1. bamjaya says

    Dan, you and your loved one deserve a life of happiness, health, abundance and perfect love for all the comfort, support and help you have offered to our young and vulnerable.

  2. Lifesart says

    I smile because I am so happy for all the couples who will now have the same rights that my husband and I do. I cry because of all the friends that did not live to see this day. A lifetime of happiness to everyone who finally can declare their love for one another.

  3. Wil says

    I really do like Dan Savage, but I can’t help but note he is wearing a hoodie to his own (legal) wedding. It has always bugged me when he’s gone on national television to espouse equality, and can’t even show his hosts (or viewers) the respect of wearing a collar (much less a tie). I guess he is at least smashing the stereotype that all gay guys are natty dressers. Keep up the good work Dan, but perhaps you can help the cause by looking like you take it a little more seriously.

  4. Randal Oulton says

    How can you get married twice, if you’re already legally married? I mean, marriages in Canada are recognized, it was the question of “gay marriage” that wasn’t recognized, but now Washington State recognizes gay marriage, therefore it fully recognizes their already existing marriage up across the border — so, how do they get a second marriage licence???

    How many times can you get legally married? How many marriages licences can you have, is a “collect ’em all” kinda of thing? (as opposed to “renewing the vows.”)

  5. Caliban says

    @Randal Oulton, WILL Washington state recognize Canadian gay marriages? Even if they do there may be other states that don’t but make some minor concession for unions performed in a US state.

    That’s the ridiculous thing about this state-by-state approach. (Not to criticize the victories in various states, just the situation.) Can you imagine what an ugly patchwork of laws might have resulted if interracial marriage had been decided this way? A couple driving across the country could have their marriage negated or changed every time they crossed from one state to another.

  6. anon says

    You can get married in each state if you like, but most licenses will have on their questionnaire a line about being already married in another state. This is largely a question of preventing bigamy, but would have no legal impact on a “duplicate” license. It would not affect divorce, since divorce is covered by the laws of the state the divorce is filed in, not the state the marriage was licensed in.

  7. Brian says

    @Caliban it did take decades of state by state work to abolish prohibitions on interracial marriage. The California Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage in that state 20 years before Loving v Virginia. Other states followed with legislative or judicial repeal until only a minority of states still prohibited it in 1967 at the time of Loving.

  8. GeoffreyPS says

    I also think that until the states are forced to recognize each other’s marriage certificates (14th ammendment) it is important to have a license from your own state, if available. It gives you better standing IF the law is changed to remove the marriage right.

  9. Steve Chapman says

    Well the last time I checked Canada was a foreign country. Dan and Terry did marry in Vancouver I believe. Why do we need to focus on their marriage in Canada versus the opportunity to focus on the pure joy that THREE states VOTED to approve marriage equality. That is a BIG deal and I for one am going to be happy and excited about it.

  10. Icebloo says

    Just remember all you GRUBS (Gay Republicans) – gay marriage in these states is happening because of DEMOCRATS ! Don’t forget that. If you are a GRUB getting married in one of thes states don’t forget to thank a DEMOCRAT for standing up for you !

  11. UFFDA says

    Brian – that you for that information on Loving, I had no idea the trail was that various – and who can ever get over the irony of that name? Talk about a synchronous message from the Universe.

  12. bareback rider says

    Dan Savage is one of the biggest attention whores around, and surely he knew press would be there. (He probably arranged a lot of the press showing up.) He should have dressed as if the event mattered… he didn’t.

  13. Raymond Decelles Smith says

    All same sex Canadian marriages are recognised in marriage equality states including Washington state. You do dishonour the Canadian law that did not require citizenship or residency of one or both partners. Tories use this celebrity snub as proof they should change Canadian law.shame on you savage

  14. Caliban says

    @Raymond Decelles Smith

    Would Sign Language help? Semaphore? Braille?

    The situation for gay marriage is REALLY f*cked up right now in the US and we had no idea what the Supreme Court will decide in just a few months time. IF YOU LIVE IN A STATE WITH GAY MARRIAGE, it might behoove you to get married THERE for whatever benefits you may gain from the STATE because, thanks to DOMA, Federally you are sh*t out of luck.

    Is THAT any clearer?

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