husband and I were total fans of the two-season Beekman series and very disappointed when it ended. Greg and I fantasized about giving up our own careers and buying a couple of acres up in the rolling hills of Sonoma to raise Alpacas to sell their wool. It is still a great but unrealized dream. So for these two guys, both of whom met on the internet and dated “online” for six months before actually meeting, falling in love, giving up their careers as a physician (Brent) and fabulous drag queen (Josh) to buy a rambling goat farm AND crazy enough to use all of that for the basis of a reality show is amazing.

    Not only that but we are devoted to TAR (The Amazing Race) and let our son stay up every Sunday to watch the escapades. It is great family viewing. When it was announced the Beekmans would be on we couldn’t have been happier but the angst every week when they came no where near the top finishers and were nearly tossed out twice had it not been for the hippies losing their passports. When they came running into the building holding the 1 million dollar finish line all three of us were jumping and laughing and so very happy for them! And to see them throw down one big passionate kiss really made it a night of great viewing.

    Best wishes to them and all they can do in the future. We hope for a return of the “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” reality show. Write Ellen and demand she put them on her show!

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