Norway’s Crown Princess Flew to India, Posed as Nanny to Care for Gay Employee’s Twins Born to Surrogate

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit went the extra mile for a gay palace employee who could not get a travel visa to care for his infant twins born to a surrogate mother in India, Reuters reports:

Mette-maritArmed with a diplomatic passport that granted her immediate access, the future queen jumped on a plane in late October when the employee, who is also a friend, and his husband were unable to travel to care for their newborns.

"For me, this is about two babies lying alone in a New Delhi hospital," Mette-Marit said in a statement. "I was able to travel and wanted to do what I could."

She did not alert Indian authorities and spent several days with the babies at the Manav Medicare Centre, where staff assumed the wife of Norway's Crown Prince Haakon was a nanny.

A relative of one of the fathers eventually took over while the palace kept her absence under wraps. Said Mette-Marit: "Sometimes life presents you with situations with few good solutions. This was one of those."


  1. nn says

    FYI egg donation is illegal. And surrogacy is illegal in Norwa. For all people, gay ot straight. Mette marit being very criticized precisely for that reason.

    It is complicated and many couples who have obtained child in this way is in trouble with the authorities, and there are kids who lose rights there (the times they get the kids into Norway) many hides, it for that reason.
    I`m pro surogacy with protection of all parties and good laws about it.

  2. rroberts says

    Wow, indeed. And if @NN is correct about surrogacy in Norway (and I have no reason to believe s/he isn’t), this is one princess whose humanity and courage will have a major impact on such laws.

  3. Caliban says

    That’s a great story and a great Princess!

    From the linked Reuters article about the surrogacy ban:

    “Surrogacy is a hotly debated issue in Norway and the government discourages Norwegians from paying surrogate parents for children.

    Protestant Norway was the second country in the world in 1993 to register same sex partnerships while same sex marriage has been legal since 2009.

    The Crown Princess acknowledged the debate and insisted she is not taking a side and only did what a friend had to do.

    “Sometimes life presents you with situations with few good solutions. This was one of those,” she said. “There is an important debate going on about surrogacy and this was not meant as taking a side.”

    The only thing about surrogacy that seems creepy or odd are the cases where a surrogate is hired seemingly because the bio-mom just doesn’t WANT to carry the baby and pays someone else to do it. IIRC that was the situation with Dennis Quaid and his wife. The egg was hers, the sperm was his, but they hired a surrogate so she wouldn’t ruin her figure!

  4. says

    What a wonderful friend she is. I can’t imagine, for one moment, being denied the right to care for my own child just because I’m married to a man. Kudos to her.

    BTW – the guy who got the new $75 shoes in NY? He refuses to wear them, has hidden them (he says) because they are too valuable. He has returned to going without shoes.

  5. Lee says

    Why would anyone ban surrogacy its the couples money and the woman is doing it voluntarily. Just another reason to hate socialism I should be able to do with my money whatever I want

  6. Chris says

    @Lee I doubt all the people who live in these so-called “socialist” nations (myself included) would agree with that statement. We have 1/10th of the worries Americans have.

    Also, the Crown Princess is a perfect example of an amazing human being and exactly what a royal should be! Love her!

  7. Icebloo says

    THIS is how all royals should behave ! What a nice lady. If only the stuck up, elitist, racist, sexist, homophobic British royals would be as nice as this.

  8. Tanoka says

    Great job by Mette-Marit. The Norwegian royal family are much loved by Norwegians, for good reason.

    The controversy over surrogacy is about how the surrogate women (in countries like India) might be used as ‘baby factories’. Poor women renting out their bodies for survival… sounds quite a bit like prostitution, no?

    @ LEE: Your argument about ‘your money’ just shows how awefully ignorant and selfish you are. This is about anything BUT money!

  9. RICK says


  10. Persa says

    Surrogacy is no different than donating a kidney or some other organ.

    In most gay cases, the surrogate is carrying the eggs of a separate donor and the sperm of the father who plans to raise the child.

    The child is not in any way biologically related to the surrogate.

    She is basically providing a service that is her right to do since it is her body.
    There is no sex involved and no coercion in above-board cases.

    When someone wants to donate an organ to a strange, it is seen as honorable but surrogacy is somehow seen as “prostitution”? Really?

    As long as everything is consensual, I don’t see why the state has an interest in preventing this kind of service.

  11. Tanoka says


    The point here is that there’s a money exchange for bodily services. That makes it different from organ donations, which is only legal if there’s NO MONEY changing hands.

    Or maybe you wouldn’t have any moral issues with buying a kidney from a poor man in Pakistan (or Birmingham, or New York)? I mean, it would be consensual, right?

    I have no problems with surrogacy that doesn’t take advantage of poor women.

    No matter what one thinks about this issue though, the Crown Princess did a wonderful thing. The babies needed someone and she was in an unique position to help.

  12. nn says

    surrogate mother is the one who is seen as the mother (not necessarily) parents. It’s not a law that applies only to gay people. news sources from other countries are not always correct work with the information they provide. I could write a lot about the law on this In norway.

    It is also only known donor sperm who is legal (where the child can contact the donor when they turn 18)So many women go il neighboring country where anonymous donor is legal. Donor Banks in Norway hat trouble getting enough sperm because they must be known, IVF is been very financial support from the government(3 times) inclusive lesbians couples,

  13. Endo says

    I am fine with surrogacy; to claim that poor women are being exploited when they serve as surrogates robs these women of their moral agency, reducing them to animals at which point any ethical claims are rendered moot. If they do have agency, then the argument against surrogacy collapses: it is not the place of the government to legislate what a woman can or cannot do with her body.

  14. Jyotsana says

    Stop moral policing. Women know what is good for them. We are not going to be ruled by a moral standard set by those forefathers who could not care less about us. We are here for the coming generations and would want them to make their choices on their will and not some early-man standards. I live in India and lemme tell you, women here become surrogates for more reasons than one, it’s not always economic reasons but also a way to serve, help others and be close to God.

    There’s no need to nag so much about surrogacy unless and until it’s forced. In fact, I believe that even prostitution shouldn’t be looked down if it’s not forced. Having said that, it’s true that a lot of the times it’s because of the economic pressure that women get into prostitution or stuffs like that but then, it gives you no right to say how one should use their body. They have a free will and they could decide for themselves. Even after that, if ppl are still so much interested and concerned about a woman’s chastity and sexual life then please go and make a change, help a cause to educate and make such women financially strong but if not then take your hypocritical moral standards up your a$$ and leave us on our own, we can always take care of ourselves.

    P.S.: Someone, here down the line said about legality and illegality of selling organs. I would like him to suggest a search engine called, Google. Please educate yourself about the varying notions of legality and illegality, all around the globe, in this respect.

  15. andrew says

    Kind gestures like that of the Princess help to endear the Monarchy to its people. One of the things that has had a lasting effect in endearing the British Monarchy to its people is the behavior of the Royal Family during WWII. The Royal Family stayed in London during the German air attacks on that city. In fact a very young Princess Elizabeth worked as an ambulance driver taking wounded people to the hospital. One of the many reasons she is loved by so many in the U.K.

  16. Guy in Atlanta says

    @Rick: Kate is not the Princess of Wales yet, there currently is no Princess of Wales. Charles, William’s dad, is the Princes of Wales, and his wife is Duchess of Cornwall. William and Kate are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, if I’m not mistaken. And this Norwegian crown princess is amazing. Indeed the Norwegian Royal family has quite an honorable history; during WWII the reigning King was bravely defiant of the invading Nazis.

  17. UFFDA says

    RICK – that was hilarious!
    OS2GUY – hadn’t heard about the rejection of the shoes. How deflating. It’s often oddly true that people don’t really want help and are managing just fine in their own view. A hard one to call…btw I’m a big fan of your happiness…you know how to live.

  18. Tanoka says


    Let me quote myself:

    “I have no problems with surrogacy that doesn’t take advantage of poor women.”

    I know there are plenty of reasons for choosing to be a surrogate. I am talking about the ‘baby factories’ that provide poor women, which yes, I find morally wrong. Stop trying to shame me for having an opinion.

    Also, I am a Norwegian woman and this is about Norwegian laws, not ‘all around the globe’.

    That said, I do think that the Norwegian laws could be better in terms of egg donation and surrogacy.

  19. G. V. says

    Wow. Can you imagine all those rich people in the world were to do this kind of things for their fellow human beings? I think this world would be closer to that fairy tale we all aspire to live in.

  20. Lee says

    This is an amazing story, and I wish the new parents and the babies all the best!!

    Just one tiny thing that struck me as odd: Is it that difficult or hit-and-miss to get a Visa to travel from Norway to India? I wouldn’t imagine so. But if I had a surrogate in India who was about to give birth, I would make super super sure I was actually able to get there before/ as soon as the babies are born. Again, not meaning to be confrontational, just wondering.

  21. says

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