Frank Ocean Posts Photo/Still of Rumored Boyfriend Willy Cartier


Hip-hop star Frank Ocean is being coy about a photo he posted on Sunday night to his Instagram feed which appears to be a still from a video. The still features French male model Willy Cartier embracing Ocean from behind and has set people buzzing, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Cartier has reappeared in Ocean's Twitter feed recently, with the singer even going so far as to tease a possible marriage on the horizon: "Marry em, make em American," Ocean tweeted on Sunday morning.

But the new photo of Cartier and Ocean is a little different from the others: Rather than a candid snapshot, it looks to be taken from a movie screen — leading many fans to believe that Cartier has been cast in the next music video from Ocean's acclaimed debut album, Channel Orange, which on Monday was named Spin's Album of the Year.

Responding to the torrent of fan comments that accompanied the photo, Ocean wrote, "Lol y'all are crazy. Remember, everyone goes to the grave. Let me live."


  1. Kim says

    That pic is screen shot from video .I don’t know if they are dating.There are rumors Willie has a girlfriend. Frank is getting a lot of hate from this pic. Apparently some fans can deal with the fact that he was once in love with a guy but don’t want to see actual pics of him with Guy.Aka don’t flaunt it or put it in our face.

  2. says

    “I’m starting to think Frank Ocean knows how to work the press/internet better than Angelina Jolie….”

    THIS! I don’t for a second believe he was actually with a man. He’s just using this for publicity for his music career.

  3. Rochelle says

    It’s publicity. It’s all too obvious for that to be his man Frank is cryptic as hell. yall just think your so smart don’t you?

    I’ve seen artists hang out with the people in their music video before it comes out.

    Kanye did it with selita ebanks

  4. Mike B. says

    Man, Ocean’s comments make this kind of a non-news item, don’t you think? It’s generating hype for a music video, but it’s obvious enough to illicit an eyeroll out of me.

  5. Kim says

    Well PR or real he’s getting more hate now than he was in July on black and hip-hop blogs.The video is Super Rich Kids and there is a nod to marriage equality.

  6. Fenrox says

    Oh please, like it’s such a stretch for him to have had a gay relationship. Frank Ocean isnt milking this, he is trapped by it. Look at this crap article #45762 about how he may or may not be SUPER GAY FOREVER!

    The dude talked about realizing his interest in dudes, he never said he was gay but everyone wants him to be gay. He never should have “come out” as all it has done is label him.

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