1. Francis says

    Damn….Joy was really trying to put him on the spot. Rob basically ducked the question, though. Rob also said his wife doesn’t have anything to worry about because “she knows he’s not into it”. Mainstream actor making sure to reaffirm 100 percent heterosexuality to public—-check.

  2. Audi-owner says

    @ Francis

    Correct! And that is my soul purpose for NOT supporting lamestream “heterosexual” actors playing gay roles.

  3. Pig says

    Of course that pig Joy would have to get details about gay kissing. She’s always trying to find out who’s gay by probing with lots of subtle questions.

  4. C says

    You know, Francis, I actually thought that was a respectful way for him to deflate the immature line of questioning…”ewwwwy you had to kiss a MAN!! What was THAT like? (Barbara doesn’t want to know about that!)”

    Rather than posturing his own heterosexuality, I thought his response was a tactful way to avoid playing into the homophobic direction the conversation was taking. Interesting perspectives…

  5. RJ says

    Sure, it’s in poor taste for Joy to ask those questions in this day and age but you guys are seeing things that aren’t there. If the actor were kissing women, his comment to his wife would apply just as well. To me, his statement was one affirming fidelity, not heterosexuality.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Will the day ever come when actors playing gay characters are not asked that ridiculous, juvenile, dated question? What a throwback to the times before such gay acceptance.

    Ewan McGregor handled it best when George Stephanopoulos asked the obligatory giggly, juvenile question.

  7. Factoid says

    I suppose this is meant for straight audiences rather than gay ones, but it seems odd that when an actor acts as gay, we are suppose to think that makes them extra talent because no actor has ever played anything they are not. We need to clarify when an actor plays a rapist or a murder or a dentist or clown or a Muslim convert or whatever- that the actor is indeed acting. Because if not, then there’s something strange about telling me that an actor is straight. The point of watching shows is the fantasy. I don’t care if the actor is straight when I am watching him perform, and I also don’t care if a gay actor is gay when he’s performing as a hetero. Does it mean that being out to whatever on eis doesn’t matter? No. It just means the novelty of being gay or straight and playing either doesn’t make one a great. Now this guy is a good actor, but the conversation to my ear sounds weird.

  8. Brian says

    Why are actors still being asked this question? No one asks a gay actor if kissing a woman is difficult or ‘icky.’ If you love the gays as much as you say, Joy, stop asking such stupid and irrelevant questions.

  9. Jack says

    Stop bashing Joy. If you’ve watched her at all, on this and her own former program, you know she’s a very vocal supporter of gay people and strongly denounces our detractors. I didn’t find her question offensive in the least and was curious about what the guy would say.

  10. Francis says

    I don’t think Joy was implying gay is disgusting or icky. No, I think she was fishing for a headline, juicy response from Rob, and she didn’t get it. It was more like “you kissed a boy, ooooh, did you love it”. I think it’s in poor taste to ask the question because it implies kissing the same-sex is somehow a completely different proposition to kissing the opposite-sex. And it’s simply unnecessary. Barbara said “I don’t want to know about that!………or maybe I do want to know.” It was basically like two schoolgirls seeing boys kiss for the first time, and with Rob being straight making this more of a risque situation in their eyes.

    I don’t consider it homophobic. It’s more immature and stupid, and an borderline fascination of the mere thought of two guys kissing, especially if one of them are straight, than homophobic. And it’s honestly too immature and stupid for me to care much about.

    And RJ (and C), you’re right, when you put the entire context of what Rob said in reply to Joy’s question, he was talking about fidelity, not sexuality, so I take back what I said before.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    @Jack: “Stop bashing Joy. If you’ve watched her at all, on this and her own former program, you know she’s a very vocal supporter of gay people”

    Yes, Joy is very pro-gay, but she doesn’t get a pass for reducing this man’s rather complex gay role to a giggly, stupid question about men kissing me. She knows better, but still plays this inane, antiquated game. People have a right to call her out on it.

  12. daws says

    Holy hell, Rob is hot! This clip reminded me why I stopped watching The View though. Trash. And Barbara is annoying and old.

  13. Sam says

    Can’t stand The View and Joy stepped over the line.

    It would have been a far more interesting turn if Joy would have addressed the issue of ‘gays playing the villain’ in shows/movies but that is far too intellectual for the heifers at The View.

  14. says

    ever notice how nobody ever asks gay actors what it’s like to kiss members of the opposite sex?

    i’ve had to mack on so many women. nobody’s ever had to hold a barf-bucket in the wings.

  15. Marcus says

    I think you guys needs to keep in mind that TV hosts ask questions the old lady at home would ask.

    Oprah did it, Montel did it and it’s a common form of discourse for a talk show.

    Calm down.

    What’s great is that he had a perfect answer for it.

    Everybody wins.

  16. says

    It’s moments like this when I actually miss Phil Donahue. Stick-in-the-mud he may have been, but he at least did his damnedest to keep it intelligent… most of the time. I listen to Joy and I have to keep a bar of soap in one hand and a hickory switch in the other. I never know when I’m going to have to hop a plane and either wash out her mouth, or use the switch to beat the stupid out of her.
    I love Downton Abbey and can’t wait for the next season to start. Nice to see Rob out of the pasty-face makeup and hair grease, makes him look edible as opposed to half-eaten. His character is one you love to hate, and I’m interested to see where they take him this season. But what I’m really waiting for is the nuclear meltdown between Maggie Smith and Shirley McClain!!! Ye GAWDZ!, this is gonna be good!

  17. Michaelandfred says

    What would have been really interesting is if he had actually told her the difference, at least for him. Kissing a woman is this and that, while kissing a man is very similar but also very different because of…..

  18. Bobby says

    You know, I’m not a huge Joy Behar fan but let’s set the record “straight”. She did not put any emphasis on any negative about kissing a man. She asked what was the difference in kissing a man and kissing a woman. For those of you who have never kissed a woman, there is a difference and it was a fun question and not one I think was meant to be homophobic or negative. That the older actor moved away from the hottie as in repulsion, THAT was homophobic!

  19. Caliban says

    It’s kind of sad we haven’t progressed past these kinds of juvenile questions for actors playing gay parts. This is the same thing they asked when “Making Love” and “Maurice” were released, giggly bullcr*p to titillate low-brow housewives.

    No one ever asks, “What did it feel like to play a serial killer who tortures people?” but a same-sex kiss? Oh yeah, THEN their enquiring minds want to know!

    I don’t think Joy Behar is homophobic, in fact she’s the opposite, but it’s still a silly question.

  20. Rick says

    Women are not our friends.

    Their condescending “support” comes with conditions: that we know our place and never pretend that we are social equals, not pretend that we deserve to be respected as men (rather than fops), and that we never, ever compete with them for the emotional loyalties (much less sexual loyalties) of men they actually are attracted to.

    Some of you really need to begin to understand this

  21. Seattle Mike says

    It’s a stupid question and Joy should have known better. Also stupid was Carter’s scooting away from James-Collier when he acknowledged he kissed men. Are we back in Junior High? Jeez!

    And yes, J-C handled it perfectly by calmly deflecting the stupidity to address what the difference was to him.

    And here’s the short Ewan McGregor video clip. Brilliant:

    And here’s the longer version, with the stupid question right at the end:

  22. Opinionated says

    If he said he actually enjoys kissing a man would you bitter, bitter people (the majority it seems though there is some sanity here) still be up in arms about this harmless question?

    In other news, he is freaking hot with his stubble! Can’t wait for season 3!

  23. says

    dear troll rick, my mother (and father) march in the pride parades every year. two sixy-something heterosexual adults who go out of their way to be visible and vocal advocates for our communities.

    ie, my straight mother has done more for gay men than you ever will.

  24. Diogenes Arktos says

    I loved Steven Weber’s comment about kissing Michael T. Weiss in Jeffrey (1995): he’s hairier.

    @Seattle Mike: Thanks for the links. In addition to McGregor’s comeback that no one should care anymore about male-male kissing, I loved how he (inadvertantly?) went for the jugular about political memoirs. FWIW, I’m sure he’s inured to this sort of question because of his nude scenes in Velvet Goldmine.

  25. Ray says

    Yes, it is a little disappointing that actors have to underline the fact that they REALLY are str8 but it is even more annoying that the media seems obsessed to confirm that it is indeed tough. I even heard John Carr (host of chatty man in the UK) ask the same question.

    I wish more actors would reply the way some actor did once by saying, “what’s so difficult about playing a scene with a beautiful person and having to kiss them?”

    The question is still coming from a str8 normative mindset STILL!

    If you’re annoyed write to Joy and school her, she probably doesn’t even know how dumb she sounds.

  26. says

    the whole premise of even having the question poised is absurd .. as IF heterosexuals cant imagine how “other worldly ” a man kissing a man must be .. as IF it were not somehow human
    .. It seem very created to me, a False destain

  27. andrew says

    It is a sign that we still have a long way to go on that road to equality when Joy, the liberal, still asks such a silly question and giggles like a teenage girl when talking about guy on guy stuff.