Kate Kane, Anonymous Supporter Of Evangelical Gays, Plans To Come Out

KatekaneDr. Michael Farris, the chancellor and founder of Patrick Henry College, said earlier this month that despite a growing online community of closeted students saying they attend his school, there are no gay people at the Evangelical institution.

It was a remarkably ignorant remark, perhaps one made out of hope rather than reality, but it is a believe that Farris nonetheless reaffirmed in a new New York Times story about gay alumni of Evangelical colleges helping under graduates come out.

“I am taking a reporter’s word for it that one alumna has self-identified
as a lesbian?” he says disbelievingly. Yet clearly there are gay people on campus, and clearly they need a helping hand.

In its piece, the Times talks an unidentified blogger going by lesbian hero Batwoman’s alter ego, Kate Kane, to get a sense of the challenges she and her allies face as they help students work up the nerve to come out.

An excerpt:

These alumni are reversing an old truism of campus life: that student radicals have to drag stodgy alumni into the modern age. But at these colleges, it is still difficult to be an openly gay student. And after graduating, gay and lesbian alumni and allies find each other, meet, push their colleges to be more liberal and reach out to undergraduates — offering affirmation that students do not get on campus.

The Christian alumni organizers all say they have heard from current undergraduates at their colleges who are grateful for the support. But faculty members, who at evangelical colleges usually must sign a statement of Christian faith, and who can more easily avoid influences from contemporary culture, may be holdouts who support traditional Christian teaching.

“The real issue on this is whether or not someone is created by God as gay or whether or not gay is a behavior pattern,” said Mr. Farris, the chancellor at Patrick Henry, which is Purcellville, Va. “We take the position it’s a behavior pattern. No one is created by God in this fashion.”

Well aware of the contradiction of using a pseudonym to fight for inclusion, “Kane” told the paper she plans on coming out early next year.

“I have set a deadline for myself that I will come out by May 31, 2013. I’m hoping to come out in February or March,” she said. Before she does so publicly, though, she wants to to her parents face-to-face.

Once she does, she can then show herself to Farris, proving that gay and lesbian Evangelical students do indeed roam his campus, a move that maybe, just maybe, will lead to his own evolution on the issue.


  1. Houndentenor says

    Based on my experience at two such universities and those of a few dozen friends at other similar schools, I would say the percentage of gay men is higher at those schools than at state schools. Those are perfect hiding places for someone still in the closet. Your “girlfriend” will not expect you to pressure her for sex and everyone will comment on what a gentleman you are for not doing so. It’s the perfect hiding place up to the point where you can’t hide from yourself any more. Then it’s a really ugly place to be.

  2. Richard says

    Of course there are gay Christians, everybody knows this because God created man, gay and straight to love on another.

  3. says

    “We take the position it’s a behavior pattern. No one is created by God in this fashion.”

    Well, that’s a couple orders of magnitude beyond arrogant, isn’t it?

  4. Stefan says

    My first reaction was “who cares if there are openly gay students there”? Even at less progressive state schools you need gay students *and allies* to create enough critical mass to really be a voice on campus, and only on the most progressive campuses is it a voice with any kind of power. Expecting a change in policy is like expecting the Vatican to change course. And when you’re an undergrad your reputation counts for a lot–personally I wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of faculty and administrators just to be open in that kind of setting. And I wouldn’t draw much inspiration from a random blogger who is still scared to come out.

  5. anon says

    Her plan is unrealistic. She’s just going to be expelled.

    Why would you pick your college based on being in the closet? What about choosing a major? Tuition costs? I think there would be bigger reasons than that.

  6. Gio says

    @ Stefan and Anon
    That’s not what change is about. True change is challenging bigotry, and making minds evolve by taking to task ignorance. Not being complacent on the side lines, and kicking rocks everytime you meet an O so powerful homophobic force, and cowering away. That just gives more a green light to bigotry existing as usual.

    Those “progressive” campuses you speak of..how did they become progressive? Not by way of magic and wishful thinking. They sure as heck weren’t “progressive” on gay rights in 1940. All institutions and estbalishments were homophobic at a certain point, but what made them evolve was someone…anyone…joining forces, sticking their neck out, and being a pioneer for change. That’s what creates change. Making it happen, one person at a time. Not waiting for status quo to change on it’s own.

  7. Collins says

    @ ANON: Everyone on towleroad should take one minute out of their day to search ANON and their trolling posts on here. They try desperately to present themselves as a ‘voice of nuetral reason’ when in fact, all their arguments defend the anti gay party (especially in legality matters) and somehow, always spin the case to side with the anti gay individual.

    If a gay employee is fired for being gay, the ANON character will eagerly fight to defend it. If a known homophobe who is a diversity counselor goes on an anti gay rant and is punished by employers, ANON will defend their “right” to do as they please (overlooking job duties)…simply put, let’s start calling out a spade a spade on here. We have too many trolls pretending to be allies, while planting anti gay seeds on here (Mary, I’m looking at you too)

    I’ve seen many a good posters leave this site for far better gay blogs that attract more healthy minded posters and less trolling.

  8. says

    Andy, please, proofread before you post. “… but it is a believe that Farris nonetheless…” Really? The spelling is correct – for once, thankfully – but the grammar? Why is it that the Internet is suddenly flooded with sites that would flunk 5th grade English?

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    This example of a college of the Religious Right *may* someday realize it is on the wrong side of history because young evangelicals are more and more supportive of gay rights. (I’m sure there will be some ultraright types who will never change.) It wouldn’t surprise me that some of its students didn’t truly deal with being gay until they were out from under their parents’ roof. Sex can be rife on some campuses with honor codes. Just think Brigham Young University (oncampus and offcampus) and Liberty University (via Craigslist).

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    If gay is about behaviour, he has no straight students, either.

    If he believes (and he probably does) in creationism, science (like sexual orientation) will be irrelevant to him.