1. Caliban says

    Is there anything I can do to move this process along? High fat and sugar Meals On Wheels for Fox News viewers perhaps?


  2. says

    there are, of course, the remaining backward-bigots who still oppose interracial marriages.

    progress happens. hearts and minds are changing, and those refusing to progress are dying off.

    it truly is amazing to think about how the future generations will look back on this struggle. and with Digital Age recording there will be a plethora of video evidence to show just how desperate and devoid of intelligence the opponents of equality were and ARE.

    lawmakers and legislators need have a sober think on this. how do you want to be remembered in history? do you truly want to taint your family name for generations by going down in history as an opponent to Equality?

  3. Randy says

    And this guy is paid big bucks to say what everyone else has figured out a long time ago. How do I get his job?

  4. simon says

    In order to get his job, you have to show your conservative credentials. Some conservatives are seeing the writings on the wall. GOP sooner or later has to give up their opposition. It can’t be a national party without adapting to reality.

  5. Mary says

    George Will is a fake. He has no concern for LGBT Americans. As a conservative he should be recommending caution to the gay rights movement so that the transition to a pro-gay culture be made more smoothly. Nobody knows what the future holds and if you what young people tell you in public polls is always a guide to the future no one would have predicted the growth of the conservative movement in the 1970’s and 1980’s or the rise of Right-Wing Media.

    He is probably just worried that the increasing support for SSM will hurt Republicans at the polls. My own transformation shows him up. When I opposed SSM I advocated caution (for BOTH sides) and as a liberal on SSM I still advocate caution. You can’t change your basic outlook about human nature and how social change occurs because you changed positions on one issue. Will is a Republican strategist – nothing more. The late Joseph Sobran said he never know Will to take a stand on an issue that cost him anything.

  6. Francis says

    George is a shill, but what he said is true. We’re winning. Regardless of what happens in SCOTUS, we have 2/3s of the youth vote, and that will only increase as teens 13-17 get older and turn 18. Progress is a slow process but progress is occurring and we will continue fighting until we get what we’re entitled to.

  7. Mary says

    It’s also possible that George Will is trying to tempt the Left into a fatal overconfidence. There is nothing that makes people feel more threatened than hearing that their cause’s adherents are dying out of the population. I can guarantee you that there are people who will go out and vote against gay rights measures as if to say “yeah, well I’m not dead YET!” There has always been an untapped social conservative vote of people who are too far-right for the Republican party and have given up voting entirely. Some of these people border right on the cusp of the white supremacy cult. Will may be hoping they will be provoked into voting Republican.

    As I said, a true social conservative would be concerned that the country not face violence or unnecessary division between straights and gays, regardless of how he or she felt on gay marriage.

  8. jjose712 says

    tyler: Maybe, but at least he seems to be ready to move on, some people like NOM and others like them are very far to reach his point yet

  9. macmantoo says

    Regardless of the what group thinks what, you will always have some against gay marriages. Just like you still today have people who think that Blacks shouldn’t have any rights at all. I’m from the south and I have family still living there and to hear them talk one would think the South won the Civil War.

    And for the record, I’m a senior citizen and I’m gay. So those seniors who are for gay marriage could actually be the gay ones.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Anti-gay bigotry will *never* die. The Religious Right will continue to reproduce itself and become as isolated as the Amish. (Please forgive me, Amish, I meant no disrespect!)

  11. Eat More Cholesterol! says

    @Caliban: “Is there anything I can do to move this process along?”

    Chick-fil-As for everyone after Wednesday night prayer meetin’s, y’all!

  12. andrew says

    Grorge Will is a smart man and he understands where the country and indeed the Western World is heading on the issue of marriage equality. I think that it is likely that the Court will strike down Prop 8 and DOMA on a 6-3 vote, with only Thomas, Scalia and Alito in dissent. I think that Chief Justice John Roberts knows that when the court expands individual rights, like it did under Chief Justice Earl Warren, the Chief Justice becomes a hero in the history books.

  13. Erik says

    So he can read election and polling results and that makes him worth reporting? I too can read news.

    He stopped being worth paying attention to many years ago, and even then it was dubious.

  14. Liam says

    Mary: You are a funny sort of liberal. You constantly sympathise with conservative views and urge caution to liberals and gays. I find it really odd that you spend so much time on a gay blog discussing gay marriage and other gay topics. Why this obsession with this? Do you not have a life of your own? Go post on conservative websites if you are so concerned about what they think.

  15. Tom says

    Wrong, George. Your poll numbers prove
    be that as folks age, as they gain more experience, they turn against gay marriage. Young folks have been indoctrinated by the teachers’ unions. The high suicide rate in the army may be associated with the death of DADT. Go away George, you are always wrong.

  16. andrew says

    Tom: “as folks age,as they gain more experience, they turn against gay marriage”. Your analysis couldn’t be more wrong. Most of the older Americans/senior citizens were born before the end of WW II. They were raised in an era when equality for LGBT people was unthinkable and many of them have not challenged the ideas of their youth. It is simply idiotic to think that they supported LGBT rights in their youth and have moved away from it now.

  17. Mary says

    Liam, (if that’s who you really are), you are a odd sort of gay man – one who tries to alienate a new political ally rather than be grateful that she now IS an ally. But why the concern with where I spend my time? Do you not have the ability to simply overlook my posts? If not, I’m flattered that my writings intrigue you this much.