1. Icebloo says

    This is the evil bit#h who recently STOPPED gay marriage from becoming law in Australia. She is horrible. She says she is an atheist but then gets her political party to vote against gay marriage for religious reasons.

    I can’t wait to see her voted out at the next election. She is just another self serving corrupt politician.

  2. Sam says

    Will you people stop raging at this woman?! You’re embarrassing yourselves. You’re acting like she’s the second coming of Anita Bryant or something.

    She is in no way a homophobe and no way a republican in training or a c***.

    She and her party have enacted multiple pro gay provisions. The single bad quality for her is her personal opposition to marriage equality (though this is likely to be political expediency much like obama’s previous position). That is all. So please, tell me, how is she a ‘homophobe’?

    It is perfectly valid to criticize her position, but let’s keep our heads on straight. She is not worthy of vicious attacks.

    Further, can we point out how absurd it is that a certain commenter here can’t wait for her to be voted out next year? They decry her marriage position, yet do they not understand that if she IS voted out, she will be replaced by a virulently homophobic conservative and a party that abjectly opposes progress? At least her party’s official stance is pro gay.


    As it stands though this vid gave me a chuckle.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    I thought the video was funny – I especially liked her statement that there would be no more Q&A. It was too bad the surprise was too close to the video.

  4. Craig S says

    I don’t like the woman’s position on same-sex marriage, obviously, but I have to disagree with Icebloo: the only real alternative to Gillard is Tony Abbott, who would be about a million times *worse* for LGBT Australians than Gillard is. In actual fact, Gillard’s been *good* for the LGBT community on every issue but this one.

    So the Australian and international LGBT communities should certainly continue to pressure her on SSM the same way we did with Obama, but working to defeat her in the next election would be a completely counterproductive effort that would make things worse for LGBT issues, not better.

    By all means, LGBT Australians should give the Greens their first preference votes, but it’s still got to be Gillard over Abbott on the 2PP round.

  5. ken says

    Lighten up, it was humour !
    Anyhow , what other Politician has taken the steps on Climate change that she has.
    GOd {or someone help us if Abbott ever gets the leadership

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