Family Research Council Dumps UPS for Cutting Funding to the Anti-Gay Boy Scouts

United Parcel Service will have a lighter load of hate this holiday season as Tony Perkins' Family Research Council announced that they will stop using UPS because they dumped the Boy Scouts over its discriminatory anti-gay policies.

T_perkinsWrites the FRC:

In this busy shipping season, UPS will have at least one less customer to worry about: FRC. After 11 years as our official carrier, FRC is suspending its contract with UPS for openly discriminating against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). In November, company executives announced that they would no longer support organizations that refuse to bow to their politically correct view of homosexuality. Although Vice President Kristen Patrella insisted UPS's decision didn't specifically target the Scouts, theirs was the only group affected. UPS promised to end its charitable donations to the Scouts "until gay Scout leaders are welcome within the organization."

According to most reports, the shipping giant altered its policy after an online petition drive at the liberal website,, encouraged companies to end their BSA partnerships. But in the end, the 83,000 signatures it collected is a drop in the ocean compared to the 1,074,775 Americans who volunteered with a troop last year — or the 2.7 million boys who were actual members of the Boy Scouts. Yet they, the overwhelming majority, are the ones for whom UPS has shown the greatest contempt — and whose valuable activities will suffer as a result.


  1. RJ says

    Did I miss the memo that claims a business discriminates against some group by not… donating to said group?

    UPS would still pickup any and all packages for delivery from Boy Scouts of America… but is not going to deliver them for free or give money to the organization.

    Such does not discrimination make.

  2. Geoff says

    I will now specify (where possible) the shipping method be UPS…just in case. Besides, UPS guys are (almost without exception) extremely easy on the eyes. Thanks Tone. Happy Festivus, you idiot.

  3. says

    The bigot has it wrong – UPS DONATES so to not donate is not discriminating against the BSA. It’s the BSA that discriminates against the gay community, therefor no private organization should donate to another private organization that openly discriminates.

    Why is logic so lost on the hateful ? What is Tony hiding? Why is he so HELLBENT on discriminating against a portion of American citizens?

    It seems that they are so full of psychotic imagery they cannot see what’s in front of them. The nation’s advice to Tony Perkins – “Get the psychological help you so desperately need”

  4. William says

    Great! With the relief on UPS’s workload, maybe my packages will arrive on time this year! Nah. I really can’t picture FRC’s shipments stressing UPS out all that much.

  5. says

    You folks do know that a commercial “UPS” account consists of nothing more than signing up online with UPS and being able to weigh and print out your own UPS labels. FRC had no big or substantial UPS account and they should be thankful UPS didn’t cut them off long ago. FRC is an established hate group. UPS will see an increase in profits because FRC has stopped using them. FRC should rely on the failing USPS service, who, just this year, are nearly 6 billion in debt and shutting down services and post offices left and right. Ba-bye FRC!

  6. andrew says

    The Boy Scouts of America’s leadership is just like the Catholic Hierarchy: they hid the crimes of the homosexual scout leaders who were abusing boys like the Catbholic Church hid the crimes of their mostly homosexual preditor priests to save the reputation of the instituition. Shame on them!!! And shame on LGBT people who don’t condemn this cancer in our own ranks.

  7. andrew says

    Thanks UPS. Oh yea, for your principled stand on issues. But most of all for the tall tan blond guy in his short brown pants who delivers packages in my neighborhood.

  8. Bill says

    Is Tony Perkins really so stupid as to think that deciding not to contribute to some group is “discrimination?” If Perkins had demanded that UPS “contribute” to the FRC to get its business, there’d be an investigation of a kick-back scheme, at least if the payment was “under the table,” and hopefully someone would end up in jail.

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