1. says

    and if it were a fictional story in a soap opera there’d be cries of “Why is this effeminate gay stereotype who works behind a makeup counter existing only to aid heterosexual women by catering to heterosexual women’s idealizations of gay males!??!”

    that said, it’s instead a beautiful and courageous example of the resilience, bravery and courage of many in our community.

    kudos, kiddo!

  2. Jeff says

    To the idiot commenters above, there was never any objection to gays who sell cosmetics. The objection was that the soap writer, Carlivati, would only consider having a gay male be the one to use lipstick. That is stereotyping.

    Also, we don’t know if this heroic man is gay or not.

  3. Yupp says

    Marc C. : Okay, thanks. (It looks like Fonseca was in a gay student group, for those of you who don’t want to check the link). This shows that anybody can be gay or straight, and that one can’t go by appearance or looks or mannerisms.

  4. Caliban says

    No, we don’t *know* that this young man is gay. Based on admittedly stereotypical indicators I’d say chances are pretty good that he is, but who knows?

    However, we do know that he doesn’t really fit the “masculine ideal” that is so often held up as the gold standard for male behavior, here and elsewhere. We know he twice went back into a building where a gunman was shooting at people to help others escape. He went to the upper floor, where the gunman was, looking for co-workers who might need help. That is a better display of courage than clothing or vocal inflection could ever be.

  5. The Milkman says

    Let this lovely story teach us two things:

    First, never underestimate the toughness of the delicate looking guy with the perfect skin standing behind the Lancome counter.

    Second, with a proper base tease, your hair can look fabulous late into the evening no matter what calamity befalls you during the day.

  6. Yupp says

    Milkman : Third, if the guy turned out to be heterosexual, gays would be shrieking: “Leave it to the straight guy in that stupid rat’s nest haircut to save some religious-freak lady..”

  7. says

    I don’t know if he’s gay or not; but I sure would be proud to have him numbered among the decent, honourable, upright, hard working millions of us gays;
    if I’m in a crisis he is the kind of guy to have around whatever his sexual orientation.
    And the truth is that very many gays are of the same standard.

  8. Caliban says

    And thanks to Marc C’s comment on the 1st page we do know he’s gay and a scholarship winner.

    “Allan Fonseca- Allan has faced his share of challenges, growing up in a low income, Hispanic family and being a young, gay male. However, his challenges have made Allan, 19, a determined, caring and compassionate young man. Through the Running Start program, he completed two years of college, while attending high school. He helped organize the Gay Straight Alliance on campus and leads by example.”

  9. andrew says

    Thank you Allan. I now have a new respect for the guys who work the fragrance counters at my local Macy’s. I admit that I tended to look past them as just “fluff”. I will now look at them as men of substance.

  10. says

    He knew all the exits, that’s his best courage card. It’s also possible he went back and secured his station in the shop, even possibly the cash register or some other high-value items. Or his sense of humanity really just kicked in and proceeded to save the highest-value items in the mall – human lives. We’
    ll find out when more people step forward to confirm Mr. Fonseca’s heroism.

  11. Icebloo says

    But he’s gay. And gay people are bad people. He helped someone ? This doesn’t make sense. How can that be ? My preacher and the Republicans told me that all gays are bad people. What do I do now ? What is happening to the world ? You mean I can’t trust my preacher or my political party ? Is this a joke ? Help me. I am a weak person. I depend on my preacher to tell me what to do at all times. You mean preachers can lie ? Oh my.


  12. Bill says

    @Andrew: RJ’s comment seems to be directed towards a comment you made in reply to “Alan”. A comment by Alan Brickman follows yours, but if you were replying to him, your comment should have followed his as his would have had to have been already there for you to see it. If you replying to a different Alan (whose comment was then deleted) satirically, RJ might have thought you were replying to Alan Brickman as he is now the only Alan listed.

  13. Rich says

    From The Greater Seattle Business Association:
    “Allan Fonseca (Mabton) Allan has faced his share of challenges, growing up in a low income, Hispanic family and being a young, gay male.”

  14. ratbastard says

    Good for him. I hope he gets some good recognition. I’m often reminded of the guy who stopped President Ford from being shot back in 1976 or so. He was a gay man. Unfortunately his life took a downward spiral, especially after local gay activists publicly outed him. A very sad story.

    Of course there are gay and bi men and women doing ‘brave’ things everyday, just like anyone else.

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