1. HA! says

    Who cares what Jon Stewart says, another suck up shill for OBLAME O and the democrats…

    Dumbing down the news is sad state of affairs for our country.

  2. Moz's says

    going over the bump is the best progressive deal

    jan 1st

    taxes go up jan 2nd pass tax cuts for those making 250k and under

    budget cuts with 60 bill a year from the pentagon and 60 bill a year from entitlements with the Wh already identifying cutting profits for medicare providers not services

    go over the bump is the best deal

  3. David says

    @ HA! Other than trolling the internet…do you have anything constructive to offer? Is everything that Stewart said untrue? What is it that is incorrect? Please enlighten us.

  4. David in Houston says

    HA!: “Dumbing down the news is sad state of affairs for our country.”

    Yeah, we’re not talking about ignorant sheeple like you watching Fox News. PS: The Daily Show isn’t an actual news program, brainiac.

  5. walter says

    actually Jon Stewart does a better job with a better job of explaining it than any fox news broadcaster. It is time for the rich to pay their fair share and stop burying their money in overseas accounts .if people and corporati on make their money here they should be willing to pay their fair share if not let them move overseas but tax their products they sell here.

  6. Markt says

    HA – You are right – “dumbing down” in America is really a problem. Like offering opinion in the place of facts.

  7. BrokebackBob says

    The Republicans are playing with fire with this one. If they don’t make a deal, then they will be blamed (rightly so) for the tax increase on the middle class and the middle class notices when there taxes go up. The bottom line is: We should go back to the tax rates of the Clinton admin when the rich got richer, the middle class thrived and we had a huge budget surplus but that went away when the Republicans got their greasy hands on the nation’s money again after Clinton. The RepubliThugs(s) then gave us two unfunded wars (meaning we waged them on our MasterCard) and pulled us into the worse recession ever, bordering on a depression.

  8. Jay says

    I agree with BrokebackBob. Most of the fiscal problems of the country would be solved simply by allowing the absurd Bush taxcuts to expire. The country thrived during the Clinton years, when we achieved a surplus and started paying down the debt. The surplus was squandered by Bush’s unpaid-for wars. If we go back to the Clinton tax rates, we will be able to afford badly-needed repairs to our infrastructure, which will increase employment. I say, go over the cliff and forget about the Republicans.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    One problem with the Republicans is that they *still* can’t deal with having lost the election. Their pre-election predictions for a Romney mandate were fulfilled by the same results – only for Obama. But they deny Obama has a mandate. Instead they term it a “status quo election”. People like Ryan have said pre-election that if they win that means the will of the people is in favor of their positions – so far so good. They then have had the post-election gall to claim this shows the will of the people is in favor of their positions. WTF?