1. Erik says

    Well of course Ki-moon hates it. He’s South Korean. Also makes the UN look weak. No need to even comment.

  2. ratbastard says

    The South Korean military and/or the Japanese Defense Force could EASILY wipe North Korea off the map. The north is no match for either of them, militarily, regardless of their vaunted huge army. Their technology is infinitely inferior. And of course they being a serious threat to the U.S. mainland is laughable. It’s conceivable one of their missiles could hit Hawaii or southern California, that of course would be the abrupt end of North Korea.

    We need STRONG political and other leaders in our country [U.S.] to finally stand up to the military-industrial-congressional-academic complex once and for all. It has bankrupted the country and caused MANY unnecessary problems internationally.

  3. iban4yesu says

    @ Perry,

    If a story can get a rise out of ratbastard, then it must have the gay angle, of course!

    Who knew that we’d have such a belligerent war-loving hawk amongst us! Yap, WE r everywhere, indeed! Yikes!

    Anyone, any country dare s to stand up against the might empire(a third of which actually is owned by China), should be wiped off the map, n’est ce pas?!



    There are gay people in Korea, and Japan, and China, that are affected by this story. Also, there are gay Americans dating gay Korean-Americans whose parents still live there that are affected by this story (hello!).

    Also, it’s f*cking WORLD NEWS. Sorry Madonna isn’t involved, but it’s nice to know some things sometimes.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Perry: So what? TR does *not* advertise itself as a gay blog, but one “with homosexual tendencies”. It so happens that TR has a streak of science geek. That’s part of what keeps me as a reader.

  6. andrew says

    I think that we should use our air and naval superiority to destroy North Korea’s Missle and nuclear capabilithies.