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Bill O'Reilly Believes That the 'Gay Rights Agenda' is at the Root of the 'War on Christmas': VIDEO


Bill O'Reilly agreed with Imus in the Morning producer Bernard McGuirk last night after he blamed abortion and gay rights for the so-called 'war on Christmas'.

MCGUIRK: The war on Christmas is very, very real, and if you ask me, in addition to some grouchy misanthropic heathen atheists it has to do - at the root of it - with two things - abortion and the gay rights agenda, because Christianity is against those things. It's subtle but that's why it's so pronounced in recent years.

O'REILLY: Hundred percent agree. I absolutely agree 100% that the diminishment of Christianity is the target and Christmas is the vehicle because the secularists know the opposition to their agenda (legalized drugs is in that as well) comes primarily from the Judeo-Christian traditionalist people.


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  1. "FU is dated too."

    Not as dated as your candy-@ss rhetoric, but whatever.

    Posted by: Caliban | Dec 8, 2012 2:57:56 PM

  2. Yet another RWNJ fool who is obsessed with gay sex...

    Posted by: mmike1969 | Dec 8, 2012 8:41:46 PM

  3. Merry Christmas; One and All! (Even you, Bill O'Reilly) Although, I wonder HOW you celebrate Christmas with all of the HATE and BIGOTRY you espouse all year long, and especially now as we near the Season of Love and Kindness.

    Does your "GOD" really approve of your actions and comments during this Season of Love and Affection?

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Dec 8, 2012 10:34:34 PM

  4. Six months. "If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you'll die a lot of times." ~Dean Smith

    Posted by: Gary | Dec 8, 2012 11:44:39 PM

  5. Mr O'Reilly, you should go back to Inside Edition. That gossip show is more in tune with your talents than Fox Noise, which still pretends to be real journalism.

    Posted by: andrew | Dec 9, 2012 5:04:49 AM

  6. I wonder what O'Reilly would make of the fact that non-Christian Japan goes over the top about Christmas.

    @Caliban: Thank you. It does p!ss me off.

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Dec 9, 2012 10:48:55 PM

  7. The preferred nominal form of the verb diminish is diminution, not diminishment. "Diminishment" is for assholes.

    Posted by: Manny Espinola | Dec 10, 2012 3:40:04 AM

  8. Bill O'Reilly will say anything to get his ratings up. One day everyone will look back on all this and say "what a bunch of bigots" And that day is soon approaching.

    Posted by: Robert | Dec 10, 2012 11:18:02 PM

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