1. Francis says

    The fact Arthur Goldberg has an openly gay son makes me really sad, almost to tears. There is something so tragic in that, I cannot imagine how his son feels. I had known of that before and every time I read that, it just makes me shake my head. But it begins to make sense why he’s so devoted to the ex-gay myth. There are a lot of unresolved issues there but instead of resolving those issues, he chooses to condemn and attempt to destroy our community instead. A pathetic man.

  2. Caliban says

    Cretin. It says a lot that even Orthodox Jewish rabbis have come out against “ex-gay” therapy but this tool is still clinging to it, probably because his son is gay. If you’ve ever seen clips of “therapist” Richard Cohen in action you know he’s a certifiable loon.

    I feel sorry for the people who end up in these programs but also a little angry and disgusted with them. You want to learn how to be a “real man”? Nut up and stop being such a godd*amn pansy, and I don’t mean that as gay or effeminate. Start by standing up for yourself and being who you ARE instead of what other people are saying you should be!

    I doubt Arthur Goldberg went around asking for permission or approval before he committed FELONIES, so WTF are you doing seeking his or anyone elses approval?

  3. says

    Boring proofreading note: the possessive “its” does not include an apostrophe.

    Not that I care. You can choose to whatever grammar style you want so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.

  4. anon says

    If this settles outside of court I imagine everyone will just go back to what they were doing before. This suit has little chance of changing the practices of JONAH or similar orgs.

  5. Bernie says

    sooooooooooo, now I am really confused; how can this goon have a gay son and other gay family members?? I thought he could “cure” gay people and make them “ex gay”? by the way, I do feel sorry for his son

  6. The Inveterate Lurker says

    His son needs to reject his own father outright. Gay sons and daughters who do not depend on parental support must insist on unconditional acceptance. Otherwise find “family” elsewhere.

  7. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    I live in So Cal, and I had been- about 10 years ago now- a part of a very fundie church, in which a formerly Jewish (and no:w rabidly anti-gay) man, whose son was also openly gay, and lived in another state. He once (and only once, as I IMMEDIATELY distanced myself from his pronouncements, and ATTITUDE) tried to control my thoughts and feelings, and I told him “I don’t believe this is a healthy relationship, ” and stopped using him as a mentor. Sadly, the man didn’t see his wanting to “fix” his son was bleeding over into his relationship with me. I finally figured out for myself that they weren’t going to get with it, and quit attending that church. Now, I attend an “open & affirming” congregation of the UCC. The situation with Goldberg reminds me of the situation with the man at the church here, and now distrust Christians, to where I keep my distance. Sadly, idiots like these are legion in the wider church world, and are allowed to work with men and young men who are already wounded, spreading hate, dischord and more pain in the lives of people who don’t DESERVE to be treated in the manner we often are.

  8. Kevin says

    This is what we need to keep in mind when we think that people like Tony Perkins or Brian Brown will change if their son or daughter comes out.
    In many cases,it makes their anti-gay hatred worse.

  9. says

    I had a friend commit suicide in high school after two year of his parents forcing him to the ex gay movement.

    They torture your soul during the process. He became a shell of himself. They literally break you down. And these fundmentalist religious families threaten their gay children that they will either have to go attend the ex gay programs or be kicked out on the street.

    It’s brutal inhumane ABUSE. Period

  10. avraham says

    Whether homosexuality can be changed or not is absolutely irrelevant. “Strugglers” require quality therapists who help them to manage and reduce their attractions, like any other desire or symptom, or to embrace them if later desired by the client. THAT’S SELF-DETERMINATION!!! If the attractions are eliminated, fine! But, I maintain that this is irrelevant to “strugglers” who need help to manage. JONAH’s promises of cure and resolution, though sometimes are accurate, can be dangerous. Therapy is more about the therapeutic relationship rather than the specific techniques. True, naked work, cuddling, being held, bio-energenics and psychodrama can all be very helpful and appropriate in the right therapeutic relationship. Aspects of JONAH’s approach need to be adjusted and modified but not disbanded, because “strugglers” should enjoy the same right to self-determination that social work and psychological ethics demand.

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